Colorful Retreat: 47+ Bathroom Color Ideas That Transform Your Space

bathroom color ideas

Get Inspired with these bathroom color ideas…

When contemplating the huge array of bathroom color ideas, we know that the options are endless. It’s not uncommon as an interior designer, to be asked how we choose our bathroom colors. Do we go with current trends? or is there something else that we do? Well, the simple answer is the atmosphere. We choose a color and shade that reflects the atmosphere we want to create. 

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The bathroom paint color can really change the mood, especially in a small bathroom design. If you are looking for a spa-like experience with your interior design, then you should consider some soft greens and blues. Add some earthiness to the design by using natural materials like wood, or stone. Make the most of the natural light too.  

For something a little more energetic, consider a dynamic bathroom color scheme. Consider an orange or yellow color palette, for a bright start to the day. Complement this wall color with a crisp white neutral color for some modern bathroom decor. This styling is especially popular with a powder room design. 

If you want something that represents something a little more classic, consider a black and white bathroom design. Complement your white bathroom furniture, with black fittings and a mosaic tile, or a black & white floor tile. 

Finally, choosing your bathroom color is a very personal thing. The best bathroom color schemes reflect the personality of the homeowner. Whatever color you choose, the aim is to make that room a great place to spend time in. 

bathroom color ideas
Bathroom color ideas

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Color is a very subjective thing, i’m sure you have your own ideas when it comes to bathroom color ideas. Which image was your favorite?

bathroom colors ideas
Bathroom colors ideas

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