27+ Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas That Will Make You Smile

sunflower kitchen decor

Get inspired with our sunflower kitchen decor ideas

There’s nothing like a lovely sunflower to brighten up a scene…big, luscious and extravagant…there is no mistaking the personality they can bring to an environment! Where better than your kitchen to introduce this wonderful flower…whether it is the real deal or simply an image, they bring a smile to your face. In this post, we will show you sunflower kitchen décor ideas, showing you how others have successfully brought a smile to their kitchen.

You have the option of placing sunflowers in various areas and various ways…consider the following;

  • Vinyl stickers
  • Dried sunflowers placed in cabinets
  • Handles and knobs
  • Floor mats
  • Cutting boards
  • Flower vases
  • Stickers on bottles and containers
  • Curtains
  • Wall décor
  • Kitchen accessories
sunflower kitchen decor ideas
Sunflower kitchen decor ideas

These sunflower decorating ideas will make you smile

sunflower kitchens

I love the way that dried sunflowers have been integrated into this busy scene, it takes a rather functional space and injects plenty of personality.

sunflower room decor

Curtains and window coverings are a great way to introduce a sunflower scene. Subtle it is not but it may well suit some spaces.

sunflower pictures for kitchen

Over the top you might say! I would tend to agree with you but some people live by the saying…go big or go home!

sunflower kitchen

Subtle but very classy. Using containers and accessories is a great way to add some personality and color.

sunflower kitchen theme

I love the may that this scene takes the monochromatic colors and injects a dose of big personality. The way the color of the sunflowers stands out is wonderful.

sunflower kitchen table cover

Table coverings are a low cost way of brightening up a space. Make them as loud or as subtle as you want…a great way to temporarily add personality.

sunflower kitchen set

I love the detail of these kitchen handles. They are so beautiful and simple to achieve. It may be a step to far for some…but i think they are delightful.

Sunflower kitchen mat

Floor mats are not only functional but they also afford you the opportunity to add large patterns and…you guessed it…sunflowers…lots and lots of sunflowers!

sunflower kitchen ideas

A lovely scene…you can just imagine what the rest of the home looks like just with this snapshot. I love the basket of flowers…full of rustic goodness.

sunflower kitchen decorating ideas

Take any dour looking display and inject an abundance of personality. See how the sunflowers brighten and uplift the scene?

sunflower kitchen decor theme

Fresh sunflowers placed in containers are a simple and cheap way to distract the eye.

sunflower kitchen accessories
sunflower decorations

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sunflower decorations for kitchen
sunflower decoration for kitchen
sunflower decor
sunflower decor for kitchen

Add some fresh sunflowers onto your kitchen table to immediately radiate happiness and joy.

sunflower curtains for kitchen
rustic sunflower kitchen decor
kitchen sunflower theme
kitchen sunflower decorations
diy sunflower decor

These cup coasters are outrageously beautiful. If you look on places like Etsy, there are so many beautiful little accessories that are pretty unique. I highly recommend that you take a look.

decorating with sunflowers
cute kitchen decor ideas
cheap sunflower kitchen decor
sunflowers kitchen decor
sunflower Tea Towel

I already know that these images will have you looking at where sunflowers will fit into your kitchen space. They are an absolute delight! If you think your friends might enjoy seeing our sunflower kitchen decor ideas, please consider sharing it.

sunflower kitchen decor ideas
Sunflower kitchen decor ideas

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