43+ Vintage Industrial Decor Ideas That Deliver the ‘wow’ Factor

vintage industrial decor

Get Inspired with these vintage industrial decor ideas…

The vintage industrial decor movement is based on incorporating industrial design into home environments. Much of this could be down to the history of the building you are in. It could well be a conversion where the look of the building is incorporated into the industrial interior design.

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This industrial style has proven to be very popular over recent years. It is seen as industrial chic, a design style that includes industrial furniture and delivers that industrial look. This industrial feel is the core of this design movement.

In this post, we consider some great vintage industrial decor ideas, commenting on the styles and images o display. They should really help you inspire your design ideas if you are looking to deliver an industrial aesthetic.

industrial decorating ideas
industrial decorating ideas

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Get inspired with these industrial decorating ideas…

vintage industrial interior design

Industrial vintage decor is on trend, with concrete playing a key part…

The concrete look is a core style with this industrial decor style. The shelving unit is a great example of this.

vintage industrial home decor

Vintage industrial interiors give a unique look…

Exposed bricks are a sure sign of an industrial interior design. They point towards a warehouse industrial look that is highly desired. The rustic industrial style of this design style makes it very desirable. The distressed wood floor is another key look, the wood carrying the scars of its history. The huge integrated bookshelf is a great industrial touch.

retro industrial decor

Your industrial home decor makes the most of your space…

Not all vintage industrial decor needs to be interior design within a converted warehouse. It can also be done in modern buildings that keeps the core architecture exposed. The exposed ceiling beams and ceilings make this a great example.

interior design industrial

Consider a vintage industrial style that elevates your space…

This exposed brick open plan home is a super example of industrial interior design. The exposure of the natural elements make this quiet rustic and the farmhouse style furniture suits this decor idea. The concrete kitchen is a great look for this style.

interesting interior design

Consider a retro industrial decor to create cool spaces…

Modern day versions of this style make use of brutal looking interiors that are softened in a strategic way. Take this wall for instance, the lighting is used to soften this concrete wall and the wood slats used to add a natural look to the room.

industrial vintage decor

Consider sourcing vintage industrial furniture…

The concrete ceiling is a modern look that is increasingly becoming popular, especially in rooms with high ceilings. With ceiling track lighting that would be suitable in a retail setting, this sets the basis for an industrial look, especially with the industrial style furniture.

industrial themed bedrooms

Put industrial design ideas into play…

This modern render takes the industrial style to another level. Potentially, demonstrating how homes of the future may look. The open plan style is a good look, with brutal interiors softened with softer lighting and a rustic element. This black ceiling finish looks amazing.

industrial style interior design

Industrial house decor creates a timeless look…

This amazing home really is incredible. The height of it is complemented with the rustic industrial style. Bare concrete walls with exposed beams and steel. Whether it is a floor lamp, dining table or floor, everything is designed with purpose.

industrial style furniture diy

Industrial design decor can give a classic look too…

This industrial style bedroom ticks all the boxes. Cool industrial pieces of furniture, exposed brick walls, smooth concrete walls, wooden floors, exposed pipe and ceiling. This really is a cool industrial space with vintage decor.

industrial style decoration

A lovely blue sofa sits I’m the middle of this cool looking industrial style interior design. Exposed brick walls and cool wall decor, This really is a cool space.

industrial style decorating

A dream home for many I suspect, isn’t this an incredible space….industrial chic at its finest. The vintage industrial furniture sits perfectly here, the metal ceiling beams and the distressed floor really is remarkable. With heavy metals everywhere, there really is a strong industrial element running through it.

industrial style decorating ideas

What an amazing farmhouse style kitchen. The wood finish complements the rustic metals and stainless steel. It has an industrial aesthetic running through it.

industrial style decor

This is high end luxury in what appears to be a barn conversion. The post modern furniture looks fantastic in this scene, this industrial design style sits perfectly here. Reclaimed woods, distressed brick wall, concrete floors…it is a vintage industrial decor masterpiece.

Take a look at these other industrial interior design ideas

industrial room ideas
industrial look decorating ideas
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Consider some of these bedroom guitar room ideas

industrial interior design
industrial interior design
industrial interior design ideas
industrial interior design bedroom
industrial interior decor
industrial home interior
industrial home interior design
industrial home design
industrial home decor ideas
industrial design interior
industrial design ideas
industrial design decor
industrial decorating
industrial decor ideas
industrial decor diy
diy interior design ideas
diy industrial decor

Get inspired with these vintage industrial decor ideas. If you are lucky enough to own a property that has this look, you really need to consider how you make the most from it. Potentially, imperfect surfaces and materials can create perfection.

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vintage industrial decor ideas
vintage industrial decor ideas

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