17+ Industrial Nightstand Ideas That Totally Rock!

industrial nightstand

Get Inspired with these industrial nightstand ideas…

We all know that a bedside table is a necessity in most bedrooms. What if your bedroom design is more industrial? In this post, we take a look at industrial nightstand ideas that have a big impact. Many of these examples are custom creations hat have been recycled and up-cycled.

They don’t need to be perfect, in fact, their rustic appearance in some ways gives it their beauty. In the right setting, they can look stunning.

Take a look at these wonderful examples that showcase what can be achieved.

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industrial nightstand diy
industrial nightstand diy

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Get inspired with these industrial nightstand DIY style ideas…

upcycled nightstand ideas

Simple to create and effective. Simply create a box and purchase these metal legs on market places like Ebay. It might not look the prettiest…but it doesn’t have to be. Brutal industrial effectiveness is the end result here.

shanty to chic

This tall nightstand is a versatile piece of furniture that has a multitude of uses. Perfectly suited to the living room as an end table, just as much as the bedroom. With an antique wood construction, with a metal stand, this is quality design.

rustic industrial nightstand

A result of an up cycle, you can see the unique nature of this mid century modern nightstand. As you can see, this material is sourced from several different pieces of furniture to combine in to a great design.

nightstand ideas diy

You may think there is something wrong here…but fear not. It’s meant to look like this. Rustic and earthy. This design highlights the age of the bedside table. Wood with a drawer, this rustic industrial style really works.

metal piping for furniture

Industrial nightstands don’t always have to be reclaimed. This is actually a new item that is designed to look aged and from another era. The metal frame style with the wood really gives it a solid feel.

metal night stand

Solid and homemade, simple nail a box together and screw in some commonly available legs. It couldn’t be simpler…but it does a job!

industrial style nightstand

Another industrial style that works well because of the simplicity. These metal frame legs are commonly available and look fantastic in most settings.

industrial nightstands

On the premium end, this unique piece is a beautifully designed nightstand that really impresses. This progressive furniture is possibly recycled from a metal cupboard, it really works in this setting.

industrial nightstand 1

A metal table can easily double up as a basic nightstand. The simple leg structure with a solid wood table top works well here. Perfect for a small space.

industrial night stands

Another example of a simple table doubling up as an industrial style nightstand. This wood nightstand has the dimensions that accommodate a table lamp as well as other items.

industrial night stand

A metal filing cabinet transformed into an industrial nightstand. Simple yet effective, they aren’t for everybody. But, wit the right accessories and wall decor, it can work really well.

industrial metal nightstand
diy rustic industrial furniture

A recycled metal drawer that has been repurposed into an industrial nightstand. It works really well with aged wooden legs. The aged look of the metal really helps with the look to create a unique piece. Paired up with a metal bed frame, it creates a great look.

diy industrial nightstand

Simply some filing cabinets from a workshop, they are perfect to be cleaned up into a bedside table. Simple and effective design at work.

diy industrial furniture projects

Create something unique with a little imagination. These metal boxes have been fashioned into a unique piece of furniture that really delivers an impact. Solid and robust, these will stand the test of time. Industrial nightstand design at its best.

Take a look at these floating nightstand ideas, as well as these IKEA nightstand ideas.

I hope that these industrial nightstand ideas have impressed you and helped develop your design ideas. What would you create?

pipe nightstand
pipe nightstand

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