15+ Copper Kitchen Backsplash Ideas…That Make a Splash

copper kitchen backsplash ideas

Get inspired with our copper kitchen backsplash ideas

Gone are the days when your backsplash options were simply a kitchen backsplash tile. Tiles need to move aside…there is a new player in town. Let me introduce copper to you…you may have heard of it…you may well have even seen it in person! I’m joking of course, you will be very familiar with this material…obviously you see it everywhere.

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15+ Copper Kitchen Backsplash Ideas…That Make a Splash

Have you ever seen it polished up and looking fabulous? Probably not, but the copper kitchen backsplash idea is really making a splash right now. In this post, I want to share some copper kitchen splashback ideas with you.

The beauty of copper is clear for all to see. When polished, it delivers an exceptional glow which gives off a soft light. As it ages, it does so beautifully, adding so much character. The great thing is that you can polish it back up to new at any point…at little to no cost.

If you are considering copper kitchen splashbacks, you have a range of options open to you. Popular at the moment are copper penny tiles…literally a penny tile backsplash made from copper coins. Its an interesting finish which is full of character.

If you have a more modern kitchen and are considering a copper backsplash idea, copper sheeting delivers a very stylish and clean look that is ultra-modern. When matched with a black granite countertop, it delivers an exceptional finish. For a more rustic look, consider hammered copper splashbacks. This gives an individual look that is rough and ready. It can add plenty of character to your space. Why not go the whole hog and consider a copper countertop, it looks great in a white kitchen.

For those looking at a kitchen remodel and want to DIY your backsplashes, you also have the option of copper tile splashbacks. This metal backsplash is easier to fit due to the size and less issues when implementing. The look is just as good as the other options, you also benefit from a copper tile having more intricate patterns available.

Compared to more traditional wall tile options, such as a subway tile backsplash, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mosaic tile and even a glass tile, a metallic backsplash is an interesting option. Of course, there are other metal tile options around…a stainless steel backsplash or tin tiles, none look as impressive as copper backsplash designs.

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The following copper kitchen backsplash ideas give you a flavor of what is available on the market for your kitchen design, an introduction of sorts. However, there are many options available to you so take your time finding the right copper backsplash.

copper backsplash

Get inspired with copper tile backsplash designs

copper metal tile backsplash
Source: Chapter One Interior Design
copper backsplashes for kitchens
Source: design-lviv.com
copper backsplash tiles
Source: Orangegraphics.pl
copper kitchen backsplash ideas
Source: Metalsheets.co.uk
copper sheet backsplash
Source: kopaljaitlyphotography.com

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copper backsplash sheet
Source: Metalsheets.co.uk
copper backsplash ideas
Source: Etsy
kitchen copper backsplash
Source: concretehouse.net.au
kitchen backsplash copper
Source: copperbydesign.com.au
hammered copper backsplash
copper tiles for kitchen backsplash
Source: Home Depot
copper tile backsplash for kitchen

I hope that these copper kitchen backsplash ideas are a perfect starting point to explore your ideas further. The important thing is to find what options are available to you. Don’t be afraid to look at places like Etsy, where artisan sellers can deliver you something very unique.

copper backsplash kitchen
Copper Backsplash Kitchen

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