43+ Staircase Gallery Wall Ideas That Are Picture Perfect

staircase gallery wall

Get Inspired with these staircase gallery wall ideas…

In this post, we consider some staircase gallery wall ideas. We take a look at one of the most neglected areas when it comes to interior design… the staircase. In most cases it is an afterthought, and it’s easy to see why. It isn’t a focal point in the home and in most cases, it is seen as a corridor. However, in well designed homes, it is a seen as a key area of the home, much like a living room or kitchen.

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More often than not, the stairway wall is integrated into the overall design. As you may have seen on social media, one of the key trends is a staircase gallery wall.

This involves placing some art, prints or photographs on your stairway. The aim is to create a stairway gallery wall frame that showcases your interests or personality. It can be a strategically placed display that tells a story, or it can be totally random wall decor.

Whatever method you choose to decorate you staircase gallery walls, the results can really elevate your home and create a point of interest. In this post, we showcase some great examples of a gallery wall idea.

stair gallery
Stair gallery

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These stair gallery pictures will have you climbing stairs…

stairwell walls

Some stairway picture ideas are inspiring…

A great example of some cool wall decor. The white frame here helps it blend into the white background, yet the interest in the photo collection is maintained.

stairwell pictures

This stairway photo gallery showcases the homeowners interest…

Why not create a hobby lobby to showcase your interests? The owner of this staircase has a keen interest in nature and it shows. A brilliant display full of interest is demonstrated here. The matching black frames add some consistency, and lead up the staircase wall.

stairway wall

These staircase photo ideas use a variety of frame styles…

While most people will opt for matching frames, using random frames with different wall art can create something totally unique. This is a great example of this, random sizes an colors draw the eye to investigate further.

stairway wall ideas

There is uniformity in this pictures staircase…

A matching picture frame can create a real impact for a gallery wall idea. These photo and art prints lead the eye, the consistency creating an alluring scene on this wall space on what would otherwise be a blank wall.

stairway picture

This staircase picture gallery offers an eclectic mix…

An interior designer would love these staircase gallery walls. The smaller frames and larger pieces create a perfect combination to create an interesting look. It includes the owners favorite art pieces, artwork, illustration and family photos.

stairway picture wall

This stairway wall art creates a really nice environment…

This gallery wall layout creates a real impact. You can really see what the designer wanted to achieve here. That cohesive look created using a larger frame really works here.

stairway picture frame

Staircase galleries don’t have to be complicated…

The black frame really draws the eye here, creating a real focal point on this blank wall that acts like a white canvas.

stairway ideas pictures

A photo wall on stairs can really dominate…

These horizontal frames really help to widen the hallway and staircase. The grid layout really helps to add balance and consistency.

stairway gallery wall

Some stairway pictures ideas are breathtaking!

Through chaos can come beauty. You wouldn’t thing that this random selection of picture frames could work, but it really works well. This is a beautiful set up that takes the home decor to another level.

stairs pictures ideas

This gallery wall staircase leads the eye…

A monochrome display can work really well. The black and white photographs, can really help to add interest without overpowering your space.

stairs picture frames

This gallery wall on stairs breaks the space…

You don’t necessarily need to add a huge amount of frames to create an impactful display. This example has a limited number that works really well.

stairs photo gallery

This stair gallery wall really makes a welcome impact…

A mixture of black and white frames can work really well. The danger when you have all black frames is that they stand out too much, possibly detracting from the remainder of the home decor.

stairs gallery

A pictures stairway is a great place to showcase your life…

Thick black frames certainly have a presence here. They probably aren’t for everybody but the consistency and range of sizes really help. The wall art really delivers a personal feel.

staircase wall ideas

This gallery staircase is stunning…

This display is eclectic, a masterpiece in some ways. The random nature makes this incredibly interesting whilst the color scheme does not overpower, nor detract from the rest of the decor. As far as gallery wall ideas go, this is fantastic.

staircase pictures frames

A stairway gallery wall can be a very personal statement…

A little different, this stairway gallery wall is very personal. The random picture frames make this a little less deliberate.

staircase picture

This wall space is set up as a grid gallery wall. The structure of this display makes this an integral part of the decor. The personal images delivers a story of this family.

staircase picture ideas

Color is the clear winner here. The black frames also have a few colored picture frames within them. The content is light and playful creating cool staircase gallery walls.

staircase photos gallery

The elaborate picture frames are mixed with elaborate mirrors. The result is interesting and works well in what would otherwise be a stale space.

staircase photo wall

An explosion of color and interest, the random sizes and frame coolers really creates an impactful display. As far as DIY projects go, you are getting a lot of value here. THis staircase gallery wall is incredible.

staircase photo gallery

This spiral staircase does a great job of adding interest through a gallery wall. It really takes you on a journey up the staircase.

staircase photo frames

Some boho chic elements on display here. This wall decor is unapologetic. It demands attention that many other gallery wall ideas don’t.

staircase gallery

A stunning display here that would have taken years to create. The random nature of this creates perfection. An explosion of character and interest. As far as decor ideas go, this stairway gallery wall is hard to imitate.

staircase gallery wall 1

Another great example of a hobby lobby. This owner clearly likes to travel. These colorful posters create a very colorful display.

stair walls

The colors and character on this wall are amazing. There is real depth to this interior design. The photo and art prints are wonderful, complete interest in a picture frame.

stair picture frames

This home is more traditional with wainscoting throughout the home. The expensive picture frames really set the scene of tradition and establishment. It really delivers a cohesive look to this home.

stair photo gallery

Looking top down really demonstrates how much interest you can add to a space. This wall space really demonstrates the value that can be added.

pictures on staircase wall

A very homely display that delivers warmth. This is what you grandmas staircase may look like!

pics of stairways

For what is often a neglected space, these images really demonstrate how important it is to really think about the staircase area. These staircase gallery wall ideas really add value and interest. Which image is your favorite? Why not pin it on your social media and see what your friends like.

staircase picture frames
Staircase picture frames

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