Bathing in Style: 79+ Bathroom Ideas That Transform Your Space

bathroom ideas

Get Inspired with these bathroom ideas…

In this post, we take a look at a variety of modern bathroom ideas. If you are undergoing an interior design remodel of your bathroom, these images will help you focus your design ideas, helping you turn your bathroom into a relaxing space that oozes style. 

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We will consider some aspects that you need to consider in your bathroom remodel. Modern bathrooms are centred around clutter free spaces, storage space being central to this concept. Hiding away the clutter reveals the clean lines of the bathroom design idea. 

Lighting is also an aspect that is not well considered. The central light must be complemented with lighting above the bathroom vanity. Top elevate your lighting design, consider LED nightlights between the bathroom wall and floor space for a lovely glow. 

Next we consider color. Most bathroom decor is a combination of wall tile, floor tile, and white bathroom paint.  Not exactly inspiring right? White may be a very popular option, but a different paint color in a bathroom can be very dramatic. If you must retain white wall and floors, introduce color through your shower curtain and accessories. 

The fixtures and fittings are the next consideration. Upgrading them can give your bathroom a fresh feel. Consider a matt black faucet for a modern look. Gold and copper are also very popular at the moment. 

Let’s take a look at some fantastic examples of bathroom ideas. 

bathroom ideas
Bathroom ideas

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These bathroom ideas should help you take your design ideas to a whole new level. As always, please consider sharing your favourite images with your friends on social media. Thanks…and see you soon!

bathroom remodel ideas
Bathroom remodel ideas

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