21+ Grey and White Kitchen Ideas That Impress

Grey and White Kitchen Ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful grey and white kitchen ideas

Kitchen colors are always a hotly debated topic, and no color inspires more opinion than grey. To some, it is a dour color that is difficult to integrate with other color schemes. For others, it is the height of cool, a trendy color that gives of a cool minimalism vibe. Whatever your opinion, you have to agree that when done right, it delivers a fantastic, premium feel. In this post, we will consider grey and white kitchen ideas, showcasing some wonderful examples below.

Grey and white kitchens have been in style for some time now and for good reason, they deliver a great style with little effort. It’s the mix of the two colors that make them attractive, if you were to take the kitchens individually, they lack a little character. White kitchens can look a little plain, grey kitchens on their own can look too dark. However, when combining the two in a two tone kitchen cabinet style, you have a winning combination.

However, having said that, there are real benefits of a grey kitchen. Although a grey kitchen might not be your first choice nor the obvious choice, there are some fantastic arguments in favor of this shade. The grey color has flexibility that is a real bonus factor. The ability of a grey kitchen to blend into almost any décor, and not clash with the remainder of the room is a real bonus.  A grey kitchen can make a space look larger, since it will have fewer sharp contrasts in comparison to kitchens that use more obvious colors.

Let’s consider the possibility of using grey and white together. Over the years, they have formed a classic combination that has been a mainstay in home décor for many years. Although you may not think it, grey is everywhere. It is particularly found in wood tones and often used all over your home. The color white is frequently used as it reflects the light and gives the feeling of space. Both the colors have a neutral tone which makes it perfect as a base color. Used together, they give off a very relaxing vibe, a great starting point to build upon. It’s the reason why they work so well in a modern kitchen setting.

You should consider the shape of the kitchen before you consider the colors. Do you have a galley kitchen that is long and thin? This will impact your design choices differently than if you had a square kitchen space with a kitchen island? Gray kitchen cabinets work well in most cases, especially as base gray cabinets.

How do you make a grey and white kitchen interior feel warm? The first thing to establish is whether you actually need it to look warm. Much of the design trend is heading towards a minimalist look, which by its nature looks a little cold. If you do want a warmer look, then there a few areas you can consider.

The actual materials of the cabinet doors can make a big difference. We know that texture makes things look softer which in turn, makes it warmer. Even concrete kitchens can look warmer because of the texture. Cold looking materials like high gloss can feel very sterile. The flooring is a key one. A lighter colored flooring lifts the room and gives the feeling of more space. Interestingly, a gray floor that is a lighter color, adds a nice combination to the darker colors above it.

The use of accent colors is one of the simplest and cheapest methods of making your kitchen design look warmer. It can highlight certain areas, as well as breaking up a wall of flat colors. It’s this trick of the eye that makes it work so well. Often, you will see examples of a white kitchen cabinet above which sits on a gray walls.

Consider the color of the kitchen backsplash tile, whether it is a subway tile or otherwise, they color change can help ‘lift’ the kitchen. The tile backsplash material can really make a difference. For example, a marble backsplash or marble countertop has the texture that breaks up the surface and leads the eye. The same principle applies to the countertop. A granite countertop or a wooden countertop, both have texture details that break up space.

The kitchen counter is also related to this, the color matters. For example, if your base cabinetry is grey, consider a white countertop. This adds a nice contrast that breaks of the darker block of color.

As well as color, consider the natural light available to you. This may mean that you have to consider the blinds or curtains, as well as removing any objects that restrict the light.

So, let’s consider some examples below that give you some wonderful examples of grey and white kitchen ideas.

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White and Grey Kitchen Ideas
White and Grey Kitchen Ideas

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I hope you enjoyed these images of grey and white kitchen ideas. Grey kitchen shaker cabinets are all the rage but are they too trendy?  The grey cabinet is the color of choice for the year and it continues its popularity. The color gray, especially when matched with white, gives a very chic look that few other color combinations can match.

Grey and white are both neutral colors and are also considered classic colors. The elegance a chicness they deliver is wonderful. They work well with most kitchen designs and can often lead to stunning spaces. So, when you are considering your kitchen idea, grey cabinetry with a white cabinet may be just right for your space.

Grey and White Kitchen Design Ideas
Grey and White Kitchen Design Ideas

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