47+ Indoor Plant Displays That Bring the Outdoors inside

indoor plant display

Get Inspired with these indoor plant displays

Most people recognise the benefits of plants in your home. Some will opt for one, maybe two…some people will have hundreds! Whatever number you have, consider some indoor plant displays. Strategically planning your displays can be very beneficial, it really highlights their beauty whilst also visually improving your space.

Indoor plants afford a home plenty of benefits. Not only does it originate your home and improve the air quality, it helps you to destress and relax. There are proven benefits to your cognitive health and improvements to your sense of well being.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive exercise either. You can take a cutting from a house plant and create plenty more. With a little time and patience, you can create plenty more.

With that said, let’s take a look at some indoor plant displays.

plant display
Plant display

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Take a look at some of the small wall planters for inspiration…

window plants holder

What a wonderful scene. The sheer volume of house plants can either be inspiring or overwhelming based on your perspective. There is something for everybody here, succulents, a tropical plant, a tall plant, short plant, spider plant, snake plant as well as a host of potted plants. The natural looking bamboo table and chairs add a very natural perspective to the room.

window sill plant holder

This indoor plant display makes the most of uniformity. The consistency of the planter and plant pot make this very appealing to the eye. The variety of plants is quite impressive too with a few succulents, flowering plants and general greenery. This display is a big presence in a small space.

window shelves for indoor plants

These elegant plant stands provide balance and structure to this display. The leafy larger plant at the top is balanced by the foliage below. These almost look like the ends of a planter box.

window plant holders

A wonderful example of interior design with a plant display in a high end apartment. The glass case really focuses the tall plant and cacti. The smart lighting really helps this display stand out.

wall plant shelf

This house plant display takes potted plants and uses them as a hanging plant. This design is an integral part of this homes home decor. Some of these may well be artificial plants, but the variety of shapes and plant sizes makes this an interesting green plant display. Obviously, watering may pose a bit of an issue.

wall plant holders indoor

A beautiful scene for any plant lover, the sheer number of plants makes this very impressive. The variety of plants is very impressive too, a large tropical plant, tiny plants, as well as plenty of foliage. There is also a plant shelf too, which helps add some structure to this scene.

wall mounted wooden planters

If you want to know what is on trend at the moment when it comes to indoor plant displays, it is a living wall. That’s right, literally a wall of plants that is part of the interior design. A living wall provides plenty of color, character as well as an abundance of style. It does take some maintaining, but the results are amazing and definitely have the ‘wow’ factor.

wall mounted plant shelf

A nice display can make a great impact. This design makes use of a large planter, accompanied with some smaller, yet matching pots. The big leaf display of the green plant makes this an inviting scene.

small wall planter

This is quite unique type of display making use of a wooden plant stand and test tubes. A plant is literally grown out of the tubes.

small plant shelf

A variety of plant displays are introduced here. You have a plant shelf, hanging plant ropes, as well as test tube plant holders. You also have a trailing plant and some warming foliage that makes this a very comfortable space. There is huge variety too with plant babies, succulent plants and flowering plants. The addition of the foliage chair is a nice touch.

plant holders for indoors

The owner of this home recognises the importance of plants! You have a huge variety of plants on display, from hanging plants to floors stands. It really adds character to this room in what is a ‘renter friendly’ style.

plant displays

These tiny plants could well be air plants. However, there are definitely some succulents involved which make this indoors, such an inviting space.

pegboard plant holder

A plant shelf is a great way to intrude greenery into your home. The focused nature of the houseplant stand makes it a little easier to manage whilst also adding plenty of character.

little wall planters

A large imposing plant can add plenty of style. This room has plenty of character added to it. The cat adds it own unique style…perhaps it needs its own cat room!

little wall planter

With some open shelves, you can add a ton of character to them with some strategically placed indoor plants. The foliage, greenery, and training plant really ‘pop’ in this image.

indoor window plant stands

A tropical plant can create a beautiful backdrop to your living room. This plant display adds plenty of character to this room with a number of different plant pots. It’s almost as if you are in your very own rainforest.

indoor wall plant holders

This hygge bedroom design makes great use of greenery. The plant display is integral to this Scandinavian styling, which promotes that natural.

indoor wall mounted plant holders

This indoor plant stand has a number of different varieties on display. It adds style, character and a ton of personality. This particular scene includes hanging plants, flowering plants and even a golden pothos plant.

indoor plants display

This wonderful shower area looks absolutely fabulous. Its rustic nature is perfect for those indoor plant displays. The plant shelf is amazing and the lavender plants, special. A lovely bathroom scene that oozes style and elegance.

indoor plant hanger stand

This plant stand affords the owner some structured order. Each plant has its place, is easy to manage, and creates a good impression.

indoor plant displayz

Through chaos comes order. This image shows a number of potted plant pots placed together to create a dense cluster of foliage. This plant display is random, yet creates an interesting image.

indoor plant display stands

Take a look at these impressive plant leaves. The sheer size of them is impressive and leaves a lasting impression. It really is integral to the home decor.

indoor plant display pictures

Create a little corner with a number of plant stands…this is your little ‘green’ corner! It adds some character and freshens the room design.

indoor plant display inspiration

If your staircase is a dull space and you can’t find any inspiration as to what to do with it, this image may well help you change your mind. The owner has literally trailed every stair tread with a plant that really helps to draw the eye. This kind of plant display is intense, but that is precisely the reason why it works.

indoor plant display images

This image makes use of a redundant sink. The owner has added a number of plants to it to help add a natural element to the bathroom area.

indoor plant display ideas

Simple yet effective, This shelving unit is basic, but it does what it is meant too…a rustic shelf filled with indoor plants.

indoor plant display idea

What a beautiful scene this is. This calming porch area is perfect to house such a wonderful plant display.

how to display indoor plants

Plant displays can also create great shop window displays. They create a natural vibe which can help create a good impression for the product range.

house plant display

Simple, yet very effective. This is high end design that does a fantastic job. The large green leaves have impact, and totally suit the vase styling.

house plant display ideas

This is an image that reflects the owners priorities. The greenery really demonstrates what is the important thing here, working perfectly with the furniture styling. There is a real mix of plants here, tall plants, tiny plants, succulents, and even a moss ball. A wonderful space that probably smells amazing.

hanging wood planter

A wall shelf that is dedicated to plants. The ivy is a nice touch, hanging down beautifully. The green wall provides a wonderful backdrop to this plant design.

hanging shelf for plants

Plant leaves can produce some very interesting shapes. This is definitely the case here with this house plant, creating an interesting show. The variety of shapes is something you may want to consider in your plant displays.

airy planter

Inspiration can be very subjective, however, some of these indoor plant displays above should leave you with something to think about. As you will have seen, there is no set formula and there are many variables to consider. Why not play around with different formations until you fall upon a style that suits your room.

If house plants are your thing, take a look at this post on our air plant ideas. Air plants are not like conventional plants that need soil. They live on moisture and nutrients from the atmosphere. They are quite intresting to look at, so it’s worth taking a look at the post.

small wall planters
Small wall planters

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