27+ Poolside Planter Ideas That Create Value

poolside planter

Get Inspired with these poolside planter ideas

What better way to add a splash of color than a stunning poolside planter. It’s a great way to add a some living color, some vibrancy and some life to what can become a very stale area. In this post, we briefly discuss the benefits and give you some great examples of real life poolside planter ideas. 

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Poolside Planter Ideas That Create Value

The main reason why poolside plants are so popular is for privacy purposes. A swimming pool or hot tub can be exposed, so having some strategically placed planter benches helps to add a little privacy to a poolside area. It also allows you to add some life, color and greenery to a very plain area, thus giving it a focal point and a great amount of style. It also helps you to transition from the garden to the pool area or pool deck, giving a very integrated look. With most planters simple to maintain, it makes a simple solution for most people. 

What features should a poolside planter box have? 

The planter container pots should be able to withstand the elements. It should be appropriately weighted and be constructed from a material that wont fade from the UV light. It should also have drainage holes that allow the plants to thrive. Remember that this is the type of area that has a high risk of water damage. 

The plants within them should be appropriate to your climate, therefore allowing them to thrive. You should also pick potted plant that suits the purpose, be it a flowering plant, tropical plants, shrubs, trees, ornamental grasses, herbs, flower or succulents.

Are they there for privacy reasons or are they there to add a splash of color. You also need to consider whether the placement of the planter gives the actual plant an appropriate amount of direct sunlight or shade. 

Before you go, consider these front door planters that really boost your homes turn appeal.

Pool landscaping design is big business but it is something you can have a go at yourself! Your outdoor space will look great whilst also having another important purpose. 

pool planters ideas
pool planters ideas

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Get inspired with these pool planters ideas…

tall pool planters
swimming pool planters
pots around pool
poolside planters
poolside planters ideas 1
poolside planter ideas
poolside planter ideas
pool planters
pool planters ideas 1
pool planter
pool planter landscaping ideas
pool planter ideas
pool planter ideas
pool patio planters
pool deck planters
planters by pool
planters around pool
planters around pool ideas
planter boxes around pool
modern pool planters
large planters for pool area
flower pots around pool

Get inspired with these poolside planter ideas. As you have seen from this wide variety of designs, you have plenty of options open to you. If you get it right, you have a pool area that will be a visual treat!

poolside planters ideas
poolside planters ideas

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