19+ Boho Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Bounce on the Bed

boho bedroom ideas

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There are a thousand articles online telling you all about boho bedroom ideas …I will add my take. Having written an article recently on boho living rooms, the principles pretty much remain the same. The concepts, the ideas…they all point towards an ethos…an ethos of non-conformity.

That is the thing about boho chic bedroom design, you can pretty much get away with most things, as long as you are not filling your bedroom with cheap mass manufactured furniture. All that seems to do is achieve a rather stale look, with little design direction.

Eclectic is the word you should keep at the forefront of your mind…mix things up, experiment…you never know what you might accidentally stumble upon.

If originality is not your thing…then there are plenty of people who have done the thing for you. They are more than happy to share with the world, their inspiration and creativity. A quick search will show you plenty of images and photos showcasing their creativity.

In this post, I want to share some elements that you may want to focus some energy one. These are the principle areas that need consideration as they will impact the final look. So, here are the areas you need to focus on to turn those boho bedroom ideas into reality.

Wall colors

Traditionally, bohemian…or boho style has always pointed towards white walls. The rational behind this was that, color was introduced through other means, whether that is wall art or furniture. This makes sense because it effectively makes your walls a blank canvas. Why commit yourself to a strong wall color that overshadows the lovely details of the interior.

However, as time goes on, there has been a shift towards adding color to walls, albeit subtle. Pastel colors are very popular, as are colors that reflect mood…think light blues and yellows.

My advice, I would personally stay with a white, but an off white so it is not as reflective as a standard white paint color.

boho style bedroom
Boho style bedroom

Boho design really values natural materials and wooden floors are very much the go to option. If you are lucky to have real wood floor boards, they are ripe for sanding and staining. Replacement wood flooring is also an option, as time goes on, the quality just gets better and better…they are so realistic now.

If you must carpet the floor, I would suggest a very plain carpet that is either white or close to white. Again, the same principle as the wall color applies. Dark carpets are only really an option, if the mood of the room is to be dark.

If you are opting for a natural floor, a common addition is a rug. It can add a really chic flavor to the bedroom. Choose one with a beautiful pattern, colors or texture. You have so many options…but a great rug will add so much character to the room.

boho room decor ideas
Boho room decor ideas – Source: Instagram @shylacino
Plants and greenery

A key aspect of boho design is ‘bringing the outside in’…tranquil aspects of nature should be introduced to the home. Plants are wonderfully relaxing…they promote calm and wellness. Additionally, they introduce natural colors and textures into your room.

bohemian bedroom ideas
Bohemian bedroom ideas – Source: Domino
Wall art

As we discussed earlier, leaving the room with a plain neutral paint color gives you plenty of option to place artwork on the walls. Whether these are paintings, prints or even other things like decorative plates, there literally is no limit to the possibilities. Part of boho styling is to attempt the unconventional. Don’t feel you need to be restricted by linear shapes and lines; randomness is an acceptable facet of boho design.

bohemian decorated bedrooms
Bohemian decorated bedrooms – Instagram @Restyle Art

Your budget will dictate the price of furniture. You might believe that the higher the budget, the better the look. In some cases, this may be true but not always.

With boho bedroom ideas, if you are prepared to put in some work, there is plenty of opportunity to up cycle furniture to represent the look you want. It will give you a unique piece of furniture that matches the style you prefer.

The trend is towards a retro type of furniture, you rarely see contemporary design in boho bedrooms. There is also a trend towards using boho chic as a way to recycle. Think pallets converted into bed frames.

Whichever route you choose, you can be sure that with a little work and a keen eye, there is plenty of treasure out there.

bohemian chic bedroom
Bohemian chic bedroom – Source: Instagram @celeste.escarcega
boho bedroom
bohemian interior design

Get the look with our bohemian bedroom pictures

I hope you found this post on boho bedroom ideas useful, at least I hope we have pushed you towards the right direction. Below are a number of boho bedroom images that should help you find some further inspiration.

boho themed bedroom
Boho themed bedroom – Source: Instagram @prinsessavanessa
boho style rooms
Boho style rooms – Source: Instagram @amberinteriors
boho room decor
Boho room decor – Source: Instagram @saratoufali
boho room decor ideas
Boho room decor ideas – Source: Instagram @shylacino
boho chic bedrooms
Boho chic bedrooms – Source: Instagram @beach_casa
boho chic bedroom
Boho chic bedroom – Source: Instagram @prinsessavanessa
boho bedrooms
Boho bedrooms – Source: Instagram  @colby_tice
boho bedroom decor
Boho bedroom decor
bohemian style rooms
Bohemian style rooms – SOurce: Instagram @kalk_katt

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bohemian style bedroom
Bohemian style bedroom – Source: Instagram @swaro109
bohemian decor bedroom
Bohemian decor bedroom – Source: Instagram @sixat21
bohemian bedroom
Bohemian bedroom
bohemian bedroom decor
Bohemian bedroom decor – Source: Instagram @theboholoft
boho themed room
Boho themed room – Source: Instagram @janettemalloryinteriors

boho bedroom
Boho bedroom

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