33+ Green and White Kitchen Ideas That Totally Pop

green and white kitchen ideas

Get Inspired with these green and white kitchen ideas

We all know that kitchen colors are a very personal choice. In most cases, people stick with a single color to avoid any risks. However, for those willing to take the risk, complimenting colors can be a big pay off to create an ideal home. They can look stunning. In this post, we take a look at green and white kitchen ideas that really inspire. 

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The first question that needs to be asked is whether these are colors that complement each other. The good news is that green and white shade are opposite each other on the color chart, which means they offer a great contrast. These complimentary colors can offer a wonderfully refreshing feel that is pleasing to the eye. 

Whether you opt for a modern kitchen or prefer a more traditional style, this color combination can work just as well. As you will see in the images below, they create a good contrast and balance each other. However, the key is balance and as you can see from the images below, these people have got it just right. 

What aspects of the kitchen do i choose to color?

There are a few options when it comes to kitchen design. When you start to design your kitchen, these aspects need to be considered. If you’re not sure where to start, consider these;

  • Cabinets – The most obvious of aspects to consider is the cabinetry. With this color combination, most people opt with a green cabinet choice. Obviously, there are a whole host of choices when it comes to the color green, from sage green, olive green, lime green, mint green, teal green kitchen…all the way to dark green kitchen cabinets. In terms of trends, a more traditional kitchen cabinet tends to be a lighter green, whereas a darker green works well with a modern kitchen. A kitchen island is often used in a contrasting color. Another option is to consider two tone cabinets, for example using a green color on the base with white cabinets used as wall cabinets. 
  • Countertops – In the vast majority of cases, they tend to be white when placed in a white and green kitchen. Whether they are made from granite, marble countertop, concrete or stone, they can look great. There are some drawbacks to a white countertop such as staining…but visually, they can look stunning. 
  • Flooring – The flooring is often overlooked but it can really help in complementing your new kitchen. Contrast is very important here as you don’t want it to detract rom the cabinets. In many cases, people choose a wood effect which goes very well with a green kitchen
  • Walls and decor – The points here are similar to the flooring. The kitchen wall decor needs to contrast with the kitchen cabinets and surfaces. This contrast balances the picture of the kitchen. Keeping them a similar means you end up with a ‘block’ of color. It is important to use paint color swatches and mood boards to get the color just right. A white wall can work in the right circumstances.
  • Backsplashes – Most people simply tile their backsplashes. However, we are increasingly seeing more innovative use of material, from plastics to stone, tile to copper backsplashesWood backsplashes are very popular at the moment and as you see in the images below, they can make a fantastic addition. Given that they are relatively expensive, take your time to consider what will work best in your kitchen. 
  • Furniture – Introducing color through furniture is a great way to introduce color into a kitchen at low cost…and low risk. In these circumstances, many will choose a white kitchen that acts as a base. Color is then introduced on top of it. This has the advantage of being changed quickly and easily. More often than not, color is introduced through accessories, blinds and chairs. 

Let’s take a look at some great examples of green and white kitchen design ideas. Can these help inspire your dream kitchen? 

green and white kitchen
green and white kitchen

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Get inspired with these white and green kitchen ideas…

white kitchen with black countertop and green backsplash ideas

The flooring and chairs really contrast with the cabinets. The white walls really help focus the cabinet color.

white and green kitchen ideas with black range

The wall color sets off the cabinet colors perfectly. The two tone effect works very well with a kitchen island.

white and green kitchen idea

Add a splash of color to really make your base color pop.

white and green kitchen designs

An interesting choice of backsplash but it seems to work!

white and green color kitchen cabinets painting ideas

Another two tone kitchen effect that woks very well. A kitchen island is perfectly suited to this set up.

white and green chicken wire cabinet kitchen ideas

A basic kitchen in terms of style, but you can see how contrasting colors with the base and wall cabinets, really work well.

white and green and tan kitchen ideas

Probably my favorite kitchen here. The simplicity of the colors with the detail of the countertops really inspires me.

sage green and white kitchen ideas

A sage green kitchen with a white contrasting counter. The gold handles add a touch of class.

pictures of kitchen ideas with green and brown and white colors

A wonderful kitchen that is bright as well as totally inspiring. I love the way that these colors complement each other.

lime green and white kitchen ideas

I love the way that the split levels really make this kitchen pop. This clean and minimilistic design really works with these colors.

kitchen with white cabinets and green backsplash ideas

A busy kitchen! but you can see the wonderful kitchen island color that works really well with the natural color of the wood with gold.

kitchen ideas with mint green backsplash and white cabinets

The backsplash is where the interest is added. Using a plain white kitchen can work when you have an interesting backdrop.

kitchen ideas white and green and gray

Propably one of the more interesting images, this kitchen seems to create plenty of texture. An interesting choice of colors that use both gloss and matte surfaces.

kitchen ideas in white and green
kitchen ideas green and white
kitchen design ideas modern white and green
kitchen decorating ideas for a green walls kitchen and white cabinets
ite and green kitchen inspiration
ite and green kitchen designs
ite and green kitchen design
ite and green kitchen design ideas
green and white kitchen table ideas
green and white kitchen inspiration
green and white kitchen idea

Add a rug into the kitchen to add a pop of color while introducing some interesting designs.

green and white kitchen designs
green and white kitchen design
green and white kitchen design inspiration
green and white kitchen decorations ideas

Introducing plants and wallpaper for greenery really works in this kitchen, matching the colors of the units.

gray white and green kitchen ideas
fresh green and white kitchen ideas

What a stylish kitchen here, the natural looking furniture really compliments the green of the kitchen units.

black white and green kitchen ideas

These green and white kitchen ideas will certainly open your eyes to the possibilities. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing this pot with your friends on social media.

white and green kitchen ideas
white and green kitchen ideas

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