21+ Amazing Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

blue kitchen cabinets

Get inspired with our blue kitchen cabinet ideas

When it comes to new trends, this might be the one this year that really takes off. In this post, we will look at blue kitchen cabinet ideas and see how they are bringing a new level of style to the kitchen area.

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The blue shade is not a color that is historically associated with a modern kitchen, but when you think about it, it is actually a color that makes sense. When you look at the psychology of colors, blue paint is a color that promotes calmness, solidity, cleanliness as well as natural aspects, such as sky and water. It therefore has plenty of traits that sit perfectly within the kitchen area and make excellent kitchen cabinet colors.

Aside from this, you can see why people are increasingly attracted towards blue cabinetry. The huge range of tones with the blue color mean that there is a tone that will perfectly complement other aspects of your kitchen space. Whether you opt for a navy blue kitchen cabinet, a baby blue kitchen or powder blue kitchen cabinet, they offer the flexibility to deliver plenty of personality.

Although they are increasingly more common on the market, as a blue cabinet gains more popularity, a great option is to paint the cabinetry yourself. Not only does this allow you to perfectly customize the color you want in your kitchen design, it allows you to deliver your kitchen remodel at a fraction of the cost.

It really is a realistic solution for many, minimal cost and just a time investment. The great thing is that you can achieve great results, even if you have little experience.

Take a look at our fantastic blue kitchen cabinet ideas below to really get your creative ideas flowing.

blue kitchen cabinet ideas
Blue kitchen cabinet ideas

These blue kitchen cabinets will leave you inspired

navy blue kitchen door
light blue kitchen cabinets 1
kitchen inspirations blue
kitchen cabinet color ideas blue 1
kitchen blue cabinets
kitchen blue cabinets white counter
kitchen blue cabinets navy
kitchen blue cabinets farmhouse
duck egg blue kitchen cabinets
blue kitchen inspiration
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blue kitchen designs
blue kitchen design modern
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blue kitchen cupboards navy
blue kitchen cupboard ideas
blue kitchen cupboard doors
blue kitchen cabinets painted
blue kitchen cabinet colors 1
blue kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas
blue grey kitchen cabinets
blue kitchen ideas 1
Blue kitchen ideas

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Are blue kitchen cabinets a good idea?

That really depends on your attitude to blue. If you are open to the idea of blue kitchen ideas, then it can form the basis of a spectacular kitchen. For example, a deep navy blue kitchen cabinet with brass hardware can deliver you a luxurious image. Whereas, a light blue kitchen can be very airy, spacious and playful. You can see the huge range of options that blue kitchen cabinets give you. People are increasingly recognizing their popularity for what is already one of the most popular colors out there.

What color goes with blue cabinets?

This question can be attributed to any question related to the blue color. It is probably the color that goes with most others. If we consider the most popular, then a white cabinet color goes fantastically well with blue. The contrast it delivers makes it ideal, regardless of the shade of blue….whether it is a navy kitchen or other dark blue cabinet doors. You then have colors such as cream and gold with can deliver a very luxurious feel when paired together.
Other options include, yellow, red, purples, oranges and greens. One thing that definitely works well in a rustic kitchen or contemporary kitchen, is a two tone kitchen. Having a base with dark cabinets with the upper section containing a white kitchen cabinet, its gives a great look. It is the white upper cabinets that give the impression of space and light.

Are blue kitchen cabinets in style?

Blue kitchen cabinets are increasing in popularity, so you could say they are in style. I don’t think that they will ever replace the standard black or white kitchen paint color options, but they will be in the thoughts of those who prefer something different. Therefore, when you consider the demand, blue is a kitchen color that is currently in style. Navy blue cabinets are very popular at the moment and work very well as a blue kitchen island. It is also a color that works well with your stainless steel appliances.

What color backsplash goes with blue cabinets?

In terms of the color of splash backs that go with blue kitchen, it really depends on the shade of blue that you have opted for. If it is a dark shade such as a navy cabinets, it is probably sensible to contrast it with a color such as white or a light grey . You could even consider a copper splash back . With light blue kitchens, very light colors for splash backs work very well, consider a white subway tile backsplash for example.
It is also worth considering the countertop at this stage. Whether it is a granite countertop or marble countertops, there are a huge range available. With dark cabinets, a white countertop works best. It draws the eye and breaks up the space.

While you are looking at alternative styles and colors of kitchens, it may be worth taking a look at our post on yellow kitchens and green kitchen ideas.

I hope that you found this post on blue kitchen cabinet ideas inspirational. As you can see from the images above, the sheer range of tones in the blue color range. Each of which delivers a different ambiance and tone. Whether it is a youthful look or a design that shouts luxury, there are options within the blue color scheme that could really meet your needs.

kitchen cabinet color ideas blue
Kitchen cabinet color ideas blue

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