11+ Lantern Kitchen Lights Ideas to Inspire You

kitchen lantern light

These hanging lantern lights for kitchen will give you a whole new look

Lantern lights are amazing additions to any kitchen. Regardless of the kitchen style you go for, a lantern light can really set it off perfectly. It adds character and can really add a wow factor.

If you are simply looking to update your kitchen, sometimes the mere addition of good lighting can change the feel of a kitchen. They can change the mood, increase the light available or simply, make a great design statement.

The cost, probably not as expensive as you think…certainly, a lot less than a new kitchen! There is no shortage of options…but here are some examples to help you on your way.

source: wayfair

These lights by Wayfair are simply delicious. A premium look, they are rather imposing…but with great effect. The cage like structure holds five lights and provides plenty of lighting. This is the kind of kitchen lantern light that can totally transform the look of a kitchen.

source: pinterest

Classy….very very classy. Very understated but simply beautiful. These kitchen lanterns are made from glass and hang from the ceiling in single units. Add as many as you like depending on the size of the kitchen. They are perfect for kitchen islands…understated to prevent the distraction from your lovely kitchen.

source: pinterest

A vintage look from these kitchen lanterns, these provide a very retro look and feel…almost like they are timeless classics. They would be perfect for a farmhouse kitchen style.

source: dering hall

These kitchen lantern lights are a show stopper, you cannot miss these beauties. A simply stunning silhouette that almost resembles traditional north African lanterns. The illumination itself, would be very focused so in a sense, they are a secondary lighting source…but what a stylish way to do it.

source: dering hall

Imposing…there is no missing these. A thing of beauty, they would grace any kitchen…from traditional farmhouse to ultra modern. It is this kind of flexible design that makes this kitchen lantern stand out.

source: dering hall

Strong, rugged and dare i say it…very manly…if that is even possible. These industrial looking kitchen lanterns offer strong, functional design. Simple, fuss free looks that look like they could last 100 years.

source: physac

These premium glass blown kitchen lanterns are so elegant…absolutely stunning design. They will illuminate any kitchen in more ways than one. Flexible in design too, they would sit happily in most kitchens. However, given the design, i think they are perfect for a very modern kitchen.

source: pinterest

These kitchen lantern lights resemble an old London lamppost…but it works. Very traditional in design, they are obviously suited to a more traditional looking environment.

source: dering hall

If you are looking for something a little more modern, this is the thing for you. There LED lights are ultra slim and very efficient…yet give out more light than traditional lanterns. They are especially desirable if you dont want the focus taking away from your ultra modern kitchen. I think they would look stunning in a concrete kitchen.

source: pinterest

Glamorous is the word to describe these…and perfect for this setting. Very glam indeed, they match other furnishings to give an integrated look.

source: wayfair

Silver and glass, this style would work well in most kitchens. They are almost retro in design, yet offer plenty of light with the glass construction. I would say they are versatile enough to sit in most kitchens.

This concludes the lantern kitchen lights images post, designed to introduce you to various styles. As you know, it is important to get the decision right…that decision needs to be made based on other factors such as the existing kitchen design. Mistakes are made when people choose designs because they like them, rather than the environment they will sit in.

lantern light kitchen
Lantern light kitchen

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