33+ Guitar Room Ideas That Hit The Right Note

guitar room ideas

Get Inspired with these guitar room ideas…

Guitar room ideas are very subjective. For some, they are are room to simply store your guitars. For others, They are much more than that. It is a space to relax, a space to create, a space to innovate, a space to practice, a space to record…only then is it a space to store your guitars and equipment.

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What makes a good guitar room? Let’s take a look at the aesthetics first. Ultimately, it is a creative space, therefore inspiring images are the order of the day. The music room decor can include posters, original artwork and murals.

The single most important aspect is the storage. Guitars are expensive, therefore you need to store them in a way that minimises the risk of damage. You also have other storage aspects to consider, like amplifiers and stands. Seating is another aspect. Since this is a room to relax and get creative, seating is vital.

There are a whole host of aspects that you could consider, from decor to soundproofing. You will see from the images, there is plenty to consider. Study them carefully to see what aspects you can copy. Let’s take a look at some real life guitar room ideas.

bedroom guitar room ideas
Bedroom guitar room ideas

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Take a look at these bedroom guitar room ideas…

office guitar room ideas

A stacked music studio…

With all these amplifiers, you ll need to consider your space. The hanging guitars and stacked storage is a nice idea. As far as the room color is concerned, it is probably the original decor but the green plant is a nice touch.

music room decor ideas guitar picks

Music room ideas that are a guitarists dream…

This really is the dream for many acoustic guitar players. This collection of instruments is amazing. The monochrome image of Hendrix is inspired…but there are a whole host of characters and personalities that you can consider…guitarist Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, Pete Townshend, and from the legendary British rock group, Rolling Stone Keith Richards.

ideas for guitar room

Picture perfect decor…

Clearly, these framed guitars on a guitar hanger are collectors pieces. They create a really nice image, and showcase them perfectly, while still affording some protection. You don’t need an interior designer to create this simple space.

ideas for a guitar room music room

Showcase your collection…

Some nice built in wall units create the perfect space showcase your guitars and instrument. Probably not as rock and roll as the other images, but it does a great job of creating a happy medium.

home guitar room ideas

This won’t give you the American blues…

A framed wall is a great way to showcase your guitar room…and drums! It is quite clear that this room is for display purposes only. Whatever your guitar, be it acoustic or bass guitar, even a ukulele…this music room design can create a centrepiece.

guitar themed room ideas

The electric guitar room…

Creating these panels is a super way of showcasing this wonderful collection of electric guitars. This music room decor focuses the attention on the musical instrument. An ideal way to inspire any musician with your next jam sessions. The panels also act as soundproofing to keep your practice within the room.

guitar room wall ideas

A guitar world to this collector…

More than one guitar stand is needed here, despite the limited space…but what a collection…from acoustic guitars, rhythm guitar and straight up electric guitars.

guitar room teen boy ideas

A wonderful musical display…

Some rooms are for display purposes only. Showcase your guitar collection to you friends and family like this.

guitar room pictures

A rock stars set up…

A practice space does not have to be a sterile environment. This colorful inspiration is a mix between framed guitars and guitar stands. Colorful rugs add to the appeal, perhaps a few framed vinyl records or a print might help add some more depth to this small space.

guitar room inspiration

A built in solution…

A built in solution is a great way to stay organised, albeit the most expensive option. This solution does a great job of displaying the guitars with great lighting.

guitar room images

The electric guitar music studio…

This heavy metal guitar collection basically stacks the guitars on one side of the room. Even simple solutions can work effectively.

guitar room image

A tiled wall solution…

This tiled wall is the perfect backdrop to this colorful collection of guitars. The muted style is a good idea, allowing the guitars to shine.

guitar room design

A practice room with home comforts…

Being creative can sometimes require home comforts…it can be a time consuming process. Having a comfortable section makes it easier to spend long periods of time to deliver great music.

guitar room design ideas

The lighting matters…

Lighting with various filters and colors can really change the atmosphere in the room. Creating a lighting scheme can really help to create the right atmosphere to get creative.

guitar room decorating ideas

Consider hanging them on the wall…

Adding height to the room, hanging the guitars adds to the height whilst making the most of the room available.

guitar room decor ideas

Get organised…

A guitar stand with great capacity is right up the street for many guitar collectors. Despite the limited space, many guitars can be stored.

guitar practice room ideas

Take a look at this guitar hero!

This is a very organised set up…everything has its place! From the amplifiers to the guitar stand, it his a nice setup that makes the most of the room available.

guitar music room ideas

Music room ideas on another level…

Budget can make a big difference when it comes to designing your music room. This is a great example of that. The custom wood shelving unit really impresses.

guitar music room ideas kid friendly and elegant

A rock stars solution…

Hanging guitars, signed images of your favorite guitarists…and room to practice…perfect!

guitar closet room ideas

Interesting guitar room decor…

This example is a studio room that has added some interesting decor. The silver background works as soundproofing.

decorating ideas for guitar room

Framed guitars…comfy chairs…

Probably the perfect combination for some. Sit down, relax and admire the guitars on the wall.

cool guitar room ideas

Industrial guitar room ideas…

This industrial looking solution has a great feel to it. The graffiti on the wall is a nice touch and the guitar display really looks great.

amazing guitar room ideas

As you can see, there are a whole host of ideas and styles on display. What you choose will depend on your space and budget. However, the important thing here to consider is how they have used the space, from storage to furniture, from lighting to the rugs.

These guitar room ideas should really help inspire you to get creative. These images all offer at least one aspect that should be considered when designing your space. Much of what you consider priority will be dependant on your budget and time. Which image is your favorite? Post it to your social media and don’t forget to tag us in…see you soon!

small guitar room ideas
Small guitar room ideas

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