11 Clever IKEA Bathroom Storage Ideas

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Get Inspired with these IKEA bathroom storage ideas

Check out these IKEA bathroom storage ideas. We all know that a bathroom can become a mess of bottles and containers, take charge of your bathroom and get your storage game in order. Check out some of these great IKEA solutions below.

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ikea bathroom storage ideas
IKEA bathroom storage ideas

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Take a look at these wonderful bathroom storage ideas from IKEA

1. Vesken

The Vesken from IKEA is as popular as ever as a bathroom storage idea. A stackable shelf unit, it is easy to assemble, sturdy, and importantly it is rust proof. A perfect addition to add some much needed bathroom storage space. It doesn’t take up much floor space and removes plenty of clutter.


2. Tisken

The IKEA Tisken storage basket is perfect for a shower or bathroom wall. Designed to hold a multitude of things like shampoos and toiletries, they allow you to stay organised whilst keeping things at hand. Tiny bathrooms need functional design like this and this extra storage solution is no exception.


3. Raskog

This versatile basket unit is perfect for a number of storage solutions. It is essentially a space saving solution, with a number of shelfs and clips to hold various things. It allows you to stay organised in the bathroom, provide extra bathroom storage, whilst also being mobile. As perfect as it is in a small bathroom, they are just as at home in a kitchen, craft room or even a sewing room.


4. Nordrana

Keep your bathroom essentials together in this rather elegant and chic IKEA storage basket. High in style, and plenty of space at hand, they offer a great bathroom solution. Whether it is towel storage, toilet paper, or a container store, this versatile storage bin may be just what you need.


5. Mosslanda

A simple bathroom shelf is all that is required sometimes. The Mosslanda shelving unit is simple yet functional…exactly what you would expect from a shelf. A perfect bathroom storage solution that removes clutter around the sink. The mirrored cabinet also featured in this image is also a great solution, with the cabinet door holding the bathroom mirror.


6. Lack

A staple at IKEA, the lack shelf is an iconic IKEA product. Whether it is an open shelf for the kitchen, a bedroom or pantry shelf, these floating shelves do it all. Simple to install and cheap to buy, it is definitely worth considering fr your bathroom shelves.

lack shelf

7. Kungsfor

If you are looking for something a little more stylish, these storage bins are a very stylish, modern solution. Versatile too, the container store is just at home own the kitchen as they are in the bathroom.


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8. Flintorp

Much like the Kungsfor, the Flintorp is part of the sliding bracket and hooks system that helps the flexibility if the system. This one is a more traditional style, for those with a more traditional style.


9. Dragan

Made from natural bamboo wood, this warm material helps to create a very calming space. This bamboo material is a staple in Japanese bathrooms for good reason. Add a little style with these functional storage shelves and bathroom vanity.


10. Bekvam

Another versatile bathroom solution from IKEA, the Bekvam range is a great low cost solution. Hang it on your walls, or even the back of the door, it creates plenty of great storage space. It’s just at home in the kitchen too.


11. Trones

We have a whole post on the IKEA Trones, but they work just as well as discreet bathroom storage. Made from plastic, they are essentially storage tubs affixed to a wall, without eating into floor space.


These IKEA bathroom storage ideas should really help to level up your storage game. Which solution meets your needs? pin your favorite solution on social media and tag us in!

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ikea bathroom storage ideas

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