21+ Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas…from Budget to Luxury

farmhouse kitchen Ideas

Get inspired with our farmhouse kitchen design ideas

Farmhouse kitchen design is making a come back. Gone are the days of drab design that looked aged and tired. These days, the mix of classic traditional design with modern touches adds a sense of individuality and timeless style.

Do you need to have a huge kitchen to pull off this style? No, is the simple answer. This style is all about the ethos…the energy. Farmhouse kitchen ideas are about making the kitchen the central room of the house. There is no minimalism here…everything that is functional is on display, but with plenty of storage solutions for things that aren’t.

The look is relatively easy to pull off too. With the right cabinet style, paintwork and finishing touches, you to can recreate the farmhouse lifestyle.

The cabinet style is important to give the correct farmhouse look. Often referred to as ‘shaker’ cabinets, these have an inset and reflect the traditional style. Natural wood are the more traditional color too, albeit styles are changing, as you see in the images below.

There is much more use of contemporary colors like grey, that signal towards a modern outlook whilst retaining the traditional style.

Most people will opt for a kitchen island too. This is the business end of the kitchen where most the activity is done. In most cases, the countertops are a natural wood, but we are also seeing more and more granite countertops. These granite worktops tend to be a very light color such as a patterned white granite.

If budget is a consideration, a cheaper way to recreate the look is to switch out the existing handles on your kitchen doors to a more traditional style. I have seen this done very successfully, a little pit of paint and you have a completely ‘new’ kitchen.

Another quick win when putting together farmhouse kitchen ideas, is to consider the lighting. A popular way to do this is using farmhouse lantern lights. Theses lanterns have a more rustic look that gives a sense of history. It is actually relatively cheap to change out your existing light fittings , so this is a a great way to change a look quickly.

We have discussed kitchen cabinets, worktop counters and lighting, the final aspect to consider is the sink and tap choices. If you want a traditional look, opt for a Belfast sink.

These are a historical design that show the ceramic side down the front. They are beautiful sinks that really stand out. In terms of farmhouse style taps, they best style to choose is a rustic, traditional style. Put them together with the traditional sink, you have a lovely corner of the room that shouts ‘farmhouse’ goodness.

Below are a number of farmhouse kitchen decor ideas that should get your mind ticking over. Take a look through them and ask yourself what you like about each of them.

source: wren kitchens

The cabinets are very traditional here, in a more modern setting. This lovely kitchen, gives a modern dynamic to a historical look. The kitchen island is very functional, the eye is definitely drawn to the butchers block in a contrasting color.

Farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget; source: futurian

This would represent the dream to some homeowners. The classic cabinets and drawer fronts are painted in modern colors with traditional handles. The lovely white granite countertops are delicious and really make the room ‘pop’. The eyes are drawn to the lantern lights which are not too imposing. Overall, this kitchen really espouses the ‘kitchen is the main room’ ethos.

Farmhouse kitchen design ideas: source: wren kitchens

This is a very modern representation of the classic farmhouse kitchen. The very modern choice of cabinet colors is complemented with a much lighter countertop. This kitchen ticks a lot of the ‘farmhouse look’ tick boxes….shaker cabinets, lantern lights, traditional hardware, rustic tap…a lovely representation of a traditional look in the modern era.

farmhouse kitchen photos: source: jeanne campana design

You have to love the lighting in this farmhouse kitchen. Bright, airy…it really represents a calm environment. The wood paneled walls are a nice touch in a kitchen that recreates the rustic look. The cabinets are a lovely duck egg blue with traditional door pulls, matching the detailed tiles on the backslash. The lantern lights are very interesting too, as well as the traditional Belfast sink and tap.

farmhouse kitchen designs photos, source: Lakes region Home

Wow! Where do i start with this stunning kitchen. I have to say that this is a bold design choice that has paid of handsomely for this kitchen owner. This farmhouse kitchen is a dream. Highly individual, rustic and full of design details that really deliver a jolt to the senses. I absolutely love the ceiling…giving such a natural feel. The cabinets are relatively simple, painted in a bold color. Everything is pretty standard is some respects, it is the vision and detailing that take this to another level. There is a lot to learn here to inject some personality into your farmhouse kitchen.

source: lmk interiors

Another lovely space that is perfect as the core of the home, it would also make a great entertaining space. I really love how the kitchen island is the center of this kitchen. Another point to note is the different colors of the cabinets, i count three colors which complement each other perfectly.

small farmhouse kitchen ideas, SOURCE: JEANNE CAMPANA DESIGN

An excellent example of a small farmhouse kitchen. I love how the bright white cabinets really reflect the light, with the gold hardware really creating a premium look. The splash of color is introduced with the plants and accessories.

images of modern farmhouse kitchen, source: Modern organic interiors

Very stylish indeed, this represents a fine example of a farmhouse kitchen. I cleverly blends the old with the new. The cabinets and styling are classic looks, with the introduction of more modern aspects, like the faucet and cooker hood. It just goes to show that you can recreate the look, without having to tick every box.

rustic farmhouse kitchen design ideas, source: home made lovely

I absolutely love this little farmhouse kitchen. It is so simple and yet delivers style in abundance. I really like the fact that everything is on display, a fully used kitchen. There is no minimalism here…just a lovely functional space

modern farmhouse kitchen design ideas, source: pennville cabinetry

A great example of new meeting old. The retro shaker cabinets are complemented with modern hardware. The metro tiled back splashes are a lovely modern touch which really draw out the blend. The stools are amazing too. a very industrial look that adds a touch of color.

interior design ideas farmhouse kitchen, source: advanced design studio

I suspect that this is a dream for most people. This farmhouse design photo is so beautiful. It clearly is a space where you would happily spend the day. Old school cabinets and hardware, with a delicious kitchen island. Throw in the old farmhouse touches like the tray and stools, you have a very creative vision realized.

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farmhouse style kitchen images, SOURCE: JEANNE CAMPANA DESIGN

A bright and airy design in a very traditional style. It is very functional in design, yet it works. The cabinets are obviously custom made, as they reach the ceiling making the most of the space available.

small farmhouse kitchen design ideas, source: dyer photo

Exposed beams, traditional oak flooring…lots a light. This is a delightful example of a traditional farmhouse kitchen in a modern context.

farmhouse kitchen design ideas, SOURCE: JEANNE CAMPANA DESIGN

Some great examples of design here. I particularly want to draw your eye to the way they use several materials to shift the dynamics within the room. Clearly, the room looks like it is a focal point of the home. i love how the kitchen table is part of core of the kitchen.

small farmhouse kitchen photos, source: maison maison antiques

This kitchen just shouts personality…and it has it in droves. We cant really miss the kitchen island with its very ‘individual’ look. Almost like it was put there first, with the rest of the kitchen designed around it. I particularly like how the relatively modern colors of the cabinet allow the kitchen island in this farmhouse kitchen to really shine.

farmhouse kitchen designs photos, source: Dalgleish

An absolutely divine farmhouse kitchen setting. I particularly like how the colors interact with each other. The dark brown kitchen island really delivers a rustic look while keeping it it the focal point. The exposed beams are delightful and just look at the height of those ceilings! The metal structure to display pans and the lighting is very cleverly done too.

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source: futurian

Judging my the number of stools, i suspect that is is the focal point of the home…as well as a great entertaining space. The granite countertops sit very well on the traditional farmhouse cabinets. I particularly like how the hanging lights have a very industrial feel to them. All in all, this is a great example of a traditional kitchen within a modern setting.

source: peter salerno inc

This is a very traditional home with a very traditional farmhouse kitchen. Clearly a space that is important to the dynamic of the home, i love how welcoming it feels. There is so much warmth in this image…a place to feel welcomed.

source: Pallensmith

Lights…lots of them. There is a real simplicity to this kitchen, i really like how it is fuss free…simple design that is well executed. As you can see that most things are exposed and not hidden away in cupboards, it allows the eye to roam, picking up interesting aspects to your life. It really captures the heart of the home.

source: futurian

You have to admire the sheer amount of space in this kitchen…and this farmhouse styled kitchen really fills it well. I particularly love the kitchen island that really focuses the eye. Complemented with some great retro stools, it really creates an impact. The cabinets themselves, have a more updated look, but elements within this kitchen leave you with no doubt where the inspiration comes from.

source: cuppett architects

I am in love with this kitchen. The simplicity speaks volumes here. The huge windows deliver so much light, they absolutely made the right decision not to try and fit wall cabinets into this space. Every aspect of this kitchen is well thought out, from the shelf that runs the length of the kitchen to the wall lights. I really like the color of the traditional farmhouse cabinets, with so much light available, they have gone dark with great effect. All in all, this is such a lovely space.

I hope that these farmhouse kitchen ideas give you a sense of what you need to achieve your desired look. Remember, that these are aspirational images. To recreate a look, you simply need to focus of key aspects to signal towards that look. Whether it is the cabinets or door handles, a few key details will set you on your way to the kitchen you have dreamed of.

farmhouse kitchen design
farmhouse kitchen design

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