29+ Mens Bedroom Ideas for Ultimate Cool

mens bedroom ideas

Get Inspired with these mens bedroom ideas

A mans bedroom is his domain, a place to relax and entertain. Creating a masculine space isn’t as easy as it seems. There are a number of considerations that you need to take account of. From lighting, to textures, color to furniture. In this post, we take a look at mens bedroom ideas, looking at some real life examples. 

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How to create masculine bedroom ideas

As any interior designer will tell you, reflecting your personality into your space is very important. A mans room should reflect their personal style, with the bedroom decor telling you much about their personality. Creating a masculine bedroom takes some planning. 

You need to consider the colors and textures. Darker colors like dark blue or gray are the preferred choice of many. In many cases, they are balanced with neutral colors. It is difficult to work with bright colors in this design style. Metal finishes like brass or stainless steel work well with these colors. Creating a masculine vibe requires balance. 

Mens bedroom furniture

Since your priority is creating stylish home decor, adding unique pieces of furniture might be another critical factor in creating a masculine bedroom. Whether it is a bedside table lamp, bedroom furniture, texture of material, wood furniture, platform bed, or any other decor pieces like wall art. 

Men’s bedroom wall decor

We have touched on masculine colors, agreeing that a dark color with a neutral color works well in a masculine bedroom. A darker shade delivers that mysterious and masculine vibe. 

However, you should avoid using a vibrant color in the room. This kind of interior design can make the room lose its identity, and give the appearance of a small space. It all about balance, adding an accent wall with a darker shade works well. Your bedroom decoration should incorporate points of interest. 

If you want to include a gaming area for the ultimate relaxation space, read this.

How to decorate a masculine bedroom

If you’re struggling to find an idea for how to decorate a masculine bedroom, then consider these suggestions:

  • Incorporate different levels of textures into the room to stop it feeling cold. Consider textured wall paper, leather, suedes, and silks. 
  • If you have limited space at home, consider buying pieces that double as both storage and decoration, like chestsand cabinets with shelves inside them or benches that can also be used as end tables for placing drinks and other things.
  • Your masculine bedroom idea may not be complete without a reading nook where you can take your time enjoying a good book while letting all your worries flow away for the day. Ensure sufficient lighting such as floor lamps with adjustable heads for this area since it will help make it more inviting.

Let’s take a look at some wonderful examples of mens bedroom ideas.

mens bedroom ideas on a budget

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These bedroom ideas for men should really inspire you…

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mens bedroom ideas

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