31+ Basement Bathroom Ideas That Make You Smile

basement bathroom ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful basement bathroom ideas

If you are lucky to have a basement that you are looking to turn into a functional space, add value with a basement bathroom. They work really well alongside a basement bedroom, working in tandem to create a great experience for a guest. A basement bathroom is high on the wanted list when it comes to home design, so take a look at these basement bathroom ideas. Look at how they utilise space, color and light to create these wonderful spaces.

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basement bathroom layout ideas

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Take inspiration from these basement bathroom layout ideas

unfinished basement bathroom ideas

This really cool shower brings a great presence to this basement bathroom. The interior design is good, simple and clean with some natural wood tones with the vanity unit and sink. The wall decor is straightforward with some plain white subway tiles.

small narrow basement bathroom ideas on a budget

This basement renovation delivers a great new look. The black hexagonal tiles are a good look, with an interesting mirror shape too. Some interesting toilet roll wall decor too.

small basement ideas bedroom and bathroom

I love a bathroom design ideas with black accents. This black faucet and matching black mirror is a delight. The up flush toilet and natural wood vanity are a great combination in this space.

small basement bathroom ideas

A very modern look to this blue bathroom design. This finished basement bathroom remodel has shiny blue subway tiles are fresh and contemporary, working wonderfully well with the rather unique pink floating vanity sink. As good as it looks, will they regret the lack of bathroom fixtures and countertop?

small basement bathroom design ideas

The square footage is high here, albeit with a low ceiling. However, it is a functional basement space with a separate shower area. The large pedestal sink is functional and as far as basement bathroom design goes, it feels quite airy.

modern basement bathroom ideas

What a great use of space. Space can be limited in a basement bathroom so it means you often have to go without a bath or even a half bath. A small bathroom can still feel nice. This is a lovely design, with white tiles and contrasting black shower.

log cabin basement half bathroom ideas

High end basement design at its finites. The marble walls are a delightful touch and the black vanity is marvellous. This finished basement renovation must have left the owners delighted. It almost feels like a main powder room.

inexpensive basement bathroom ideas

Another monochrome bathroom remodelling project…that certainly delivers. Clean and crisp is the design style here. Everything including the plumbing fixtures are hidden away, with the drain in the shower area integrated into the floor.

finished basement bathroom ideas

Something a little more eclectic. The blue tiles are a fantastic and vibrant color. This very much has a Japanese bathroom design style to it with the vertical tiling.

cool basement bathroom ideas

A very elegant example of a basement remodel. The purpose built shower are is a nice touch with some great herringbone subway tiling designs. The lighting is amazing, with some very classy looking bathroom fixtures.

cheap basement bathroom ideas

Not everybody is blessed with a great amount of space, but using what you have requires a little creativity. A little vanity sink, a half bath, even the smallest spaces can be turned into a functional basement bathroom.

ceiling ideas for basement bathroom

Home decor is a very personal thing, this extra bathroom design feels very personal. The antique vanity is a lovely design touch that hides away any plumbing fixtures, that sits perfectly with the wood flooring design. The dog looks like it is enjoying the heated floor.

best basement bathroom ideas

A very contemporary bathroom design on display here. The array of tiling designs work well together, sitting well with the traditional stool and rug.

bathroom basement ideas

This purpose built basement renovation is a great result. The separated shower area is a delight, creating a wonderful showering area. The white granite countertop is a lovely touch that would look great in a basement kitchen too!

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basement under the stairs bathroom with shower ideas

A very modern bathroom style that works well. Its a clear example of the movement in the tiling market, with a huge array of styles now available. This is a great example of the use of colors too, mixing monochrome colors with natural greens and woods. The rainfall showered looks amazing too.

basement half bathroom ideas

A great space where the owner has created a wonderful extra bathroom. The finished basement is marvellous, adding a ton of value to this property.

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basement bedroom and bathroom ideas

A bright small basement bathroom design that works really well. The amount of light generated is incredible. The simple color scheme really helps with this.

basement bathroom tile ideas

Similar to the design above, this basement bathroom remodel is a great example of what can be achieved in a small space. The walk in shower is amazing, creating a very functional and integrated space.

basement bathroom shower ideas

As far as basement bathroom ideas go, this is very high end. The quality of the product and material is clearly very high. The black accent colors really pop against a white backdrop.

basement bathroom remodel ideas

A simple white bathroom with black accents. It works very well, creating a sense of space. The fresh flowers and gold fixtures really help to elevate the design, looking very expensive.

basement bathroom pictures ideas

A black basement bathroom is a high risk strategy, purely because of the light issue. This example seems to work quite well, the colors creating an eclectic design style.

basement bathroom pictures

There is a lot going on here in terms of textures, patterns and styling. The monochrome colors help to focus the design, the end result being a great basement bathroom remodelling project.

basement bathroom images

Another white bathroom example that works well. The textured wall is a little unusual, but it works really well with the black bathroom fixtures.

basement bathroom ideas small spaces

Black shower screens are a great look…and it looks great here. They work especially well with subway tiles. This basement bathroom is functional, and looks great too. Easily achievable by most looking at a remodel.

basement bathroom ideas pictures

Another designer example of a high end basement bathroom design. The wall tiles really help lift the design, to match the black fixtures and fittings.

basement bathroom ideas on a budget

Textures really help to add interest to a bathroom design. The marble walls and granite countertop really create a nice vibe.

basement bathroom ideas low ceiling

There is high end design…then there is high end design! The wood wall panels are simply amazing, elevating this basement bathroom to another level.

basement bathroom flooring ideas

Simple and stylish can work very well. You don’t get much to see here, but you can imagine the simplicity here…which really works well.

basement bathroom floor ideas

A very popular style, especially in the US. This color scheme works incredibly well, creating a simple yet effective look.

basement bathroom design ideas

Whether this is an attic bathroom or a simple basement bathroom, the results from this tiny space ate outstanding. It just goes to show that even the smallest spaces can deliver with a little creativity.

basement bathroom ceiling ideas

You may also want to take a look at these game room basement ideas. They offer some great ideas on entertainment space.

I hope that you enjoyed these basement bathroom ideas. As you will have seen, the style is almost irrelevant. The key to a successful basement bathroom remodel is a to make the most of the light and space available. The successful designs above do just that. Which one is your favorite? Share the image. on your social media and tag us in!

basement bathroom layout ideas

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