31+ Rustic Bedroom Ideas to Wow You

rustic bedroom ideas

Get inspired with our rustic bedroom ideas, they will take your design ideas to the next level

A dream for some…but if you are taking the plunge and planning a rustic bedroom, you may be in for a treat. Our rustic bedroom ideas will spark that creative streak, so that you can turn your bedroom into the space that you have always dreamed of.

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This wonderful design ethos turns back the clock, an age when things were so natural…so simple. The glory of wood in its natural form on display, a room that delivers immense warmth and comfort. I can’t think of a more natural setting in a home.

Country bedroom ideas that aren’t in the past…

For rural bedroom ideas, you don’t necessarily have to look to the past. It’s not necessary to hang some skulls on the wall or cover your bed with an actual animal skin! Even though you can, the modern interpretation of a rustic bedroom idea is in the materials and the atmosphere the space creates.

Rustic bedroom decor can be very versatile…

You also don’t have to start nailing plans of wood to the wall. A few hints towards rustic design is enough to recreate the feeling. The images here have a specific look, but the reality is that most homes are not set up like this. Therefore, the best solution is to pick certain aspects and focus in on those.

Let’s run through the images and photos of rustic bedroom ideas, i hope it delivers that creative spark you are looking for.

rustic bedroom decor ideas
Rustic bedroom decor ideas

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Check out these rustic bedroom design ideas…

bedroom ideas for rustic
Bedroom ideas for rustic – Source: Locati Architects

A rustic master bedroom that oozes style…

A lovely rustic chandelier with a natural finish ceiling. The classic rustic is achieved through exposed beams and neutral color scheme.

Bedroom ideas for small rooms rustic – Source: IMI Design

A wonderful space with time and money clearly spent on it. The walls a pretty unique, delivering bundles of texture as well as natural tones. The exposed beams and high ceilings give this room an air of uniqueness.

Images of rustic bedroom decor – Source: Locati Architects

Imagine waking up in this room every morning. What a delightful view…and what a romantic room. Chandeliers, high beam ceilings…traditional furniture, the formula for a wonderful room.

The stone walls give this room a unique look, and it sure looks great. Unless your home is made from stone, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve this look. However, you may be able to recreate the stone look using 3D tiles.

master bedroom decorating ideas rustic
Master bedroom decorating ideas rustic – Source: Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co.

This is a great example of using timber on the walls in a consistent manner. It delivers such a unique look, it truly is wonderful.

modern rustic master bedroom design images
Modern rustic master bedroom design images – Source: Paddle Creek Design

What a cozy little room this is. Obviously, the focal point is the wonderful fireplace but setting that aside, the furniture set up really helps this rooms appeal.

Photos of rustic bedroom – Source: Locati Architects

Magnificent, i can only imagine the beauty of the location…look at that view! The room itself is absolutely divine. Great detailing, grand sizing and lovely unique designs. This room delivers style and warmth in equal measure.

Rustic antique bedroom ideas – Source: Inspired Dwellings

The interesting aspect of this rustic bedroom idea is the consistent use of wood in the room. The walls, ceiling and floor are all covered using the same material. I would probably have added a little more of a focal point, but it shows to great effect what a great look this is.

Rustic bedroom ceiling beam ideas – Source: Dan Joseph Architects

The timber logs in the ceiling are tremendous…so authentic. I love how this room uses different tones of wood that bring it all together The injection of color is a nice addition and provides nice contrast.

Rustic bedroom decor images – Source: Yellowstone Traditions

Some rustic master bedroom ideas are beyond belief…

Another wonderful scene…look how warm this room feels. The furnishings are excellent and add so much style to the room. One thing we should mention is the chandelier. To create a rustic look, the addition of a chandelier is a great shortcut. You have to choose carefully, opt for something that resembles a vintage look for the best results.

rustic bedroom design ideas
Rustic bedroom design ideas – Source: The DIY Mommy

A modern rustic bedroom with a little panache…

A more contemporary version of a rustic bedroom. This achieves the rustic look mainly through the ceiling. I suspect that it is wallpapered with a natural print, but doesn’t it look marvelous. The addition of select furnishings takes you back in time. I also particularly like the fact they have moved away from natural wood tones and gone for a more contemporary white base.

rustic bedroom design pictures
Rustic bedroom design pictures – Source: Pinterest

A simple focal point is all that is required…and haven’t they done it well here. It works wonderfully well with the blue wall, creating a dark and moody look.

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Source: Pinterest

This is a great example of a modern rustic bedroom. It retains the modern bedroom colors but injects a vintage rustic appeal through the furnishings. Add in a natural oak floor and you have yourself a wonderfully stylish space.

The consistency in the furnishings make this a very calm space. The natural wood walls are so beautiful, but put the two aspects together, you have a wonderfully welcoming room.

Rustic bedroom images – Source: Architectural Overflow

A very retro appeal to this bedroom. The walls have been paneled in wood and painted white. Add in some rustic ornaments, you have a very charismatic space. I particularly like how the color of the bed frame contrasts with the rest of the scene.

rustic bedroom remodel images
Rustic bedroom remodel images – Source: I.D Studio
rustic bedroom pictures
Rustic bedroom pictures – Source: Dan JOSEPH Architects

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Rustic bedroom remodel ideas – Source: Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes
Rustic decorating ideas for bedroom – Source: Locati Architects
Rustic farmhouse bedroom ideas – Source: Reitz Builders
Rustic ideas for master bedroom – Source: JLF & Associates
Rustic diy bedroom ideas – Source: Magleby Construction
rustic master bedroom decorating ideas
Rustic master bedroom decorating ideas – Source: North Fork Builders of Montana
Rustic master bedroom ideas – Source: domino.com

The most wonderful image, the depth of texture on those wood clad walls is fantastic. Add in some stylish, aged furniture and you have a classic space. I cant not mention the chandelier here…it is so beautiful, and adds some fantastic character to the room.

Rustic master bedroom photos – Source: Peace Design
Rustic modern bedroom ideas – Source: Remodelaholic

A fantastic example of a rustic bedroom in a modern context. The ceiling is the star of the show, giving the room so much character. Put together with some classic furnishings and colors, you have a delightful space.

rustic pictures for bedroom
Rustic pictures for bedroom – Source: Greenauer Design Group

A scene of real beauty…who wouldn’t want to stay in a bedroom like this. So cozy, so warm, i simply love the rustic nature of this room.

master bedroom rustic color ideas
Master bedroom rustic color ideas – Source: Denman Construction
Bedroom rustic decorating ideas – Source: Instagram
modern rustic bedroom ideas
Modern rustic bedroom ideas – Source: Domino.com

A modern bedroom with a nod to a rustic style. The headboard is pretty unique here, giving this room plenty of style.

These rustic bedroom decor ideas should really inspire…

I hope you found the images of rustic bedroom ideas inspiring, and have a few ideas boiling away. The best way to put those ideas together is through a design board. This is a place to collate your ideas, allowing you to work out what works…and what doesn’t. It can make the decision making process easier and potentially, save you money on costly mistakes.

rustic bedroom decor ideas
Rustic bedroom decor ideas

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