17+ Japanese Soaking Tubs for Total Zen

japanese soaking tubs

Get Inspired with these beautiful Japanese soaking tubs

A bathing experience is not complete without having tried a Japanese soaking tub. Japanese people love a great bathing experience, indeed, it is part of Japanese culture. From the Japanese Onsen hot spring bath to a hot tub in the backyard, The Japanese absolutely love it. In this post, we consider some Japanese bathroom ideas that contain a Ofuro soaking tub, or as often referred to, as Japanese soaking tubs.

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17+ Japanese Soaking Tubs for Total Zen

What is a Japanese soaking tub?

Also commonly referred to as a Japanese tub, these modern Japanese soaking tubs are heated to a specific temperature range of between 100 – 110 Fahrenheit. It is kept at that temperature for a few hours, before it is drained and the process repeated. The end result of the bather is a complete rejuvenation. 

A traditional Japanese soaking tub is designed to hold more hot water than the average composite bathtubs in North America. It is deeper than most tubs too. This means your soaking experience replicates a hot spring, allowing for blood circulation. More often than not, they lean against the wall so the bather can also lean against it. Many tubs have an integrated heating element that keeps the water heat consistent. Others are made of marble, stone (or stone resin) which retains the heat. 

Japanese soaking tub with shower

Many also now have a shower integrated into them, meaning that they afford a modern twist common to the Americans, Europeans, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

Relaxation and comfort is the whole point of a Ofuro tub. The Japanese soaking tub is a well-known fixture in many homes in Japan

What size is a Japanese tub?

It might surprise you to learn that a little Japanese bath tubs are designed to be shared spaces, accommodating two adults. They are usually wood built in a tatami style, meaning they are raised slightly off the floor. They may be short in length, but they are deep, allowing the user to fully submerge and stretch. 

Why is a Japanese soaking bathtub so small?

Aside from the relaxation benefits of a traditional Japanese soaking bathtub, the deep tub design also has another reason. It’s a practical reason too. The small bathroom space in Japan for real estate also means smaller bathrooms. A deep soaking tub is more practical, hence why Japanese bathrooms are small. 

Let’s take a look at some real-life Japanese soaking tubs.

japan bathtub

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These Japanese soaking tub shower combo designs really inspire…

wooden bath Japanese

This Japanese bathtub design looks great in any modern setting…

soaking tub shower combo small japanese style

This soaking tub with shower…well a handheld one is well designed with a modern twist

metal japanese bath soaking tub

This example of a Japanese tub shower combo is modern and functional, yet retains that traditional feel…

japanese wooden bath tub

This deep soaking tub oozes luxury…

japanese wooden bath soaking tubs

This small soaking tub offers a steel construction, in this very contemporary setting

japanese tub soaking

This wood soaking tub is constructed from traditional bamboo…

japanese tub small bathroom

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japanese tub bathroom
japanese soaking tub small bathroom

This Japanese shower bath combo is the perfect combination…

japanese soaking tub shower combo wet rooms

A Japanese style bath delivers style in abundance…

japanese soaking tub shower combo tile

This Japanese soaking bathtub offers modern design…

japanese soaking tub shower combo small
japanese soaking tub modern
japanese soaking tub and shower combo
japan wooden bath 1
japan onsen japanese bath soaking tubs
japan bathroom design small

Japanese soaking bathtubs take the bathroom design world by storm…

If you’re looking to relax after a long day, a hot soak in the bathtub is just what the doctor ordered.  But if you’re looking to really indulge, the Japanese soaking tub is where it’s at.  While soaking tubs are an everyday part of Japanese life, they’re less common in the West, which is why you might not know the ins and outs of Japanese soaking tubs just yet.

japanese soaking tub bathroom

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