Japanese Apartment Interior Design That Makes a Statement

japanese apartment interior design

Get Inspired with this wonderful Japanese style apartment

In this post, we take a look at Japanese apartment interior design ideas that really goes to the core of the Japanese design ethos. This apartment is the creation of Polygon interior architects, and it really sets an example of how to create Japanese style design in a modern context. This makes it very transferable to other home styles regardless of where you are.

The style is simple, minimalist, modern…yet it remains very functional, regardless of the room you are in. It retains comfort while maintaining clean lines making it a very stylish space that remains very ‘livable’.

The Japanese have long been well-known for their attention to detail when it comes to interior design.  This is especially apparent in the way they design and decorate apartment units.  Apartment buildings in Japan are a far cry from what Westerners are used to.  Each of these apartment units has its own unique design. 

Every detail is taken into consideration when decorating these abodes.  The most impressive thing about Japanese apartments is that each apartment is designed to make the best use of the space available.  By doing so, every apartment has a unique style.

japanese apartment interior

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Let’s take a look at some of the apartment interior design ideas

japanese apartment living room

This Japanese apartment interior blends some great ideas…

japanese apartment kitchen dining room

Modern Japanese interior design is about furniture too

This Japanese living room takes key aspects of design throughout it. The aspects are Japanese, whereas the context is a more western architectural style. Much of the design aspect is carried through using furniture and the use of specific materials. For more traditional Japanese living rooms, click here.

japanese apartment kitchen

This Japanese kitchen really hits the spot with its cool, minimalist design yet the use of wood material really delivers a warm feeling. A comfortable space that is thoroughly modern.

japanese apartment hallway

This modern Japanese apartment has plenty of natural influences

This spacious hallway is beautifully done, designed using Mount Fujiyama as an inspiration, where children can climb. A lovely yet stylish concept.

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japanese apartment bedroom
japanese apartment bedroom ideas
japanese apartment bedroom decor

Japanese apartment interior design needs a well designed bedroom!

This Japanese bedroom is a lovely space, stylish yet utterly calm…I guess this is what they mean by ‘Zen’ design. The materials are wonderful and contrast well. The stylish bed and furniture are perfectly blended and the Japanese wall art and décor is simply beautiful.

japanese apartment bathroom
japanese apartment shower room

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japanese apartment bathroom design
japanese apartment bathroom decor

The consistency in style with these Japanese bathrooms and shower room is wonderful. It would be difficult to know which room you are in, so consistent is the design. They are both functional spaces with all the modern conveniences, yet the style remains calm and minimalist. The use of materials is fabulous and really demonstrates how some materials can work seamlessly together. I love the way they incorporate modern ideas with traditional aspects like a Japanese soaking tub.

japanese apartment minimalist decor

Japanese apartment design really is something else…

The Japanese have a penchant for small spaces. Not only are the country’s homes quite a bit smaller than those you’ll find in other countries, but the Japanese apartment style has evolved to adapt to the country’s limited living space. The Japanese have lived in small spaces for centuries, and they’ve mastered the art of making the most of their homes.

Japanese apartments are often much smaller than their Western counterparts, but they are also well designed and efficient. Many Westerners who have visited or lived in Japan have been surprised by how much they enjoyed the experience of living in a small apartment.

japanese apartment aesthetic

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