Blue, Gold & Grey Color Inspiration

blue gold and grey color inspiration
blue gold and grey color scheme
Blue gold and grey color scheme

From left to right

  1. #232932
  2. #c8c8cb
  3. #79797a
  4. #374251
  5. #ac9476

If you ever thought that blue, gold and grey as a color combination was to gloomy and dark, think again. As this inspirational image shows, this color palette can deliver exceptional results. A scene that delivers a decadent vibe, rich and full of depth.

The range of blues can all create different perspectives. However, a dark navy blue is a rich color which works well with other colors, especially gold and grey as this image wonderfully highlights.

The gold color works beautifully as an accent color. It adds a touch of elegance and class, while wonderfully breaking up the scene and drawing the eye.

The grey color works very well to offset the dark blues, it creates a wonderful contrast that compliments rather than separates. Put the color combination together, you get a very rich color scheme that delivers high end results. If you are considering a grey, consider these coral and grey color ideas.

blue gold and grey color scheme
Blue gold and grey color scheme

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