The Perfect Guest Retreat: 27+ Guest Bedroom Ideas for a Great Stay

guest bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these fantastic guest bedroom ideas…

Creating an inviting space is a must if you have an overnight guest staying over. Turning the spare bedroom into a guest space where they can relax is the aim for most homeowners. In this post, we take a look at guest bedroom ideas, and introduce some decorating ideas that take a spare room into a perfect guest room. 

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There are two aspects that need to be considered. The first is the position that an interior designer may take. Secondly, we need to consider the guest room design from a usability perspective. 

The first place to start is the guest bed. Comfort is a must, so this is not the place to save some money on the mattress. A comfortable bed will be commented upon. A sturdy bed frame and an extra pillow or two will be appreciated. 

Another aspect to consider is storage space. This might be in the form of a wardrobe, walk in closet, or even shelving. However, other pieces of furniture like a bedside table, or luggage rack will be appreciated. All these aspects need to be considered in your bedroom decor ideas. Consider making your home decor a little more homely…add fresh flowers, tea making facilities, and a snack basket. 

Take a look at these fantastic guest bedroom ideas that will help take your design ideas to a new level. 

guest bedroom ideas
Guest bedroom ideas

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Check out some of these classic guest bedroom ideas…

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These guest bedroom ideas should really showcase all the possibilities open to you. Remember, you need to create a space that reflects your personality, whilst also creating a relaxing ‘zen‘ environment. I hope you liked these images, please consider sharing your favorite ones on your social media.

classic guest bedrooms
Classic guest bedrooms

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