Teal & Beige Color Inspiration

teal beige color scheme
teal beige inspiration
Teal beige inspiration

From left to right

  1. #e0cfcc
  2. #285a6d
  3. #1d3845
  4. #131718
  5. #686460

There is a certain elegance that teal delivers that few other colors can match. A historical color too, it adds drama and class in abundance. A versatile color too, it is a blend of green and blue, which delivered in different proportions, can really change the tone.

Beige on its own can be considered a relatively bland color…add it to a complimentary color, and it really delivers a great look. Beige and teal together really do compliment each other very well. The way they offset each other gives a very classy look.

teal beige inspiration
Teal beige inspiration

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