Think Small: 39+ Small Bathroom Ideas That Make The Most of Your Pint-sized Bathroom

small bathroom ideas

Get Inspired with these small bathroom ideas

A bathroom remodel can be tricky at the best of times, but throw in a small bathroom and the task becomes even more of a challenge. In this post, we take a look at small bathroom ideas, and how others have made the most of their small space. 

To make it a functional space, you need to effectively plan it. This means creating a plan, listing everything that will be included within it. This may include any of the following; bathroom cabinets, floating vanity unit, small bath tub, shower head and unit, storage space, floating shelf, towel rack, toilet, counter space, and any storage solution ideas. 

You need to make the most of the small space. This is where compact fixtures can really make a difference. Have you considered a wall mounted pedestal sink with an integrated toilet

As for the interior design decor, you need to keep it bright and airy, allowing lift to reflect and bounce around this small space. Consider adding some plants to add some natural color. 

Don’t forget the accessories too in your bathroom design? Consider a towel holder, toilet paper holder, floating shelves, and shower curtain. 

By optimizing every aspect, you can turn a small bathroom into a great space. With a little planning, you can turn a small space into a big success. 

small bathroom ideas
Small bathroom ideas

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ideas for small bathrooms
Ideas for small bathrooms

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