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In this post, we consider black kitchen ideas. With what was once considered a controversial choice, there is no kitchen color that divides more opinion than a black kitchen. Some people absolutely love the boldness and impact that it delivers…others think they are too dull. Regardless, the impact they deliver can be stunning.

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There are various things that need to be considered if you want a black kitchen. The first issue has to be lighting. To get the best impact, there should be good light available to you, so over sized windows are great here. If the amount of light is minimal, consider adding some brighter units or accenting the kitchen with natural material colors.

Black kitchens are very much in vogue at the moment, and regardless of whether they are on trend, i think they can stay relevant over time. The color black is elegant and timeless, calm without overpowering. No wonder we see it everywhere.

Below you will find photos and images of black kitchen ideas, that should give you plenty to think about for your next project.

Take a look at these black kitchen designs

black kitchen 1
Source: Cosentino

This matte black handleless kitchen really does a fantastic job in creating a mood. The mild lighting and tan accessories, give this a very high end kitchen look.

black kitchen 2

It’s a busy image with plenty going on,,,and definitely not one for the minimalists. However, what a wonderful kitchen. A kitchen definitely designed for living, it tells a story…and what about that table…amazing.

black kitchen 3

A minimalists dream…you see very little. Clearly with a kitchen like this, its not designed to be a core part of the house…so why make it over fussy? The way it fits this space is perfect.

black kitchen

A interesting take on a black kitchen idea, this one uses the color white to really separate it. The granite looks incredible and really adds to the darkness of the units. It also really complements the wonderful flooring, really drawing out the natural colors.

black kitchen

This image makes me shake with excitement. I love the way that a natural beech colour is used to contrast with the ultra modern black units. It does a fantastic job of breaking up the space. Add in the industrial concrete background, and you get a great space that has the ‘wow’ factor.

black kitchen
Source: Designatsketch

Rustic is the name of the game here, and it is this natural finish that gives it so much character. The limited color palette works because you have a huge amount of light from the window.

Source: Iqosa

Ultra modern and ultra chic…no expenses spared here. The clinical way in which this black kitchen is executed, is probably a reflection of the environment in which it sits. I particularly like how much of the light comes from the large shelves. A very nice space indeed.

black kitchen
source: iqosa

A black kitchen that suits the space perfectly…but not exactly homely, nor much personality. As purely a style statement, it does an excellent job. I particularly like how the base black color complements the copper. Very on trend right now.

black kitchen 9
source: Charnwoodkitchens

A beautiful space complemented by a beautiful black kitchen. I particularly love how they have contrasted the darkness of the kitchen with the white decor and countertops. It lifts the mood of the room while retaining the stylishness of the black units.

black kitchen 10
source: lwkhome

I just imagine being twenty floors up, sat at the kitchen island first thing in the morning, sipping on an espresso. That perfect vision is assisted with this wonderful black kitchen idea. Spaced out units at the rear let the industrial looking background shine through, whilst the functional kitchen island goes about its work efficiently.


I very much appreciate how this kitchen makes a great effort to integrate the table into the business end of the kitchen. For any guests that happen to sit there, they are part of the process which makes it a great entertainment space. The black kitchen cabinets have a chrome strip running across the top, and they complement the natural oak colour perfectly. A great example of a modern black kitchen in a functional setting.


What an utterly stylish space! The texture on these black kitchen cabinets is stunning and really reflects a premium finish. The use of complementing materials makes this a very nice space to spend time in. The lighting is something to reflect on here, this image shows how brighter lighting can work well with darker units.


A room oozing with style and personality. The black kitchen island really makes a statement. No bland white walls to be found here, the unit colors perfectly blend with the background. Take note how the units appear to me made from granite, the lovely markings adding some real personality to the units

source: germankitchencentre

This kitchen does an amazing job of integrating white and black kitchen units. This mix of units takes the eye across the length of the kitchen, showing the space available. Obviously, you cannot miss the lighting, this stunning lighting setup really adds some character to a room full of straight lines.


Clearly a wonderful space, but look what they have accomplished. This black kitchen is wonderfully complemented by natural oak. This makes it much more ‘softer’ in appearance, given that black kitchen cabinets have a danger of looking dull. The way the oak color separates space is excellently executed.

source: germankitchen.co

A kitchen full of character, this is another example of mixing black cabinets with complementing colors. It adds dynamism to the scene and makes the space so much more engaging.


An excellent example of a black kitchen with different levels. The use of white adds space, while the oak adds a softer, premium touch.

source: byba

With a relatively small, dark place, a black kitchen is quite a risk. This designer has created a black kitchen idea, that removes this risk. The way they have incorporated the lighting and white countertops, makes this an attractive space.

source: mereway

The best of both worlds. A black background with a white foreground. This ensures that the kitchen remains light and airy, while embracing the dark moods of a black kitchen.

source: mereway

A kitchen that espouses a dark, moody and intimate space. This obviously wont be to everybody’s taste, but i can see the attraction. You would obviously need an open plan kitchen or a great deal of space to use a black kitchen in this manner.

source: bydi

A lovely gloss black kitchen that ticks all the boxes, It is neat and tidy, without overly dominating. The advantages of gloss finishes are clear here, the way it reflects light back into the kitchen is great.

source: bydi

Some lovely textures to admire in this black kitchen idea. The black cabinets are mixed with silver to create a great balance. With its space age vibe, it is a modern kitchen for a modern home.

source: bydi

Small and minimalist, i cant imagine many cakes being baked in here. However, as a minimally used space, it is almost perfect. Sleek, simple and great textures.

source: bydi

Wow! the size of this black kitchen is very impressive. Plenty of room to cook and entertain, a great space. Filled with a delicious kitchen that is super stylish. Using traditional shaker style cabinets, the oak countertops, soften the scene. Add in the natural furniture, you have a wonderful place at the core of the home.

source: bydi

A great modern space to complete a great kitchen. This super premium looking kitchen is all about the mood. Great furniture with great lighting.

source: bydi

The black wall cabinets do a great job of disguising them against the dark background. This gives the appearance that the kitchen is low level and a flowing space. The use of the oak colors assist in this too.

source: home-designing.com

A super modern black kitchen idea, it is very imposing. Full black cabinets, handleless and sleek, ensure a dominant aura. The surrounding take the role of raising the mood. Very nicely executed, without doubt a premium kitchen design.

source: Tmitalia

A deceptively large kitchen, the majority of the storage is hidden in the white walls. It gives an appearance that this kitchen is on a single level. The way the kitchen delivers shape and the lighting, make this a stand out black kitchen inspiration.

source: tmitalia

A great example of how you can fit a small kitchen in a very small area, whilst maximizing the space available. This black kitchen with grey cabinets, does this very well. The kitchen island works wonderfully well here, most would suspect that it would be too imposing. Definitely not the case here.

source: tmitalia

A super stylish and modern kitchen set in a very modern home. I particularly like how the black units complement the scenery outside the window. The layout of the kitchen is stunning too…spacious while still being functional. This black kitchen image is always well received for the great principles standing behind it.

source: dwell.com

Gorgeous is the word here, the way the kitchen integrates so well with the garden, is design genius. The sheer amount of light penetrating those huge windows, mean that a fully black kitchen is plausible here.

As you see here in our black kitchen ideas collection of images, deciding on a black kitchen means that you have to consider a wide range of things. Primarily, you should always consider the amount of light available to you.

If you have plenty of light, you can opt for a fully black kitchen. If not, consider accenting the black cabinets to ensure that it breaks up the space. The danger is that in low light, it can end up looking flat in the shadows.

Black is the color of elegance, power, and sophistication. So if you’re choosing a fresh color scheme for your kitchen, you might as well go with the color that screams sophistication.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common FAQ’s relating to black kitchen design ideas. Simply click the link below to reveal the content;

Is a black kitchen a good idea?

Some people think that black kitchen ideas are great, while others think that it is a terrible choice. It’s not surprising that there is a debate over this issue. Black kitchens are vastly different than white kitchens, and they don’t go with every other kind of décor. They are, however, ideal for some styles of décor.

A black kitchen is the dream of many designers and homeowners, but as many in the professional kitchen design industry will tell you, the dark color scheme can be a real nightmare for homeowners. A black cabinet is a difficult color to work with, since it reflects and absorbs light in all directions. It can also make your kitchen look smaller than it really is. If you do decide that a black kitchen is the right look for you, there are plenty of options for modern kitchen design that can help you make the most of your dark space.

What Colors go with a black kitchen?

Kitchens are the beating heart of the home. When we see a beautiful kitchen, we feel inspired. We want to take a few moments in that space to gather our thoughts and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Beautiful kitchens are all the same in one sense: they are designed to be functional, and to make life easier for their owners. That said, people have different tastes, and different color schemes work better for some than others.

Black is the color of the moment. It is the new black, so to speak, and it is everywhere from fashion to home décor. This timeless color has been inspiring designers for centuries, and even today, they still find new ways to work it into their designs. That said, a design that is all black can seem a bit severe. That is why a designer will often add small shades of color to a black-themed design. In fact, there is a whole science to color theory that goes into the creation of beautiful designs. One common rule of thumb is that similar colors look good together. This means that colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel from black, like purple and orange, work well.

A black kitchen design seems like a great idea if you’re going for a sleek, modern look. And with black being the “new” neutral, it can work in any room. But such bold move can be a bit daunting. After all, black is a pretty big color to plan your entire kitchen around. Luckily, when it comes to decorating, black doesn’t have to be your whole color story. You can incorporate black into a kitchen by going for a few key pieces like backsplash, granite countertop, a marble backsplash, and some black appliances.

Are black kitchens in style?

Since the 1960’s, black kitchens have been a classic, trendy and chic choice for homeowners. But are they still the best choice when designing a kitchen today? The answer is yes! Black kitchen designs are still in style. In fact, many home design experts consider the timeless, understated elegance of a black kitchen to be a popular, sophisticated design choice that can last for years in a home. With a black kitchen design, you can easily change the décor to reflect your changing tastes and moods, without the hassle of repainting the walls and cabinets. Black kitchen cabinet are a great choice for today’s busy homeowners.

These days, kitchens are being designed with more of a modern, Scandinavian sensibility, and that means lots of light wood and white wall. But that doesn’t mean that the darker element is dead.

Do black cabinets make a kitchen look small?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house. It’s where you do your cooking and where you have your family meals. Because of these two things, every homeowner wants their kitchen to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. This, however, is easier said than done. One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is to make their kitchen look small and cramped by painting the cabinets black. Well, you might be wondering why this is such a common mistake.

The answer is that a lot of homeowners don’t know that the black color cabinets make a kitchen look smaller. Black is a difficult color to work with, since it reflects and absorbs light in all directions. It can also make your kitchen look smaller than it really is.

Are black kitchen cabinets timeless?

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important design choices you’ll make in your home. Even if you’re not thinking about selling your place right now, choosing cabinets that are timeless can help you avoid any future regrets. Traditional, dark-colored cabinets have long been a popular choice for kitchens, and you’ll find these in kitchens all over the world.

In the United States, white kitchen ideas are a symbol of cleanliness and order. In smaller European kitchens, black cabinets provide a sense of spaciousness and warmth. That explains why black cabinetry came back in a big way, as homeowners sought ways to add warmth to their kitchens. Whether you’re a fan of black cabinetry or not, it’s hard to deny that black cabinets have made a comeback as the color of choice for home design. If you’re thinking of painting your own kitchen cabinets, you may be wondering if black is the right choice.

Black kitchen cabinets are the mainstay of many design professionals’ kitchens, but they aren’t the only option when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinetry. If you’re tired of black, or if you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen idea look more like a contemporary kitchen, you might want to consider replacing your black kitchen cabinets with a white cabinet, gray, or another color…even a blue kitchen.

Should cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

It’s a question that’s been debated in design circles for decades, and with good reason. If cabinets are lighter than the accent wall, such as a white cabinet, then they will visually recede into the background, creating a sense of airiness, and in a small space, making it look larger. On the other hand, dark cabinets which are darker than the walls, they will visually advance, making them the focal point in the room.

Should cabinets be darker than floor?

Is it best to match your cabinetry with your hardwood floors or go darker? There’s no one right answer for everyone, but you can always choose to create a contrasting look that works for you.

What color backsplash goes with black cabinets?

When it comes to great looking homes, there are a number of important factors: the kitchen cabinets, the flooring, and of course, the backsplash. The backsplash is an easy way to get a great looking design with minimal effort, and the choice of color can make or break the design of a kitchen. While it’s important to keep the color scheme of the room in mind when choosing the backsplash color, there are also a number of other factors to consider. Do you want the room to feel more intimate or do you want to contrast the black? There ae any number of color choices but each introduce their own element and interpretation.

When it comes to picking a backsplash, the options can seem virtually endless. From tile to stone, marble backsplash to black granite, wallpaper to paint, there are so many possibilities. The hardest part is deciding on a color. Some would argue that a backsplash doesn’t have to match the cabinets at all, and they would be right! However, if you want to create a look that will really tie the room together, you should aim to have fixtures and finishes around the room match.

How do you soften a black kitchen?

Black kitchens are trending right now, not only because of their sleek, sexy look, but because they are versatile, and can work well in nearly any design style.

If you are looking to ‘soften’ a black kitchen, the simple way is to introduce a softer wall color that doesn’t contrast as obviously as white. You can also introduce accessories which breaks the wall of black.

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