27+ Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas That Work

kitchen wall shelf ideas

Get inspired with our open kitchen shelving ideas…

It’s fair to say that kitchens are opening up with kitchen shelves in more demand. Finally, we are moving away from ceiling high cabinets and enclosed spaces. They make kitchens feel cramped and much smaller spaces than they actually are. Simply putting a few shelves in place of cabinets can change the dynamics and create a feeling of more space. There is an appearance of more light and shelves do a great job of breaking lines. In this post, we will look at some great open kitchen shelving ideas.

open kitchen shelving ideas
Open kitchen shelving ideas

Check out our kitchen wall shelf ideas below…

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What do you put in open kitchen shelves?

Open kitchen shelves essentially have two different purposes. They can be purely decorative…placing carefully selected pieces to deliver a certain image, or they can be functional. Basically, anything you would have placed in a cabinet is on display on the shelf. Generally, commonly used items like cups and plates are perfect for a shelf as they offer easy access.

Are open shelves still in style?

Not only are they in style, they will stay in style too. They offer so many benefits that its hard to see how and why they would fall out of favor. They give a feeling of space and are very functional. They will remain in style and are here to stay.

Is open shelving a fad?

Open shelving is gaining in popularity due to the many benefits. It is much cheaper to buy shelving than it is to cover a wall in units. Aside from the cost aspects, the functional benefits are many. This is why open shelving cannot be considered a fad or a passing trend.

Are open shelves cheaper than cabinets?

Open shelves are much cheaper than cabinets. When you compare the cost of a shelf against a cabinet unit, the door and and fittings, you see that there is a big difference.

How do you keep open shelves dust free?

It’s not possible to keep them dust free, they will always attract dust. The key is to keep on top of the cleaning. The shelf and the contents should be dusted at least every two weeks, and everything removed and cleaned on a monthly basis.

How deep should open kitchen shelves be?

It is generally accepted that there should be at least 10 to 12 inches between shelves.

How thick should Wood be for shelves?

Generally, the wood should be at least 3/4 inches thick for shelves.

Hopefully, these open kitchen shelving ideas give you something to think about. As you can see from the images, it can really change the dynamics of the kitchen. It introduces more light and creates a feeling of more space. It’s not just a fad or a trend either, open shelves are here to stay so start planning with confidence.

open kitchen shelving ideas
Open kitchen shelving ideas

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