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teen boy bedroom ideas

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Nightmare…a commonly associated word when it comes to redecorating a teenage boy’s bedroom. Whether it is something you are doing yourself, or letting the little boy run free with his creativity, there is plenty to think about. In this post, I will briefly highlight some of the bedroom design issues to think about and provide some teen boy bedroom ideas.

Let us first understand the role of a teenage boy’s bedroom. It is a safe haven, somewhere to get away from it all…a sanctuary of sorts. A teenage bedroom is somewhere to relax in solitude or with friends, but there is also a more serious aspect.

A teen bedroom idea also needs to be a place of study, where focus can be achieved. Therefore, a quite corner with little distractions, furniture like floating shelves, a desk and chair would be ideal.

Flexibility is also desirable. Your teenager’s tastes will change very quickly. What was perfectly acceptable only a few months ago is now considered utterly horrific only a few months later. You have to expect this, so it’s always best to prepare. The best way you can do this is to ensure the teen boy’s room base colors can survive the changes.

This way, you can change up the furnishings and posters without having to redecorate the whole room.

So, how do you add personality to a teenager’s room?

There a number of ways for a room to reflect personality. The great way is to display your teenager’s interests. Whether this is an interest in space , collection of skate boards or memorabilia from a sports team. The content should relate directly to their interests and tell a story. A teenage boys room reflects their personality.

Create highlight colors…

The use of color in your teen boy’s bedroom is another way to freshen up the look, especially using highlight colors. If you follow this route, then changing up the room is simple…simply swap the accent wall colors, you have a fresh new look at little cost. White walls have their uses, they can set a base color to add further design aspects like a wall sticker, wall decor or a gallery wall too.

Unique artwork…

Alternatively, let your teenager run wild. Leave the room makeover up to them to do. You never quite know the room design you will end up with…but you might be surprised with your boys’ room…you might not. Graffiti art is highly desired, unique and very individual. Although you can now buy vinyl graffiti art stickers and wallpaper, hiring a local artist may be another option. They probably aren’t as expensive as you might think.

Create zones…

A relatively new development is the creation of rooms within rooms. If you have a large teen boys’ bedroom, you may be able to section of the rooms into different zones. This creates the ability to separate work and play without distractions all around. The sleep and relaxation area where the bed frame or bunk bed, or gaming area is, can be highly creative, whilst the study area can be very sober. A small room needs even more thought.

Whatever options you choose with your modern bedroom makeover, one thing is for sure…consult, consult…and consult some more. Like every teenage boy on earth, they have their opinions. It’s cheaper, quicker…and less frustrating to let them have a huge input to their requirements for their teen’s bedroom decor.

So, with that in mind, lets run through some teen boy bedroom ideas and images;

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Teen boys bedroom ideas

teen boys room decorating
Teen boys room decorating
teenage guys room
Teenage guys room – Source: Pinterest
teenage guys room design
teenage guys room design – Source; Photos by Kaity
teenage boys room ideas
teenage boys room ideas – Source: Young Folk
teenage boy room
teenage boy room
teenage boy room ideas
teenage boy room ideas
teenage bedroom ideas boy
teenage bedroom ideas boy – Source: Cote De Texas
teen boys rooms
teen boys rooms
teen boys room
teen boys room – Urbanology designs
teen boys room design
teen boys room design – Source: Valspar
teen boys bedroom ideas
teen boys bedroom ideas – Source: Meritage Homes

teen boys room decorating

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teen boys bedroom designs
teen boys bedroom designs – Source: Trade Mart Interiors
teen boys bedroom design
teen boys bedroom design
teen boy room
teen boy room – Source: Pinterest
teen boy room design
teen boy room design – Source: KBI Interior Design Studios
room ideas for teenage guys
room ideas for teenage guys
modern teen boy room
modern teen boy room – Source: Turnstyle Design
modern boys room
modern boys room – Source: Mary Prince Photography
modern boys bedroom
modern boys bedroom – Source: Singlepoint Design Build Inc.
modern boy rooms
modern boy rooms – Source: Pinterest
cool teen boy rooms
cool teen boy rooms – Source: Decoria
boys teenagers bedroom ideas
boys teenagers bedroom ideas – Source: TRG Architects

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boys teenage rooms
boys teenage rooms – Source: Pinterest
boys teen rooms
boys teen rooms
boy teenager room
boy teenager room
teen boy bedroom ideas
Teen boy bedroom ideas
boy teenage room
boy teenage room – Source: Prizant Design LLC
boy teenage room ideas
boy teenage room ideas – Source: Theivorylane.com
boy teen room
boy teen room – Source: Jay Jeffers
bedroom ideas for teenage guys
bedroom ideas for teenage guys – Source: Dennis Mayer Photography
awesome boy bedroom ideas
awesome boy bedroom ideas – Source: Pinterest
teenage guys rooms
teenage guys rooms – Source: Pinterest

I hope you find these teen boy bedroom ideas inspiring and a basis for some inspiration. As you will have seen, there are a number of aspects to a teen room. Each needing plenty of consideration. A teenager’s bedroom is their sanctuary…regardless of whether your kid is a teen boy or teenage girl.

As with most ideas, it is better to create a design board where you can collect your ideas, It will allow you to visualize and hopefully, avoid costly mistakes. As always, please feel free to pin these images on your Pinterest board.

teen boys room decorating
Teen boys room decorating

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