14+ Nautical Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

nautical bedroom ideas

These coastal themed nautical bedroom ideas will get you ship shape

A common theme in home design is to bring the great outdoors…inside. Whether it is introducing greenery into the environment or creating an airy feel, it is inspired by the great outdoors. The great oceans are no exception to this desire. They inspire a sense of calmness on the one hand, a sense of adventure on the other. Our nautical bedroom ideas should help you bring that creativity together to create a space fit for a sea king.

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Before you head off to grab a paint brush and a can of blue paint, it is important to understand what makes a great nautical bedroom. Many people make the mistake of filling their bedroom with nautical antiques and historical objects. While this may work in some cases, this is often over done. We have to remember that it is a bedroom after all.

Designing your nautical themed bedroom

The key is to create a bright, calm space that hints towards the nautical theme. Maybe, a couple of select items you may have that will create a sense of drama or uniqueness. Whether this is an anchor from an old boat, a piece of driftwood or even an oar, these particular items can leave you with no doubt about the nautical theme.

What else to consider with your nautical room ideas

In terms of the bedroom paint color, blue and white is the obvious colors. If you are feeling adventurous, you could consider some ‘beachy’ hues like a pastel green. However, the traditional boat color is blue and white.

The only advice i would give here is to not overdo the blues. Remember this is a bedroom after all, it may be better to consider using the color as an accent rather than the main color.

Whatever nautical bedroom decor ideas you have in mind, the following are a curated collection of nautical room ideas to spark your creativity.

rustic nautical bedroom
Rustic nautical bedroom – lonelybloggers.com

Getting your nautical bedroom decor right

This nautical themed bedroom does a terrific job of hinting towards the theme without ‘shouting’ it. The use of whiter surfaces with a hint of blue is perfectly done. The obvious direction is with the rustic oars attached to the wall. The use of natural surfaces and clever detailing make this a fantastic example of a nautical bedroom theme done well.

nautical themed bedroom
Nautical themed bedroom – Yukbiznis

Your nautical bedroom furnishings can set the scene

This bedroom gives a more modern interpretation of the nautical theme. Clearly the compass is the direction towards the sea theme, yet the colors are also present. This design has focused on a solid block of color as a feature wall, with other blue hints in other places. This is actually a great example of creating a space at little cost. No expensive antiques here, just a simple painted compass, or even better if you can find it, a vinyl sticker.

nautical room ideas
Nautical room ideas – Pinterest

Nautical bedding designs goes a long way at low cost…

There is no missing the nautical bedroom theme here…it is in your face! Anchor…check. Oars…check. Random piece of driftwood…check. Color blue…check. It may be a little overdone to some, but i actually think it works quite well. I have to say that the ceiling is a great piece of detailing that many people miss. I should also mention that they have used a couple of different blue colors, which really does help break things up.

nautical master bedroom
Nautical master bedroom – Pinterest

Nautical bedrooms can almost be too real…

I’m guessing that nothing says nautical bedroom more than a boat that has been converted into a bed. I have to admire the creativity here…well done. I actually thing that it has been very well done, Nothing over the top, just simple elegant design. The setting is perfect too. The rustic floors with rugged furniture, it literally shouts boat shed. I don’t expect people to go to these lengths but there are lessons we can all take from this image.

nautical master bedroom ideas
Nautical master bedroom ideas – Coastal Living

An elegant nautical themed room

This is a beautiful example of understated elegance. The theme hints towards the oceans without being overtly clear about it. The colors are injected through the accessories, with the beautiful rustic furniture complementing it so well. The room is as fresh as the sea breeze.

nautical interior
Nautical interior – Patrick Sutton Associates

Nautical bedroom accessories create a real interest

Playful…is how i would describe this scene. It does very well in cramming plenty of things ‘sea’ related without being too overbearing. It would work perfectly as a guest bedroom to entertain people. The real trick here is making all the accessories similar in color. This allows them to blend into the background without the room looking cluttered.

nautical decor bedroom
Nautical decor bedroom – Pinterest

Nautical room decor can be very elaborate

Why not go the whole ten yards and buy some boat beds! This is exactly what is going on here and as you can see, they have not held back! With a rug that looks like the sea, the walls that look like the sky at night…and a handy map in case you get lost…you are all set for a great adventure.

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nautical boys room
Nautical boys room – Pinterest

A nautical theme bedroom and nautical bed is perfect for a boys room

A scene that every boy infatuated would love…this is almost perfection. The colors are bright and vibrant, the accessories are perfectly sized and feel of the sea is present. Overall, it does a great job in utilizing what you may already have into a great seafaring scene.

Nautical bedroom
Nautical bedroom – Katie Denham Interiors

Consider this example for nautical master bedroom ideas

Imagine waking up in this room…you can just imagine hearing the waves of the sea. This room is so beautifully done. There are no overt nautical accessories but the ‘feel of the beach ‘ is wholly present. You can imagine this being part of a beach house.

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nautical bedroom ideas
Nautical bedroom ideas – Annastella Lazarou

Nautical themed bedroom decor creates a very interesting space…

The key aspect to draw your attention here is the walls. They almost resemble the side of an old boat. Add in some rustic looking accessories and some key pieces, you have a great nautical bedroom scene. For those seeking ideas and inspiration, there is plenty to look at here.

nautical bedroom decor
Nautical bedroom decor – Pinterest

Want something a little grown up? These nautical bedroom ideas for adults should suit…

A slightly more modern setting but the creators have tried hard to give that seafaring vibe. I particularly like the side tables with the old rope at the bottom. The use of colors is good too…understated but obvious.

nautical bedroom theme
Nautical bedroom theme – Pinterest

These nautical bedroom decor ideas should really inspire you…

You can almost imagine yourself being in a cabin at sea! This nautical bedroom goes against the grain by opting for red colors instead of the usual blue. This is done through the accessories, so something that can be changed as easily as changing the covers.

This is actually an important point to make, You can opt for more neutral colors and introduce color with your accessories. This gives you more flexibility to change things up. Keep things as fresh as the sea air…you might say!

I hope you have found some inspiration from these nautical bedroom images. Each image has some kind of take away to consider. The important thing to focus on, is to create a space that hints towards the sea without actually feeling like you are on a boat! However, you should do what makes you happy so make things happen.

bedroom nautical
Bedroom nautical

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