21+ Amazing Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Inspire

blue kitchen cabinets

Get inspired with our blue kitchen cabinet ideas

In this post, we take a look at some wonderful blue kitchen cabinet ideas. It’s probably not the go to color when it comes to kitchen cabinetry, but this color is certainly making a splash, especially when you consider the sheer number of colors within blue color spectrum.  

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The blue shade actually makes real sense in modern kitchen cabinet design. We know through the psychology of colors, blue is associated with robustness, calmness, solidity, cleanliness, and hygiene. These are all attributes that are desirable in a kitchen cabinet paint color. It therefore has plenty of traits that sit perfectly within the kitchen area and make excellent kitchen cabinet colors.

Aside from this, you can see why people are increasingly attracted towards blue cabinetry. The huge range of tones with the blue color mean that there is a tone that will perfectly complement other aspects of your kitchen space. Whether you opt for a navy blue kitchen cabinet, a baby blue kitchen or powder blue kitchen cabinet, they offer the flexibility to deliver plenty of personality.

Have you thought about creating your own modern blue kitchen cabinets? If you have plain white cabinets, add a splash of color to your interior design. You can paint kitchen cabinets any color you want using a specialist paint. A painted cabinet gives you the opportunity to customise your cabinet paint color to your kitchen design. All at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. 

While you are looking at alternative styles and colors of kitchens, it may be worth taking a look at our post on yellow kitchens, and green kitchen ideas.

Take a look at our fantastic blue kitchen cabinet ideas below to really get your creative ideas flowing.

blue kitchen cabinet ideas
Blue kitchen ideas

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These blue kitchen cabinets will leave you wanting more…

navy blue kitchen door

These navy blue kitchen cabinets should leave you inspired…

light blue kitchen cabinets 1

A light blue kitchen cabinet can create a welcoming atmosphere.

kitchen inspirations blue

Light blue kitchen cabinets afford a very different aesthetic to what is commonly seen…

kitchen cabinet color ideas blue 1

These blue gray kitchen cabinets complement the gold handles and antique rug perfectly…

kitchen blue cabinets

These dark blue kitchen cabinets work really well with the gold handles…

kitchen blue cabinets white counter
kitchen blue cabinets navy

These dark blue cabinets work well with the marble white countertops. The lower cabinets contrast with the white upper cabinet.

kitchen blue cabinets farmhouse

These navy blue kitchen cabinets ideas offer a different dynamic to the room…

duck egg blue kitchen cabinets

Blue kitchen cupboards don’t have to be dull…this kitchen is testament to that!

blue kitchen inspiration
blue kitchen ideas modern
blue kitchen designs
blue kitchen design modern
blue kitchen design ideas
blue kitchen cupboards navy

These navy kitchen cabinets deliver a very luxurious feel…

blue kitchen cupboard ideas
blue kitchen cupboard doors

Blue grey kitchen cabinets are a great color for a kitchen…a very modern take

blue kitchen cabinets painted

Navy blue cabinets are becoming more prevalent in kitchen design. These kitchen cabinet doors deliver a great look…

blue kitchen cabinet colors 1
blue kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas

These modern blue kitchen cabinets deliver a dynamic look to this kitchen…complementing the stainless steel appliances perfectly…

blue grey kitchen cabinets

These blue kitchen designs should have helped convince you that this is a cold that simply works!

I hope that you found this post on blue kitchen cabinet ideas inspirational. As you can see from the images above, the sheer range of tones in the blue color range. Each of which delivers a different ambiance and tone. Whether it is a youthful look or a design that shouts luxury, there are options within the blue color scheme that could really meet your needs.

kitchen cabinet color ideas blue
Kitchen cabinet color ideas blue

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