19+ Living Room Bookshelf Ideas That Rock

living room bookshelf ideas

Get the intelligent look with these living room bookshelf ideas

We all know that people of character have books…and if you own a few, then owning a bookshelf is fully justified. Some say that you are just flexing your intelligence…I say that they are fully justified. So, let’s take a look at some fantastic living room bookshelf ideas to make you look good.

Whether it is books, cameras or a mixture of curated knick knacks, book cases play an important part in the dynamic of most living rooms. They embody character, they represent years of learning, an interest or hobby. They are you…your character and personality for all to see. Many years ago, there was a tv show called ‘Through the Keyhole’ where contestants had to guess the name of the celebrity whose home, they were in…you guessed it, the bookshelf always played an important part in it.

There is no limit to the style of bookshelf’s that are available on the market…different shapes, colors, styles, materials. However, the ultimate scenario has to be a custom-made, made to measure bookshelf. This offers the ultimate look that becomes part of the room. It should be a consideration, often they can be made by a local tradesman at less than retail cost.

Our collection of living room bookshelf ideas gives an eclectic mix of the styles that are available. When looking for styles, there are a few things that you should consider. The shape of your room plays an important part, as does the ceiling height. You should also consider the materials that you want as this may dictate how well they last. Whether you chose to angle the shelves, or create over sized shelf squares, this forms part of the design process…have fun with it and experiment. You never know what you may decide on at the end.

Bookshelves ideas living room
Bookshelves ideas 19
Bookshelves ideas 18
Bookshelves ideas 17
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Bookshelves ideas 13
Bookshelves ideas 12c
Bookshelves ideas 11
Bookshelves ideas 10
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living room bookshelf ideas

I hope that you found these curated collection of living room bookshelf ideas, a great starting point for your own inspiration. The important thing is to settle on a style that will serve you well for many years, and has plenty of room to house an expanding collection of books…or knickknacks!

Bookshelves ideas living room
Bookshelves ideas living room

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