21+ Bedroom Office Ideas That Work

bedroom office

Get Inspired with these fantastic bedroom office ideas

When we consider bedroom office ideas, there is a reality that the only space in your home for a home office is your bedroom. Most people do not want their workspace in the bedroom…a bedroom office combo, however there may be little choice. It should be a room for relaxation, rather than work. If you are installing your home office design into a guest bedroom, that is different story. 

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21+ Bedroom Office Ideas That Work

If you are considering an office in bedroom design…

Working from home has its benefits. There is the cost saving in terms of travel, but the biggest saving is the time. The usage of a small bedroom office is on the rise too. Obviously, office space can also be in the living room, guest room, spare bedroom, dining room, and even the kitchen. 

Many people don’t necessarily have a public facing role, so can literally work from anywhere. A bedroom office combo idea probably isn’t as uncommon as you might imagine. Especially, if it is a master bedroom that affords a little more space. 

If you are a student, then a little study space is equivalent to the bedroom office. The same principles apply to these spaces. Your home decor and bedroom furniture may be a little different. 

How to organise your desk ideas for bedroom

You don’t need to be an interior designer in order to organise the limited space on offer. Creating an office area in a bedroom takes a little skill and vision. Ideally, you need to separate your sleeping space, and work area. This can achieved by zoning your room, by using furniture or even a room divider. Another viable option is to create a ‘pop-up’ office. This can be done through a floating desk, and hiding your office work in the storage space. This works especially well in a small space where a normal office desk is too large. Consider the IKEA Micke desk if space is limited. 

Desk in bedroom ideas…how to set them up

What you put in your office? Well, you still need to function like a workspace, so you may still need all your usual office furniture. Many people are opting for a standing desk which keeps you a little more active. You will still need extra storage for your office supplies, a desk lamp, a small desk, and whatever else is necessary for your work. All this needs to be small enough to keep the sleeping area separated. 

The problem with office bedroom ideas…

The biggest issue with a home office comes from a rest and recuperation perspective. Ideally, you want to separate your spaces, allowing you to keep concentration. A sleeping space in a bedroom can encourage a lack of productivity. A workspace in a bedroom area can mean that it is difficult to switch off. 

You may also be interested in these floating wall desk ideas, as well as these home office storage ideas .

Lets take a look at some bedroom office ideas that will showcase some great options and showcase some great layouts.

bedroom home office ideas

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Take a look at these bedroom desk ideas…

office nook in bedroom

This home office in bedroom makes the most of this little corner

home office in your bedroom

Home office bedroom ideas can be very stylish…

home office in bedroom

Your office room ideas don’t have to be boring…

desk set up bedroom home office

A bedroom home office can deliver a professional look…

bedroom with office inspirations

Some office in bedroom ideas really are quite elaborate…

bedroom office space

This bedroom office desk is custom made to perfectly fit the space…

bedroom office small space

This office bedroom is totally integrated into the home decor…

bedroom office room ideas

This office room design is small and cute…

bedroom office nook ideas

Some bedroom with desk ideas are small and functional…

bedroom office modern

Some bedroom and office ideas offer a stylish proposition…

bedroom office minimalist

A home office bedroom can be integrated into the smallest of spaces…

bedroom office luxury

Consider the bedroom office layout before you begin…

bedroom office ideas small

Small bedroom office ideas often take more planning as you are working with a smaller space…

bedroom office hacks

Take your bedroom office design to the next level…work does not have to be boring…

bedroom office elegant

These room desk ideas make the most of the space and environment…what a view!

bedroom office diy

Small, clean and functional, this small bedroom office is perfect…

bedroom office design 1

As far as a bedroom with office ideas goes, this is pretty impressive…

bedroom office decor ideas

Add a little greenery and air plants to your space…it feels much healthier…

bedroom office boho

Dominate the space…the desk takes priority here!

bedroom office
Bedroom office

Some home office ideas in bedroom are designed to offer style in abundance!

bedroom inspiration office

These office in bedroom ideas totally rock…

I hope that the images above have given you some bedroom office ideas. As with most designs, each have a particular objective. You will need to establish what is important to you before you begin. 

bedroom home office ideas

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