29+ Camera Shelf Ideas for the Ultimate Flex

camera shelf

Get Inspired with these camera shelf ideas…

If there is one aspect of my home that generates plenty of interest, it is my vintage camera collection. It’s a magnet to many guests, a chance to touch something historic that has seen plenty of life. It’s not every day that you get to see and feel a vintage camera with a beautiful camera lens. Keep them in plain sight…what better way to show them off than with these camera shelf ideas! 

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Showcasing your camera collection is a must if you have them. It’s a way of communicating your interests while also allowing you to admire their beauty constantly. A shelf idea is a perfect way of showcasing these wonderful cameras. 

Great camera display ideas…

What do you need in a good shelf? Ideally, the shape must be interesting…a flat horizontal shelf doesn’t give much scope for a great display. Having different levels helps to create an attractive design. It needs to be solid…after all, they are very expensive, so you don’t want to risk them. It also allows you space for your camera bag and camera gear. 

You may also want to consider the capacity. If you have a few cameras to showcase, creating enough room between them is a must. It allows you to clean them easily without risking pushing them off the shelf. Bookshelves may well be the perfect solution.

Let’s look at some great examples of vintage camera shelf ideas.

camera collection display
camera collection display

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Take a look at these great examples of a camera display shelf…

old camera display
pictures of antique cameras

These camera shelves offer plenty of retro styling…

Even a simple glass shelf can work…it does create an issue with the dust!

vintage display shelf
vintage camera shelves

Camera shelving with a professional angle…

A pro set up…these cameras are attached to the wall using magnets

vintage camera home decor
vintage camera displays

Camera decoration ideas need interesting shelving…

Some interesting shelves that really help focus the content on them.

vintage camera display ideas
vintage camera design ideas

Use some cheap IKEA Lack shelves to create that perfect base!

vintage camera decor

Consider a camera lens shelf…

Consider a retro shelf that is perfect to capture the age of these beautiful cameras.

display case decorating ideas

This camera storage shelf does the job!

Even an old recycled shelf will do the job…a perfect scene!

cool old cameras
camera wall decor

Some blank picture frames are a great idea to help focus your eye

camera storage ideas

A minimalist shelf is the perfect way to capture the beauty of the cameras.

camera shelf 1
camera shelf display ideas
camera room decor
camera home decor

A custom creation, this design really helps to house plenty of cameras. There is no denying that these are vintage cameras!

camera display shelf 1
camera display case
camera decoration
camera decorations
camera decor
camera collection display 1

These old camera display ideas should really inspire you…

Get inspired with these camera shelf ideas. As you can see, you have a host of options…so get creative and showcase these beautiful cameras!

camera display shelf
camera display shelf

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