19+ Built in Bookshelves Ideas That Ooze Style

Built in bookshelves

Get Inspired with our built in bookshelf ideas

In this post, we consider built in bookshelves ideas. We all know that a bookshelf can add a ton of value to a the look of a living room, home office, dining room and kitchen, the built in version simply adds to that look. It gives a very impressive and satisfying appearance. A built in bookshelf is a custom creation and are a little more expensive than the norm. These bookshelves are great for small, and unusual spaces.

Take a look at some of the great built in bookshelves built into the wall below to help inspire your next creation. 

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The benefits of a built in bookcases…

The benefits of custom built ins is many. Firstly, they perfectly fit the space, giving a premium look and feel. They can match the style once decor of the room, giving a seamless appearance. 

You also have the choice of wood to choose from. Many shop bought bookshelves are made of poor quality materials and laminated. Undertaking your own DIY project means you can choose the material, such as walnut or even plywood. A custom creation also means that you can add cabinet door and adjustable shelves. Adding crown molding and trims, adds a decorative style that adds vale. 

Creating storage with built in shelving ideas

Built in shelves are a good way to create additional storage for your books, photos, or even display cameras. They add a heap of storage and styling your shelves is an interior design art. Add a few decorative items, trim, and vases to create a great look. 

Creating custom bookshelves

In terms of constructing your custom bookshelf, the vast majority of people opt for a base cabinet and open bookshelves. The wall space to divided and the shelves attached to the wall studs. The extra storage from the shelving and a floating shelf, is welcome to most, and the creation of an alcove bookcase is a nice feature. 

How does IKEA help most people with built in bookshelf ideas…

In terms of a bookshelf idea, IKEA bookcases are a major help to many. There are many shortcuts and hacks that are perfectly suited to your DIY bookshelf. YOU will find the IKEA Billy bookcases used in many ideas, the Billy bookcase being perfectly suited to this task. Additionally, you can also consider the Besta units and the Kallax range are all popular starting points. 

Built in bookshelves ideas

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Take a look at these built in bookcase ideas…

wall library design bookshelves built ins

These fitted bookcase designs really add plenty of storage and interest…

Built in bookshelves inspiration

Cool bookshelves can really change a rooms vibe…

built in bookshelves in living room interior design

Check out these built in bookshelves decorating ideas…its a big responsibility have this much space…use it wisely!

built in bookshelves ikea

These fitted bookcase ideas match this room perfectly…

built in bookshelves ikea hack

Take a look at these wall bookcase ideas…the lighting effect is immense!

built in bookshelves living room
built in bookshelves diy

Book case ideas don’t have to be extravagant…simple can work well too!

Built in bookshelves design

Character in abundance…built in book shelves have it…as this room perfectly demonstrates!

built in bookshelves decor

Wooden built-in bookshelves have a whole load of character and style

built in bookshelf ikea hack

Some built in shelves ideas are simply used to add color and character to a room

built in bookshelf diy

This fantastic mid century built in bookcase really adds depth to this room…

built in bookshelves decor ideas

Consider your bookcase design ideas carefully…this post modern design suits the furniture perfectly

built in bookshelves billy

Personalize Your Space: 49+ Living Room Ideas That Deliver Elegance

built in bookshelf inspiration

Get inventive with your bookcases ideas…this one sits perfectly within the door space

built in bookshelf ideas living room
built in bookshelf wall
built in bookshelf decorating ideas
built in bookcase wall
built in bookcase

These living room built in bookshelves should really inspire you…

I hope that you feel inspired with our built in bookshelves ideas. You don’t need to be an interior designer to imagine how yours should look. Why not pin your favorite image onto your social media…don’t forget to tag us in! 

built in bookshelf ideas

Since you are here…can i ask a favor?

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