47+ DIY Toy Storage Ideas That Really Hit the Mark

toy storage ideas

Get Inspired with these toy storage ideas…

If you have kids, you know that storage for your kids toys is an absolute must. You know how it is, within a blink of the eye, you have hundreds of toys…from a stuffed animal to toy cars! In this post, we take a look at DIY storage ideas, ideas that you can create yourselves. Even a basic DIY enthusiast can undertake these tasks.

Whether you have a big or small space, there are some great examples of toy storage solutions below to take inspiration from. Whether you need a storage idea for playroom storage or a living room, these toy organisation ideas will leave you inspired.

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diy toy storage
DIY toy storage

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Check out these DIY toy organizer ideas…

baby toy storage ideas

Kids storage ideas don’t need to be complicated…

Corner storage is a very efficient place to hide away a childs toy. Tucked out of the way, add a basket or two and you have some great toy storage. This example is perfect for displaying soft toys too.

baby toy storage

A toy bin makes life so much easier…

This wonderful image is a great example of planning. The shelving unit is perfectly suited to hide away toys whilst also displaying them too. On the side of this shelf, you have a wooden crate that is designed to look like a car…very playful. These are perfect for craft supplies and even lego bricks.

cheap toy organizer

These IKEA toy storage bins create order…at a great price too!

Very similar to the IKEA Raskog, this mobile storage solution is very well suited to its task. It’s mobile, has open access storage baskets and is a very versatile container store.

cheap toy storage ideas

Another IKEA toy storage furniture idea…

Perfect for a girls nursery, these toy storage ideas are an elegant solution. With plenty of space to reduce toy clutter, these labeled bins are a perfect size. The surface area at the top is also a great place for additional storage, consider adding floating shelves, a wooden crate or a storage basket.

cheap toy storage

This toy organizer is simple…yet effective

A very common solution, an IKEA Kallax idea is very common, It is easy to see why, simple design that is flexible too. The Kallax can be a shelf, or with the addition of a storage bin, it can be a wonderful container store.

coffee table toy storage

If you have kids, you know you need storage for toys

Another example of the Kallax from IKEA. This unit can be placed vertically or horizontally, depending on the space in the kids room. It is a great space soft toys, board games and art supplies. This example contains plastic bins, which are actually quite sizeable.

cool storage ideas

This kids storage basket is a colorful solution…

A very functional playroom, the chalkboard walls are great. In terms of storage, this solution is functional. Pull out bins that are labeled and organised. A place to store both toys and your craft supplies. A very functional and stylish space.

cool toy boxes

Plenty of playroom storage space here, the slide out tubs are perfect. Very organised too with their labels, the toy organization is impeccable!

diy kid storage

Another example of a cube storage option, the pull out boxes give great access meaning soft toys are easy to store too.

diy kids room storage

How entertaining, this cute bed in a kids room is designed as a digger, and includes some pretty clever storage at the front.

diy kids toy storage

This IKEA Besta unit is a great solution for toy DIY toy storage ideas. Construct it in the shape that best suits your space, it is stylish as well a s functional. The open floating shelves are a nice touch too to display your favorite reads.

diy kids storage

Another example of a pull out unit contains storage containers. Clearly, it is a solution that works.

diy toy bin

Check out these Spiderman kids room designs…

diy toy box ideas

This little corner space is the perfect little storage space. Organised and stylish, it fits the decor of the room. The wicker basket is a lovely touch too in this kids room.

diy toy shelf

Create that perfect storage idea in your kids room. This example is simple yet very effective. Shelves are constructed and then containers are used to provide the organised storage. From small toys to fancy dress costumes, this is some great toy storage. For a more natural look, consider a wooden crate or a wicker storage basket.

diy toy storage bins
diy toy storage ideas

Looks like another IKEA storage solution here, and it works perfectly well too. Open display, with some closed containers added below.

diy toy storage plans

Goofy and Mickey Mouse both look happy with this storage basket and solution.

diy toy storage shelves

Some wonderfully effective built shelving here. Plenty of space as a toy storage solution as well as a host of other things. It also looks like there is a floating desk incorporated into it…very clever! It frees up that floor space too.

diy toys storage ideas

A bedside cabinet that doubles as a toy storage idea. The attractive design means it isn’t that obvious either.

inexpensive toy storage

A open bookshelf with some closed container storage at the bottom. Display your books in style.

rustic toy storage

Hide away the clutter with these colorful cube storage. Perfect as playroom storage, they can contain anything from art supplies to toy cars.

storage kids toys
storage units for toys

A very nice solution that adds a ton of style to a child’s bedroom. Labelled boxes in a custom font, this is a great example of the IKEA Kallax in situ.

toddler storage ideas

Check out these Unicorn room ideas

Get magical with some of these designs…
toy display ideas

Sometimes an open shelf will do the job…display and store at the same time.

toy shelf ideas

A perfect little scene here that works. It’s cute and clever, bringing fun and functionality.

toy sorter
toy storage table
wall mounted toy storage
wall toy organizer
wall toy storage

These DIY toy storage ideas should really open your eyes to the possibilities. With a little creativity, you can create plenty of storage even if space is at a premium. You can mix and match too, buy some furniture whilst constructing your own. Which image was your favorite? Pin it on Pinterest and make sure you tag us in!

diy toy organizer
DIY toy organizer

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