21+ Basement Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Happy

basement bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with our basement bedroom ideas

In this post, we take a look at some basement bedroom ideas. The basement space in a home is a very popular topic at the moment, making effective use of the space is priority for many people. Especially given the cost of property these days, making best use of your space is a priority. 

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Many people move because they need an extra bedroom. Why not defy conventions and put it in the bedroom? Basement bedrooms are perfect as a guest room, and even a teenagers bedroom…basically, they are out of the way. 

Your current basement…

A basement idea is all that is needed to get that creativity flowing. More often than not, a dark basement is not easy to visualise…but with an imagination, it might make the perfect master bedroom! A finished basement remodel may not be cheap, but it will certainly add value to your property. You are essentially creating useable living space with a basement renovation. 

Creating basement room ideas…

It is one of the more difficult home decor areas for an interior designer. Looking at the positives, an unfinished basement is a blank canvas…the basement room is there to be created!

Consider the current lighting. You may have a basement window which provides sufficient light. If not, consider low voltage recessed lighting and floor lamps to compensate. 

In terms of decor, consider light colors for your basement walls. There are a huge range of paint colors available, so choice is not an issue. The height of the basement ceiling may be an issue, if you can stand up straight, it should be enough. 

Other areas that need thought is the flooring, and the insulation required. Consult a professional to get a good overview of what is required. 

One thing is for sure, you will value the extra storage space!  Potentially, other basement design ideas include a home office, family room, home theater room, game room, living room, sewing room, or a craft room. Much of this will depend on the square footage, and you should be conscious of the building code. 

You might also be interested in this related post on a basement bathroom idea. Let’s take a look at some great basement bedroom ideas. 

basement bedroom ideas

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Turning basement into bedroom…check out these examples…

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These basement guest room ideas should really inspire you…

I hope that these basement bedroom ideas have given you some ideas to incorporate in to your design ideas. Your basement is like a blank canvas, get creative and have fun!

basement bedroom
Basement bedroom

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