26+ Yellow Kitchen Ideas That Make the Sun Shine Indoors

yellow kitchen decor ideas

Get inspired with our yellow kitchen ideas…

Underrated…that’s yellow for you. Yellow kitchens are making a big comeback after the scars from people of the seventies have healed. They can be bright…they can be mellow…there is a shade that is perfect for you. The days of neutral color kitchens are coming to an end. We have already discussed the merits of blue kitchens and green kitchens…now it is time for the yellow kitchen to shine. In this post, we will show you some great yellow kitchen ideas to get you thinking.

yellow kitchen ideas
Yellow kitchen ideas

View our yellow kitchen decor ideas below…

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yellow kitchen open shelving
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yellow kitchen styling
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What color yellow is good for a kitchen?

That really depends on the vibe you are looking to create. The main color is sunflower yellow, but you can go for a paler yellow for a more mellow look, or you can go darker for a more dramatic appearance. Regardless, you can custom paint your own kitchen cabinets for your own custom look.

What color walls go with yellow cabinets?

Two tone kitchens are a great option. If you have yellow cabinets, then i would suggest that white is the main color. However, yellows can work well with black and blue. It should also be noted that yellow goes well with natural wood colors too.

Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than walls?

Lighter colored cabinets are better for smaller spaces since they reflect more light around the room. Darker cabinets are better for larger rooms to give it a focal point and a more dramatic look.

The yellow kitchen ideas should give you plenty to consider, As you can see, there are a wide variety of styles in a wide variety of settings. Each is unique and delivers a different vibe. I hope that you also noted the differences in color tone. Yellow kitchens get put in a box in peoples minds, however there are a huge range of yellow colors that can deliver a wide variety of looks.

yellow kitchen ideas
Yellow kitchen ideas

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