21+ Contemporary Kitchen Ideas That Will Wow You

contemporary kitchen ideas

Our contemporary kitchen ideas will make you think again!

As we all know, timeless kitchen design is a great investment. Apply the correct principles means that you get an asset that will stand the test of time, as well as offering great functionality.

The danger of any contemporary kitchen idea, is the danger that they end up feeling soulless and very sterile. They lack warmth in a room that should be the core part of the household. Part of this is inevitable, given that modern kitchens do involve plenty of straight lines and monochromatic colors.

However, there are things you can do that mitigate much of this dourness and add some heart into the design. Our contemporary kitchen ideas below are a great example how you can make small changes which transform how that kitchen feels.

Whether it is through the addition of color through some artwork…or even a bowl of fruit, small changes deliver bigger results.

If you are looking for some inspiration for modern kitchen ideas, the following images should get your creative juices flowing.

Each image has been carefully chosen to highlight some design aspects to consider. Whether it is shape, form or color blend…there is something there to start that creative process.

Natural stone transforms a monochrome space

This is an amazing kitchen at the cutting edge of design. It has clean lines and a monochrome look. However, the real star of this kitchen is the stone wall which breaks up the space perfectly and delivers a layer of texture, as a juxtaposition to the smooth surfaces.

source: Dwell

Adding greenery changes the dynamic of a room

Another amazing space with great detailing all round. Again, another example of a monochrome look, but this one has two clever aspects. Firstly, the wall has been replaced with bars, which bring a lot of light into the room. The biggest difference that is made is the introduction of the plants, adding greenery into the room adds depth to this contemporary kitchen.

source: Zarysy

Clinically clean greatness

This is most peoples idea of a modern contemporary kitchen. Absolutely clean lines with absolute minimalism. Obviously, this looks great in theory but what about its role in a functioning kitchen?

Source: Dwell

Glorious contemporary kitchen…that isn’t white

A welcome change from a white kitchen, i think the introduction of colour can bring a luxury feel to any contemporary kitchen. The way the natural wood color sits with the satin black is wonderful. Add in the textured back splash and you have a very interesting space that draws the eye through the kitchen.


Welcome to the space station…

This is monochrome at its finest…yes i know its a black and white picture…but even if it wasn’t, the grass would be green. This really is a kitchen that puts style over substance. I love the clean, yet functional lines…a kitchen that is designed to be used rather than a showpiece.


I suspect that not a lot of cooking goes on here…

This is a dream for many people…a contemporary kitchen idea that fits the mold. Absolutely clean lines that are almost a designer living out a fantasy. You can ask questions about functionality…but with a kitchen like this, I’m sure you would make it work!

Source: Degabrielle

A delightful mixture of new and old

A very interesting design that really works. This minimalistic kitchen is perfectly formed into a relatively small space. Very modern cabinets with a number of colors at play. The ceiling is absolutely beautiful and works really well with this setting. The lesson here is that you can amalgamate different time periods successfully for a very unique look.


A modern kitchen doubling as a work of art

This ultra modern kitchen doubles as an art gallery or library…i joke of course, but I’m sure you can see where i am coming from! It almost has a very commercial feel to it yet provides the perfect environment to create in the kitchen. The use of different wood tones works very well and the plants over the kitchen island is a lovely touch.

Source: Zarysy

Simple…yet beautifully executed

Wow…the star of the show absolutely has to be the pendant light…simply stunning. It really makes a difference to the perception. The kitchen island is stunning too…a real work of art. In relative terms, this is a simple kitchen with very few units…but in this setting, it works. P.s. clearly the owner has no use for a kettle.

Source: Dwell

A perfect kitchen for a very modern family

If you have the room, this is a wonderfully spaced kitchen. I suspect that this could be recreated relatively cheaply, the set up is great. Everything well spaced yet it clearly has a focal point. The smoked mirrored back splashes are a nice idea…the pendants are great, the kitchen island is perfectly sized and the dining table matches too. The designer clearly has a great eye.

Source: Elan Kitchens

Functional meets contemporary…

This has to be one of my favourite kitchens. The dynamic is wonderful…the fresh clean lines of the cabinets, the interesting shape of the counters…and the integrated units. I particularly like the greenery in the background, almost like you are bringing nature into your kitchen.

Source: Furnitalia

This kitchen will get you fit

The classic triangle kitchen set up has been ripped up and completely ignored. If you want to move between the hob, oven, sink and fridge…plenty of steps are involved. You should always consider how a kitchen is used, just as important as the optics. However, i do like the way the kitchen looks, clean lines and it makes full use of the space available. I can just imagine starting a YouTube cooking channel in here.

Source: Zignet USA

This kitchen is amazing…unique

If you really want to make a design statement, have a look at this little beauty. Almost like you have walked into a high end art gallery. Obviously, everything here is custom designed and made, but you really have to appreciate the design mind that has gone into this….simply stunning. The concrete kitchen look is really hot right now, this works amazingly well.

Source: Dwell

A throwback to the seventies…

Not really…but it does look like a modern interpretation of it. This kitchen is clearly well styled with wonderful little detailed touches that raise the standard. Take the lighting for example, beautifully thought out and a real design statement. As a real world work space, this ticks all the boxes.

Source: Zarysy

Modern colors is a modern setting

As far as grey kitchens go, they have a tendency of looking a little drab. What better way than to raise the color standard than introduce a bold yellow, that you cant really miss. It completely changes the perception and takes this from a standard design to a ultra modern kitchen.

Source: Zarysy

A kitchen…or a designer wine bar?

As far as contemporary kitchen ideas go, this is really pushing the limit. I highly suspect that not a lot of cooking will be going on here…indeed, given the capacity of the wine coolers, i suspect that this may well be a wine bar that just happens to be in somebody’s home. Check out some of these wine storage solution ideas.

Source: Degabrielle

Great design…meets functionality

This is a perfect kitchen in my book. A beautifully designed space that works as a functional space, as well as a design perspective. The contrasting colors break up the space and blends it into the background. The pendant lights add some drama but overall…a very clean design.

Source: Elan Kitchens

Simple, yet effective design

For this setting, this is the perfect style kitchen. You suspect that not a lot of cooking goes on here, so realistically, you don’t need to design lots of storage and counter space.

Source: Leicht

A very intimate kitchen setting

Clearly, the owners of this kitchen did not hold back. It looks expensive…it probably was. It is incredible well done, the amount of storage space must be extraordinary. The star of this modern kitchen must be the kitchen island which is beautifully lit up by the natural light from the window above.

Source: Elan Kitchens

A contemporary kitchen most people dream about

The space, the setting, the vibe…everything looks and feels so balanced in this modern kitchen. The wonderful array of colors takes your eye from one area to another. Functionally, this kitchen works and from a entertaining perspective, this is a dream for most people.

Source: Pinterest

Elegant…sophisticated…a lovely space

This kitchen, albeit more of a design statement, is done remarkably well. The clean lines and the lovely warm tone makes this a great space, which integrates perfectly into the rest of the room. Clearly, more appropriate for a high end apartment, there are however design principles that can be incorporated into your contemporary kitchen design ideas.

Source: Roomdesignburo

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