33+ Subway Tile Ideas That Deliver Timeless Design

subway tile ideas

Get inspired with our subway tile ideas

In this post, we will be walking you through the numerous classic subway tile ideas and patterns. Subway tiles have been around for many years and they remain as popular as ever. Although they are available in a plethora of styles and colors, the basic shades remain the most popular.

What is it that makes them so popular? The main reason is the cost, they are cheap….very cheap. This is important to a significant segment of the ceramic tile market, but don’t let the cost fool you. This is a traditional subway tile that can deliver a designer look to match any high end tile design.

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bathroom subway tile ideas
Bathroom subway tile ideas

Check out these metro tile ideas for a little inspiration

To make it a little easier for you to analyze the tile pattern, we have split them under a styling that sits under the subway tile styles. Take a look at the set up to see what you like…remember, you don’t have to choose one style, many bathrooms integrate a couple of styles to add a little more depth to the design.

Herringbone Subway Tiles

This herringbone pattern style is causing waves, the herringbone subway tile design is the modern take on the standard stacked style. It adds more dynamic lines which plays delightfully with the space available. If you are looking for a more modern take, this may be the style for you. Remember, sometimes less is more with this style. Consider doing one accent tile wall in this chevron pattern and sticking to the traditional wall tile styling with the remainder…it really focuses the eye, much like a feature wall.

subway tile zig zag
Subway tile zig zag
subway tile toilet
Subway tile toilet
subway tile in shower ideas
Subway tile in shower ideas
subway tile in herringbone pattern
Subway tile in herringbone pattern
tile herringbone
Tile herringbone
herringbone subway tile bathroom
Herringbone subway tile bathroom
chevron subway tile backsplash
Chevron subway tile backsplash
zig zag subway tile bathroom
Zig zag subway tile bathroom
subway tile options
Subway tile options
showers with white subway tile
Showers with white subway tile
herringbone subway tile ideas
Herringbone subway tile ideas

Hexagon Bathroom Tile Ideas

If you are looking for something bang on trend, consider these hexagon tile styles

Stackbond Subway Tiles

This continues to be a popular choice. This rectangular tile with it’s simple clean lines and organized look, stack bond subway tiles are a simple solution that are simple to install. They offer a timeless design that is modern, yet gives a hint of retro goodness.

subway tile with white grout
Subway tile with white grout
subway tile patterns bathroom
Subway tile patterns bathroom
subway tile offset
Subway tile offset
subway tile bathroom wall
Subway tile bathroom wall
white metro tile bathroom ideas
White metro tile bathroom ideas
vertical subway tile ideas
Vertical subway tile ideas
vertical metro tile ideas
Vertical metro tile ideas

Runningbond Subway Tiles

Another interesting take on the subway tile, this isn’t the most common design, but in the right space, it can give a very elegant look. It works especially well if you have tall ceilings, making the most of the verticals.

subway tile layout
Subway tile layout
runningbond subway tile pattern
Runningbond subway tile pattern
subway tile patterns
Subway tile patterns

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Basket Weave Subway Tiles

This is another design that isn’t overly common, yet in the right space, it can give a very nice look. It works by stacking stiles together to create squares and rectangles. This breaks up the space and makes it appear much more compact. It does give a retro vibe so if that’s your thing, this beveled subway tile pattern may be perfect for you.

metro tile designs
Metro tile designs
metro tiles bathroom
Metro tiles bathroom
metro tile in bathroom
Metro tile in bathroom
metro tile ideas bathroom
Metro tile ideas bathroom
metro tile bathroom design
Metro tile bathroom design
basketweave subway tile pattern
Basketweave subway tile pattern
subway tile in bathroom
Subway tile in bathroom

Metro Tile Ideas

This is the classic style that is utterly timeless. This will stand the test of time which is why it remains as popular as ever. Simple ‘brick like’ tile placings deliver a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing look. If you are unsure what you want and want to play it safe, this is the style you want. As you can see from the images below, it may be ‘safe’ but still delivers plenty of style and class.

shower subway tile ideas
Shower subway tile ideas
bathroom subway tile walls
Bathroom subway tile walls
herringbone subway tile ideas
Herringbone subway tile ideas

The number of colored subway tile options is unlimited. There really is a ceramic subway tile option out there for you. Be it a green subway tile, a gray subway tile, a black subway tile…or just a simple white tile. You also have more interesting innovations such as a mirrored subway tile, marble subway tile or a glass subway tile.

A key aspect that is often missed is the grout. It is this aspect that really brings out the beauty of the patterns. Often, you will see contrasting grout color, be that a gray grout, white grout with a gray tile, and even black grout, which looks fantastic with a simple white subway tile.

It’s not just a subway tile shower enclosure where subway tiles are in their element, nor is it necessarily with your bathroom remodel. A key use is in kitchen design where a subway tile backsplash forms the key design feature. Although there is no shortage of kitchen backsplash options…glass tile, marble tile or a mosaic tile, a subway backsplash tile with a herringbone tile pattern is all the rage.

I hope that our subway tile ideas have got your creative juices flowing. What is your preferred style? Something classic or something with a little more of a modern edge? Remember, you can mix and match them to create a very eclectic feel…sometimes, patterns can become overwhelming…so whatever you do, make sure the room retains it’s balance.

subway tile bathroom walls
Subway tile bathroom walls

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