19+ Unicorn Room Ideas That Are Totally Magical

unicorn room ideas

Get Inspired with these unicorn room ideas…

In this post, we take a look at some wonderful unicorn room ideas. For some, this is a dream room that signifies more than just this magical animal. To them, it represents peace, being happy and good to other people. Unicorns are deemed to have magical powers that are also healing.

If you are looking to introduce unicorns into your room, we have some great images that will help to develop your own ideas. Check out these unicorn room ideas below.

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unicorn room decor ideas
Unicorn room decor ideas

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These unicorn room decor ideas will leave you inspired…

unicorn room ideas for girls

These unicorn space ideas are very pink indeed…

A unicorn bedroom is normally pink…really pink! This example typifies that, what is different however is the lack of unicorn decor. This bedroom has a unicorns head…very much like an antlers head.

unicorn toddler room ideas

Wallpaper can do the heavy lifting with unicorn room design…

Wallpaper is often a great way to introduce an interior design theme into a kids bedroom. This wall art is delivering a magical theme to this unicorn bedroom. With a lovely rainbow, pastel colors and plenty of sparkles, this is a great image. Plenty of inspiration here for a kids space.

unicorn room decor ideas for girls

Simple can work in unicorn themed room ideas…

Simple can work well too…this unicorn room decor is simple, yet the theme is unmistakeable. Just a simple little toy statue to convey the unicorn decor theme.

unicorn ideas for room

Create magic with these unicorn room paint ideas…

The room decor here is marvellous in this unicorn themed bedroom. Fantastically colorful wall art, that represents a unicorn horn. Your little one would be delighted with the magical nature of this room. The unicorn bedding and pillow is wonderful too…a very comfortable and inspiring space.

unicorn girl room ideas

Don’t pull any punches with your unicorn room decor ideas…

I wonder what the theme here is…will the decor give it away? There is no mistaking it…the decoration is unashamedly unicorn! This unicorn room doesn’t pull any punches…it is all in with the unicorn theme. The wall art is very beautiful, full of intrigue, magic and inspiration.

toddler unicorn room ideas

Add some pastel colors in your cute unicorn room ideas…

Some lovely wallpaper that is almost a canvas to a kids magical dreams! The pastel colors are soft and welcoming, with some lovely flowers too. The furniture sits quietly in the background.

unicorn room paint ideas

Create a gallery wall in your girl unicorn bedroom ideas…

Another huge unicorn print, similar to what we have seen before in a gallery wall. The magical scene will be inspirational in your childs bedroom or nursery.

room decor ideas unicorn

Create a lovely little scene in your unicorn bedroom for girls..

Who wants a little tea party? This unicorn decor is so lovely…warm and welcoming. An amazing little space. The toys are so soft, and the room…so pink!

room ideas for girls unicorn theme

The perfect little princesses bedroom…

The perfect little princesses bedroom, the bed is amazing! This scene shows that you can do a lot with little. A simple little toy can introduce a theme into the bedroom.

little girl unicorn room ideas

Get creative with your wall art with these girl unicorn room ideas…

Wall art can be a great way to introduce a theme. This unicorn design can be bought, alternatively, consider creating your own designs for that unique look.

kids bedroom unicorn room decor ideas

It’s pink…

What can I say…pink…a lot of pink. Now this is the archetypal girls bedroom. It’s almost like it is another dimension. Still, the unicorn room decor is cool!

girls unicorn room ideas

Create a focal point with toys…

Consider adding a toy or two to introduce a theme into a bedroom design. This bedroom does just that, this delightful rocking unicorn is incredible.

girl unicorn room ideas

Create dramatic wall designs…

A lovely unicorn bedroom design. The rainbow wall art is a joy with some flowing text. The unicorn bedding is great, and the matching toy storage a nice touch.

girl room unicorn ideas

Create a bold theme…

A nice wall print or wall sticker that is very realistic looking. The size of it is very impressive, creating a bold unicorn theme.

galaxy unicorn room ideas

A magical space…

A very playful unicorn room design, this space can easily be described as magical. The sparkles and glitter add a finer touch, the style is fantastic.

cute unicorn room ideas

These unicorn room ideas should have left you inspired to create your own little perfect space. Which design did you like? Pin your favorite images onto your social media…don’t forget to tag us in! See you soon x

unicorn themed room ideas
Unicorn themed room ideas

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