15+ IKEA Pegboard Ideas That Get Creative

ikea pegboard ideas

Get Inspired with these IKEA pegboard ideas

The Ikea Skadis pegboard is a storage system for different types of organizing tools and items. It holds hanging products such as clothing, sports equipment and home decor items. In this post, we consider Ikea pegboard ideas and how you can make them work for you. This is one of the most famous Ikea hack ideas around.

Ikea Skadis is a set of storage and organizational supplies for households and other areas. It comes with several hooks and shelves to let you arrange your stuff in the way you prefer.

You can also choose to use them as a hanging rack or as a shelf above your workspace.

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IKEA pegboard ideas

What is a pegboard?

Pegboard is a sheet of metal or other sturdy material that has holes in it. Hanging items to organize them is easy, using pegs that slide into the hole to create a solid hold. These pegs can be adjusted easily by sliding them up and down until they are perfectly placed.

What’s the difference between the Ikea Skadis and a pegboard?

The Ikea Skadis series is a more organized way of organizing. Instead of just tossing items onto a wall space or something similar, each item has its own home within the system that makes finding that item incredibly simple. Pegboard, on the other hand, is not as organized. It is more of a “toss it” way of managing that enables users to create a home for items where they see fit.

Ikea’s Skadis pegboard is a versatile, easy way to store your things. There are several different styles available with various mounting options and configurations. I’ve worked with basic metal pegboard in many garage workshops, but my favorite form of this type is the “new design”, Ikea white Kvissle version which is now sold at most USA Ikea furniture stores. The main drawback of standard white metal peg-board has always been the thin, flimsy pegs. Enter Ikea! Their board has thicker, solid pegs that are less likely to bend under heavy items. It also features two colored backgrounds (dark grey & light grey), making it easier to see what you have on the board and catalog items.

What is my pegboard project options?

The options for projects with a pegboard are endless! Many individuals purchase pegs in various shapes and sizes and use them to create different hanging systems. This includes small kitchen storage, utensils and lid, scissors, roll holder and wood hanger, elastic cord, tool holder, small electronics and more! Ikea white pegboard is a great way to get creative with storing things in your custom closet, home, garage or workshop. The extra storage helps!

Are you looking for a pegboard project?

Here are some pegboard organization ideas:

  • Tool storage system for your garage or workshop
  • Peg hooks to hold art supplies on the pegboard wall
  • Creative home decor items made from various sizes of pegs
  • Hook board for individual family member closets allows them to have a personalized storage space without bothering anyone else’s space.
  • Dry erase board
  • Ikea Kitchen pegboard
  • Craft room
  • Sewing room box
  • Gardening supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Bicycle
  • Office desk

What is a peg hook? And how do I use it?

A pegboard hook is just as it sounds, a hook made out of pegs. There are all sorts of pegs with different shapes and colors available at most larger retail stores. Many small pegs can hold only a few items, while others are large pegs with enough small space to keep multiple things at once.

What is the best way to use pegboard?

The best way to use pegboard is to identify where you would like your project and then purchase everything needed. There are many different types of pegboard available for purchase, which means there will be one that matches almost any room or decor style. The next step is simply hanging your sheet on the wall (or attaching it if it’s not self-adhesive) and start designing!

Many accessories are also available, such as a Skadis container, which is versatile pegboard storage. They are perfect for a craft supplies drawer, or a drawer for paint supplies like spray paint.

Why not a metal pegboard?

I have several steel pegboards in my garage for tool storage, so I’m familiar with them, but there are several reasons I prefer the Ikea version. For one, the cost, it’s about half as much as other versions. Secondly, the style of their pegs (and holes) makes it easier to mount things such as garden tools and bicycles. Because they’re slightly thicker than standard metal models, it also means that you can use both sides of the board! So, if you need to hang something over a stud or existing hook/nail, you can flip the board around and easily access your item from the back side.

Speaking of the back side, I love how solid and clean it looks with all the hardware hidden from view.

It’s also extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to install even on walls with thinner sheetrock. I’ve been using a self-levelling compound around the holes before mounting it in some cases to allow for better adhesion. The reason being is that a lot of studs are not perfectly upright, and a level board will let you compensate during installation by levelling one end and then hanging the opposite end of a wall stud or nail/screw if needed. All in all, there are many reasons why this is my new favorite storage solution!

Pegboard installation tips

If you’re hanging items from the pegs, keep in mind that particular metal objects can rust when exposed to moisture, so avoid mounting them over wet areas such as sinks or showers. If you have access from the back side of your studs, this will allow you to easily mount by just placing the DIY pegboard between them and securing with screws (if needed). For sheetrock, You can use drywall anchors or install with lags into the studs.

So, let’s look at some Ikea pegboard ideas and how you can make the most out of this great Ikea product.

ikea pegboard ideas

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ikea skadis pegboard ideas

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