15 Green Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

green kitchen inspiration

These green kitchen ideas will make you think again…

Gone are the days where the standard issue kitchen cabinet was either white or some other bland offering. Instead, times have changed…people are more bolder in their choices and its a good thing. Green cabinets are great…not only do they look great, the paint color itself lends itself well to green kitchen decor…freshness, health and vitality…all words associated with green. In this post, we will show you some great green kitchen ideas that work well, highlighting some particular aspects.

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In this post, we are considering the color green in kitchens, although we are focusing on beautiful kitchen cabinets. However, the green shade can apply to other aspects of the cooking area too. Consider this wonderful colour for a wonderful green countertop, green tile or backsplash.

Whether you have a modern kitchen with a stunning kitchen island, a farmhouse kitchen or even a stylish vintage kitchen, dark green cabinets can work wonderfully well.


Floor to ceiling green kitchens

Create a dramatic look with ceiling height units. This delicious green kitchen is custom made to fit the space, maximizing every inch. The result is dramatic, a relaxing green tone that delivers a mellow, yet very classy look. This is premium design in action.


Deep glossy green cabinets

Create a luxurious scene by introducing a very rich green cabinet with a deep gloss finish. This image reflects the depth of the cabinets and is complemented with a stunningly rich dark green. Create a seamless look by color matching the window frame to the cabinet color.


Matching your worktops in a modern green kitchen

Create a modern look by matching your worktops to your cabinets. This eucalyptus green combination gives a fantastic modern vibe. Subtle yet contemporary, it is a color that delivers a fresh look.


Different tones of green kitchen cabinets

Create a stunning green kitchen by adding different tones of green. This example adds a lighter green to really draw the eye to the magnificent green of the kitchen cabinets. The metro tiles are a fantastic design choice too.


Geometric modern green

This wonderful example of a green kitchen is ultra modern…part of a geometric range of styling. The color works wonderfully well here, a matte flat green that delivers modernity in abundance.


Celebrity styling

This glorious example actually belongs to Dakota Johnson…and isn’t it simply stunning. The mid green units with a slight vintage look work wonderfully well with that amazing rug.


Green curves

This green kitchen takes the character of the room and applies it to the cabinet style. The curves are really amazing, delivering a wonderful style. The flat mid green color works very well, subtle and very classy.


Contrasting counter tops with a dark green kitchen cabinets

The luxurious nature of the deep green works fantastically well with the contrasting white marble counter top. In fact, it really draws the eye to the depth of the green, while maintaining the balance of the room.


Edgy ‘greeniness’

This rustic looking kitchen is painted a green color that could never be described as subtle. The opposite in fact, it is not designed to be a background color. Painting the overhead beam the same color works very well here, bring the flooring a tiling together beautifully. Probably not everybody’s taste…but you have to admire the creativity.


Hand painted style

Eclectic and boho in style, there is a uniqueness to this kitchen. Upgrade your simple kitchen to an eclectic style, simply with a tin of paint.


Two tone green kitchen design

This kitchen creates an airy feel by limiting the base units to a dark-ish green, whilst using white cabinets on the wall.


Dark and moody green kitchen decor

This example of a green kitchen goes full on green. There is no hiding place here with that green wall…it’s really green. It does work very well in creating a dramatic environment. The brass fittings and lighting work very well in breaking up the scene, as does this natural kitchen countertop.


Olive green kitchen designs

Gone are the days of simple white kitchens…green is the new white. The tone of this kitchen contrasts very well with the white…but it still gives of the vibe of being a neutral kitchen.


Urban green styling

Create a modern urban look by introducing a natural looking mid green color. You see how well this works with other colors and materials. It especially works well with natural wood colors to give a very natural feel. The marble countertops gives a premium feel.


Green as a base color

Using a base color that flows through the room is a great way to create a great environment. The eye follows the room and reflects consistency of styling. This kitchen area works very well, working well with the wall coverings.

Is Green a good color for a kitchen?

Green is a great color for a kitchen. Given the nature of the green color shade, you can go as dark as you want and as light too. There is a very broad range in the middle. Green works very well in the kitchen. Since green is associated with freshness, health and vitality, it really sends the right message. Added to this, it can also be considered a neutral color which means that it will blend well with the rest of the environment.

What color goes with green in a kitchen?

Green paint works particularly well with white walls, a white cabinet or a white countertop. Other neutral colors work well too as an accent color. It also works well with other natural colors on your kitchen wall, you can see that it works well with natural woods. Regardless, you can paint your own colors to see what works for you.

Are green kitchen cabinets in style?

Yes, people are increasingly open to a less traditional shade of color. Whether it is a darker shade like a forest green, or a lighter shade like a lime green or mint green cabinets, it is a colorful move away from the white kitchen that remains so common.
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This is consistent with people wanting their home to reflect their personality, but also the message that it sends to others. It is therefore more than a passing fad, a well designed kitchen can stand the test of time.

What compliments dark green?

Dark green is an excellent color to compliment other colors around your cooking space. As expected, it goes very well with white but there are other colors that work very well. Dark green works very well with yellows and oranges, but it also works very well with purples and lavender. Other options include green shade colors such as sage green cabinet or mint green cabinetry.

That concludes this post on green kitchen ideas. As you will have seen, there are a wide range of options open to you. It’s not a passing fad either, green kitchens are here to stay. So, if you are considering a green kitchen design, be brave and go ahead…you wont regret it!

green kitchen ideas

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