23+ Pantry Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

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Get inspired with these fantastic kitchen pantry ideas

A kitchen pantry is more than just a space for storing food. It’s the heart of the kitchen, housing all your culinary essentials from pantry staples to small appliances. A well-organised pantry can turn meal prep from a chaotic scramble into a seamless process. Whether you have a large walk-in pantry or a small cupboard, there are countless pantry ideas to help you maximise your storage space and keep everything in order.

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The first step to a well-organised pantry is understanding the amount of space you have. For smaller kitchens, a small pantry can be just as efficient as a large walk-in one. It’s all about optimising the available area. Install pantry shelves to create vertical storage, use clear containers to easily identify your pantry items, and consider a pantry drawer for easier access to your things.

A freestanding pantry cabinet can be a lifesaver in a small kitchen. It offers additional storage space without the need for construction. Moreover, a kitchen pantry cabinet can fit into any tight corner, making it a popular choice for those with limited kitchen space.

Walk in pantry solutions

Based on our findings, one of the most effective ways to maximise pantry space is by using the right storage solutions. Pantry shelves are a must-have, but they aren’t the only option. Consider adding a pantry door rack for smaller items like spices and canned goods. Wire shelves are a great alternative to wooden ones as they are sturdy and allow for better visibility.

Storage containers are another pantry essential. They come in various sizes and are perfect for storing pantry staples like flour, sugar, pasta, and grains. Clear containers are especially useful as they allow you to see what’s inside at a glance. If you have a large collection of spices, consider using a dedicated spice rack or magnetic spice containers for easy access.

Pantry design ideas for large spaces

Having a large kitchen pantry can be a blessing, but it can also make organisation more challenging. The key is to create a system that works for you. Group similar items together, such as baking ingredients or breakfast items, and keep them in their dedicated area on your pantry shelves. 

For those canned goods that can quickly get lost in the back of the pantry, consider a dedicated canned food storage system or a three-tier shelf organizer. This can help keep your cans in order and make it easier to see what you have.

Good pantry designs can elevate a working kitchen…

Another tip is to keep your most-used items at eye level. This means you won’t have to rummage around when you’re in the middle of cooking. Also, use the higher and lower shelves for less frequently used items, like party supplies or large pots and pans. 

For large walk-in pantries, a kitchen pantry cabinet can provide extra storage and counter space. You can use the countertop for small appliances or even as a prep area. Consider adding a marble countertop for added luxury and durability. If you have the space, a butler’s pantry can be a great addition. It provides extra storage and serving space, perfect for those who love entertaining.

pantry design ideas

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pantry design
Pantry design

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