Small Space, Big Style: 27+ Bathroom Storage Ideas For a Stress-free Bathroom

bathroom storage ideas

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Regardless of the size of your home, bathroom storage is always an issue. Where do you put everything without compromising on the style…clutter is not a good thing in interior design! In this post, we consider some bathroom storage ideas, and what you can do to create a little more storage space. 

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What can you do? There are a number of ways to attack this. The easiest way is adding some floating shelves to a small bathroom design. It is a good storage idea that makes use of vertical space, and can act as a container store. Commonly, it is used to store toilet paper as well as other items like cleaning supplies. The wall space is a prime candidate as a storage solution. 

Towel storage is always an issue, and a towel bar is a great solution for all those extra towels. Your towel rack can become a statement piece in itself. 

Additionally, for you bathroom necessities, you can look at a bathroom cabinet. Whether this is a medicine cabinet, over the toilet or a bathroom vanity sink unit, they are great storage that hides away the bathroom essentials and toiletries. 

With a mix of these wonderful storage ideas, you can keep all your bathroom toiletries organized and within easy reach while also showcasing your own style. 

bathroom storage ideas
Bathroom storage ideas

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small bathroom storage ideas
Small bathroom storage ideas

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