25+ Bachelor Bedroom Ideas That Deliver Results

bachelor bedroom ideas

Take inspiration from these modern bachelor bedroom ideas

As a bachelor, I’m sure that making a great impression is high on the wish list. You want the masculine space, the vibe, the clean lines, you want the style. Take a look at our bachelor bedroom ideas to get your creative juices flowing and build your design idea.

The modern man is a style conscious man. Apartment trends are important but timeless style pays when it comes to decorating ideas. The master bedroom of the modern man is his way of demonstrating what he wants and what he is. The colors, the choice of furniture…his artwork…a bachelor’s bedroom is a reflection of his being. We all have that image in our mind of a bachelors bedroom decor…the cool styling, exposed brick and pipes…not all property has these design features but we can take the elements forward.

You only need to take one look at the sheer number of searches made online by men looking for bachelor bedroom ideas to know that this matters. We don’t just stay in our homes, we live them. A masculine bedroom an extension of our being.

Take a look at our bachelor pad interior design ideas. We see a general movement away from the grey’s and onto a more varied color scheme. Although, the general trend for a modern bachelor pad remains the darker, sultry color schemes. If you don’t feel you have the right lighting to go that dark, consider an accent wall color.

Remember, your mens bedroom is not just a sleeping space, it’s an entertainment space, it’s a relaxation space, it’s a storage space…it’s your space.

Furniture is playing a key factor in trends. We are seeing more uniqueness in the design which sets it aside from common market place items. This premium styling doesn’t necessarily come at a premium price, it is the decision to go for something a little difference that matters. A risk…a bold step forward can make the difference to your man cave. What should you have in your bedroom design? Aside from the obvious, seating is an important area that is often overlooked…a nice sofa, somewhere to kick back and relax.

When your bedroom looks just how you imagined, consider the other rooms. Your masculine look needs to run through your apartment, so consider your bachelor living room ideas and dining room too.

When you scroll through the bachelor pad bedroom ideas, don’t just focus on a specific thing. Take a look at the overall image and analyze what it is about that photo that an interior designer was trying to achieve. This is a helpful starting point in understanding what appeals to you and how you can implement something similar, in addition to your own unique style based on your own floor plan.

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Get inspired with these bachelor room design ideas

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the more interesting images in this post. It oozes so much style that it is difficult to point out a couple of things, when there are so many. Aside from the interesting furniture, a key thing that really stands out to me is the lighting. The way it enhances certain areas is wonderful and the low lighting beneath the bed is dramatic as well as beautiful.


This image just oozes absolute style. The furniture is utterly beautiful and demonstrates a really keen eye for design detail. The urban decoration is raw and simple, which works well when placed with the designer furniture. The combination of the simple decor with great furniture is very well balanced and works fantastically well.


Almost reminiscent of a high end hotel room, this bachelor bedroom oozes style in abundance. With it’s very modern 3D textured wall and beautiful lights, it really is wonderful. The furniture is not the star of the show here and indeed, can be replicated quite easily. This image shows that you can create wonderful spaces with a dramatic focus wall combined with creative lighting.


Crazy…is how i would describe this scenario…but as an ‘out there’ bachelor bedroom idea, it really does the job. Who would fail to be impressed by this level of craziness? The wall construction is crazy, the furniture is crazy…the whole room is…crazy. It works and who wouldn’t love a room like this.


The simplicity of this room is what draws me to this. Nothing overly complex or eye catching, this is livable design at its finest. Everything is purposeful without any drama. The furniture is simple yet stylish, the lighting is functional without being overly dramatic and the decoration is calming. Overall a very ‘zen’ place for any bachelor to unwind in the evening.


Texture is the winner here. Simple textures create a warm welcoming place when combined with a warm dark color like brown. With mood lighting, this creates a very calm place.


This is one of my favorite images. I simply love the color in this scenario. It represents calmness and style in my eyes. I love the textured focus wall with a slight industrial look, which combines perfectly with a slightly more feminine painting. The lighting is low and the space is fantastic…a welcoming space for any bachelor.

bachelor bedroom ideas
Bachelor bedroom ideas

If you are looking to create something special, this is an image that should be of interest to you. This image combines a dynamic focus wall with beautiful lighting. It may look a million dollars but in reality, it can be replicated quite easily…and at low cost. Simply replicate the back wall by using 3D tiles that are widely available and create the lighting around it using L.E.D. strip lights.


A bedroom fit for any bachelor. This room just oozes effortless style. It isn’t what we would normally expect, it has a ‘softness’ to it that delivers comfort in spades. Comfort, style and personality in one small space.


This image delivers a more mature look offers comfort. The imposing bed with imposing lamps, delivers a very stylish look. The extra furnishings add to a softer look that offers plenty of comfort.


The personality just oozes from this bedroom. It’s almost as if i’m more intelligent by just looking at this image. This bedroom clearly belongs to a man in control and one comfortable in his confidence. There is nothing in this image that is out of reach for most people. Everything is about style and function. The bookcase…full of books delivers a certain image of intellect and sophistication, whilst the rest of the bedroom is functional with a dab of color.


Dark and moody…i can see why it would appeal to certain people. Everything here is in the decoration rather than the furnishings. Easily replicable at low cost so for those on a budget, this is easily attainable.


Natural materials is the key here. It brings a natural look to the scene that makes it effortless and calm. With the lighting integrated into the background, it gives a premium look without a premium budget. Matched with a very modern bed, it gives the contrast that makes for a very well thought out space.


The glorious wood cupboards and wall panel are impressive which give a very sophisticated look. The way if flows with the flooring is great. Essentially, this image offers some insight of what an integrated room can offer. The fantastic amount of light with an over sized bed, makes this a room to spend some serious time in.


When it comes to modern bachelor bedroom ideas, this image ticks most the boxes. It is warm and welcoming…important for any bachelor…but also has a sense of simplicity and style. The lighting is on-point and the colors are sophisticated.


The key to this room is the fantastic back wall which offers so much texture and personality. Interesting is the word i would use. Matched with some ‘interesting’ light fittings, and some modern furniture, this room offers personality and style.


The back bedroom wall design seems to be a running theme here. Once again, this is another example of interesting shapes and design features. You are essentially taking the eye away from the furniture, towards the structure. This room works fantastically well as a bachelors bedroom giving ideas of what is possible with a little imagination.


The light is the key to this bedroom, allowing you to opt for darker reclaimed wood and furniture. During the day, it is a light airy space…by night…dark and moody. The personality is afforded through the bookcase and gives an element of sophistication. The ceiling design is interesting here, matching the walls. The room effectively is a blackout once the lights are turned out.

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This room oozes style and personality. Comfort seems to be the design goal here and it works fantastically well. The key here is the imposing custom made bed. It fits the space perfectly and really sets the scene. A room to relax and entertain in…perfect for the an aspirational bachelor.


This bachelor bedroom is geared towards function. It is almost clinical in appearance, giving quite a cold vibe. Personally, this is not for me but i can see aspects of it that work well. The function of the furniture and use of space is done very well.


A very stylish space that offers a fuss free existence. The back wall is simple yet interesting, and the use of color and pattern makes it effective. Simple design that works well. It just goes to show that you do not have to over do the design aspects to make a space work.


Clearly this is a magnificent space that offers so much ceiling height. It really makes for this kind of loft style. The bare brick and use of wood gives it an industrial feel, whilst the very thick looking bed gives it a level of warmness and comfort.


This image was included to represent the fact that you don’t need to over design the space. Simplicity can work too if you make it represent you and your personality. If this is you…be you.

source: Pinterest

Regardless of whether you have a house or a studio apartment, a large or small bedroom, clean and simple design which can function very well as a relaxing and entertaining space. The dark flooring and walls is broken up by the white headboard. Add in some clever lighting and you have a great modern bachelor bedroom idea.

These bachelor pad bedroom ideas should leave you inspired

I hope you found this post on bachelor bedroom ideas a great place to start. The key take away from this is that you don’t necessarily have to have a great big budget to replicate a bachelor pad idea. Your bachelor pad decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you go for a minimalist bedroom style or something more detailed, there are plenty of great pad ideas here. Many of these can be done at a relatively low cost. Time and imagination is what is required for the perfect men’s bedroom.

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bachelor bedroom
Bachelor bedroom

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