21+ Hallway Wainscoting Ideas To Make Your Home Posh

hallway wainscoting ideas

You will love these hallway wainscoting ideas

Wainscoting….it can hide a million sins or give your home a fresh new look. Whatever the reason you are thinking of wainscoting your hallway, it will make a massive difference. Hopefully, this inspiration post on hallway wainscoting ideas will give you the range of ideas that should help you make the right decision.

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21+ Hallway Wainscoting Ideas To Make Your Home Posh

We all know that first impressions last. Walking into a hallway with beautiful wainscoting is a joy to the senses. It adds so much depth and visual interest to the scene. You are essentially adding an architectural feature into your home, design ideas that make for a more beautiful home.

As you might know, wainscoting can be made out of numerous materials. These include crown molding plastics, polyurethane wall panels, solid wood, pine as well as lower cost MDF.

You also have numerous suppliers that produce wainscoting panels to make installing wainscoting a simple process. Should you wish to have this work done, preassembled panels can prove to be relatively expensive in comparison to the material costs. If it is a job you want to complete yourself, paneled wainscoting may well be the simplest solution to you. It’s certainly a lot easier than having to measure all the batten and wood you need accurately. A wainscot wall panel is the way forward for most DIY’ers.

A entryway into your home is a wonderful place to introduce a wainscoting style. This wainscot adds a premium look and adds character to what could well be plain walls. It works particularly well when it is taken from the foyer into other interior rooms in the home. Upstairs hallway, living rooms and a dining room work wonderfully well, especially when it is an accent wall. It really draws the eye with the detail and can work well as a frame for wall decor.

Essentially, there are three types of wainscoting. The first is known as shadow boxes. These are a series of horizontal frames or boxes along the bottom of the wall. They have a chair rail running over the top and have baseboard at the bottom.

The second type of wainscoting is panel molding. This is superior to shadow boxes and much more substantial, however they are quite similar. Panel molding is recessed behind larger frame pieces.

The final type of wainscoting is known as beadboard. Although technically, it is not wainscoting, they are often referred to as them. Essentially, these are vertical panels with grooves running through them.

Wainscoting has experienced a bit of a comeback after falling out of favor a few years back. Aside from the optics, there are other good reasons to install it. Traditionally, It was used to cover up water damage to walls. It also acted as insulation for walls.

These days, these functions are pretty much redundant, but wainscoting still offers other benefits. They actually protect walls from dents and scuffs, whilst also adding a layer of insulation. The biggest benefit is the ease of maintenance. They simply need wiping down rather than regular painting.

Which leads me to another point…you don’t have to stick to a white color…get as creative as you want with your paint color, put up some wallpaper…there are literally no rules. Why not extend it above using ceiling panels? This adds a sense of character and premium look to some pretty dull spaces. You may also want to consider combining it with a gallery wall idea using picture frames. It can break up the space and add plenty of character.

If you are looking for alternatives to panel wainscoting yet want a look similar to wall paneling, consider shiplap wood paneling. It performs the same function but the visual look is not as premium. Another alternative style is a beadboard wall, again this is a similar look to shiplap but commonly, it is used as a beadboard ceiling. Take a look at these coffered ceiling ideas.

So, let’s get down to business. Here are a few examples of hallway wainscoting ideas.

wainscoting hallway
Wainscoting hallway

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Take a look at these fantastic examples of wainscoting in hallway

hallway wainscotting 2
hallway wainscoting stairs 23
hallway wainscoting small hallway 16
hallway wainscoting narrow hallway 5
hallway wainscoting narrow 4
hallway wainscoting entryway 1
hallway wainscoting 22
hallway wainscoting 21
hallway wainscoting 20
hallway wainscoting 19
hallway wainscoting 18
hallway wainscoting 17

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hallway wainscoting 15
hallway wainscoting 14
hallway wainscoting 13
hallway wainscoting 12
hallway wainscoting 11
hallway wainscoting 10
hallway wainscoting 9
hallway wainscoting 8
hallway wainscoting 7
hallway wainscoting 6
hallway wainscoting 3
How high should wainscoting in the hallway be?

The rule of thirds is the most common solution. The height of your wainscoting should be 33% of the height of the wall. This includes any caps and moldings.

Does wainscoting make a room look bigger or smaller?

It really depends on the room. With a small dark room, adding wainscoting will make it feel smaller. The biggest difference that is made is if you have smaller ceiling height. This will make the room feel smaller. However, tall wainscoting can give the appearance of height in the room.

Will wainscoting in a narrow hallway work?

Absolutely it will. If you apply the rule of thirds, it can actually make it feel bigger. However, that being said, you are losing some of the hallway width once you install the white wainscoting into your foyer.

There you have it, hallway wainscoting ideas to help you decide the look you want. There are plenty of examples of wall paneling here to help visualize what you want to achieve. If you liked the images, or have a friend interested in wainscoting their home, please consider sharing this article with them.

hallway wainscoting
Wainscoting hallway

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