Grey Color Inspiration

grey color
grey color palette
Grey color inspiration

From right to left

  1. #43454d
  2. #8896a2
  3. #696a6e
  4. #1f222d
  5. #c8d0d5

This gray color inspiration image does a great job in showcasing how subtle changes in the gray color, can yield great results. The range of gray tones means that you don’t end up with a bland scene, in fact, i would go so far as to say that it is a dynamic color scheme. As far as bedrooms go, people tend to stay away from gray believing that it is a bland color without life. I would disagree with that view, i think when done well, it is a great bedroom color scheme…calm yet full of texture and personality. Take a look at these coral and grey color schemes.

grey color scheme
Grey color palette

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