25+ Kids Bathroom Ideas That Rock

kids bathroom ideas

Get Inspired with these cool kids bathroom ideas

Remodelling a regular bathroom into a space suitable for a child is not a simple task. Kids bathroom ideas require a thoughtful approach, considering the needs of your child, and creating a space that is not just functional, but also enjoyable for your child.

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A child-friendly bathroom goes beyond just a colorful decor or a collection of bath toys. It requires careful consideration of the child’s needs and safety. For instance, consider a step stool. It can provide the height for your child to reach the sink. 

Moreover, a child’s bathroom is a space where they learn vital self-care habits. Providing an engaging environment can encourage these routines. As you will see from the examples below, there are a whole host of design touches that make a kids bathroom a very functional space.

Let’s take a look at some kids bathroom ideas.

kids bathroom ideas
Kids bathroom ideas

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Take a look at these kids bathroom decor ideas…

teenage girls bathroom

Consider your kids bathroom decor…

Equally important is creating a space that your child finds appealing. Research has shown that children are more likely to engage in activities in spaces they find visually pleasing. This means incorporating elements like bright colored subway tile, wallpaper, or their favourite cartoon characters can make bath time more enjoyable.

teen girl bathrooms

Well thought out children’s bathroom ideas can save you time too…

A kid-friendly bathroom is not just for your child’s benefit. It can also make your life easier. Imagine not having to assist your child during bath time because the bathroom fixtures are accessible to them. Or not having to pick up dirty clothes from the floor because your child has a designated laundry basket in the bathroom. Basically, it can save you time!

unisex kids bathroom ideas

Designing a kid’s bathroom requires a balance between functionality and fun. Start by choosing a color scheme that your child likes. Bright colors are well received by young children.

teen bathroom

Storage is another vital aspect of good bathroom design. Children tend to have a lot of stuff, from bath toys to towels. Incorporating sufficient storage space can keep the bathroom tidy. Open shelves, baskets, and hooks are some storage solutions you can consider.

kids guest bathroom ideas

Consider the bathroom fixtures. Double sinks can be a valuable addition if you have more than one child. It not only teaches them about sharing but also prevents chaos in the mornings. You should also consider installing a shower curtain instead of a glass door for safety reasons.

kids bathroom decor

Consider how you personalise the space. Wall decals, colorful towels, or a special soap dish can add a personal touch to the bathroom. However, it is important to remember, children’s preferences change quickly. So, choose elements that can be easily replaced as your child grows.

kids bathroom ideas photo gallery

Safety should be a major concern when designing a bathroom for young children. Slip-resistant tiles or bath mats can prevent accidents during bath time. Furthermore, consider the edges and corners of fixtures. Opt for designs that are round and smooth to avoid injury.

teen bathroom ideas

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, consider the height and accessibility for your child. For example, a lower sink and mirror setup can make brushing teeth easier for your little one. A step stool can also help smaller children reach the sink or toilet.

bathroom ideas for kids

Temperature control is another safety feature to consider. A thermostatic shower valve can regulate water temperature, preventing accidental burns.

kids bathroom decor ideas

A bathroom full of toys, towels, and toiletries can quickly become cluttered. Incorporating smart storage solutions can keep the mess at bay. Bathroom accessories are incredibly important. Open shelves at a lower height can make it easy for your child to put away their bath toys after use.

kid bathroom wall art

A toothbrush holder can keep the countertop clean and organised. Remember to keep the storage solutions at a height accessible to your child to encourage them to clean up after themselves.

girls bath decor

Wall decals can be used to create an underwater or jungle theme, and can be an opportunity to teach your child about different animals.

fun kids bathroom ideas

Bath accessories can turn a regular bath time into a fun and educational experience. Bath toys should be a staple in a children’s bathroom. They not only keep your child entertained but can also be used to teach them about colors and shapes.

child bathroom accessories

Colors and themes play a significant role in making the bathroom appealing to your child. Bright colors like red, blue, or yellow can liven up the space.

childrens baths

A theme based on your child’s favourite cartoon character or a general theme like space or jungle can make the bathroom more appealing.

childrens bathroom sets

Budgeting and planning are crucial for a bathroom renovation. Take into consideration the cost of fixtures, tiles, and accessories. Plan for future changes that might be required as your child grows. Remember, a bathroom renovation is an investment. A well-planned renovation can add value to your home and serve your family for years to come.

kid bathroom themes
children bathroom sets
child baths

Children grow quickly, and their needs change with time. The adorable duckling theme might not be appealing to your child after a few years. Therefore, opt for elements that are easily changeable, like wall decals, shower curtains, and accessories.

child bathroom

If bathroom remodelling is your thing, these images and ideas should really help you take your designs forward.

child bathroom sets
children bathroom decor
child bathroom decor
child bath decor
child bath decor
boys bathroom ideas

I hope that these wonderful examples of kids bathroom ideas, have motivated you to create something great. As always, please consider sharing this post on your social media…and tag us into any images of your new bathrooms!

kids bathroom
Kids bathroom

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