31+ Attic Bathroom Ideas That Add Value

attic bathroom ideas

Get inspired with our attic bathroom ideas

When most people consider what to do with their attic, the first port of call is an additional loft space for storage, or an additional attic bedroom. However, an attic space is perfect for a contemporary attic bathroom. The additional space is perfect to create something special. In this post, we will consider some attic bathroom ideas to help guide your future decisions.

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31+ Attic Bathroom Ideas That Add Value

Why are loft bathroom ideas more interesting?

An attic bathroom is the perfect space to relax in. The structure of the room is often a little more interesting, mainly due to the shape of the roof, but the floor plan and layout can present its own challenges. However, it does distribute light in a more interesting way, and with the right home decor, can feel like a more intimate space. It is also away from the rest of the home, a perfect place to unwind after a hard days work.

What about the sloped ceilings in small attic bathrooms?

The sloped ceiling can present its own challenges, but they can be overcome in very creative ways. In most cases you end up with a small bathroom in a small space, but it is more often than not, a fully loaded bathroom. Many people will try to overcome the issues of creating a walk in shower by creating a shower room as a wet room. This is the case if you don’t have a shower space, but often it is the extra bathroom rather than the main one, making it a more functional space.

The total square foot may be smaller, the floor space is not really an issue when you have all the amenities. In a attic remodel, you can essentially design it to maximize space.

Consider loft bathrooms in loft conversions…

If you are considering a loft conversion, you have the ability to create something special. Consider a master bedroom with an adjoining modern attic bathroom. Sounds very tempting…right?

Of course it does, it has the potential to be amazing. Imagine a lovely attic ladder staircase leading to this secluded space, a lovely wall color with exposed beams. As long as you can get the plumbing up there, the rest is up to your imagination.

Benefits of loft shower room ideas

Your attic conversion can deliver so many benefits too, imagine all the extra storage space as well as the added value you have generated. If you have the floor space, think carefully about the bathroom layout.

Consider fitting a full sized attic bath, even a Japanese soaking tub if you can. A shower enclosure or shower cabin, also works well if you don’t have the room for a bath. Additionally, your master suite will need a bathroom vanity or pedestal sink, and any shelving and storage. Don’t forget that you can create attic storage in the eaves of the roof relatively easily.

If you are making this your master bathroom, then you want the quality of the finish to reflect it. A subway tile is very popular at the moment, as are mosaic tiles and grey tiles. But for total luxury, consider porcelain tiles. Other aspects to consider are an oval tub, wood furniture, white walls and a floating vanity.

The trend is for more colors, but a simple white wall can work well too, especially when complemented with more traditional design ideas like shiplap. Your finished attic should be an absolute delight.

As well as working with the natural shape of the room which is often a sloping ceiling, you can add an additional skylight to create more natural light.

You can also make use of structural elements like wooden beams to create points of interest. Placing a bathroom in your attic will add value to your property, while also making space for an additional bedroom on the floor below.

Below are some tiny attic bathroom design ideas that should provide you with some creative inspiration.

Small Attic Bathroom
Attic Bathroom Ideas

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Take a look at these attic bathroom design ideas & Images

tiny attic bathroom

Make the most of natural light…

Attic spaces can be dark spaces. Introducing roof windows is a good idea to allow natural light.

tiny attic bathroom sloped ceiling

This attic shower incorporates the sloped ceiling into the design

Making the most of the space available can be a difficult task in a small space. Being creative with your solutions makes a big difference.

small loft shower room ideas

Make the most of your small attic bathroom…

Look at the way they have separated the toilet with a little wall. The natural light in this room makes it a great little space.

small loft ensuite ideas

Attic bathroom ideas sloped ceiling…

This is not your normal attic…there is plenty of room here. But you can see that they have done a fantastic job of incorporating the eaves and sloped roof.

small loft bathroom ideas

This loft ensuite ideas take your home to a new level…

If you have the space and budget to create magic…why not! This example is a fantastic space that delivers a high end look.

small attic bathroom 1

A bathroom in attic can be difficult…

However, it is a possibility if you are a little creative. I would question whether there is room for the bath, but it is a nicely finished space.

small attic bathroom sloped ceiling

Loft conversion bathroom ideas with a touch of class…

The property type may dictate the amount of loft and attic space. This example offers plenty of space and character, meaning that you can design a great space.

sloped ceiling bathroom ideas

Small loft ensuite ideas don’t have to be boring…

Add some character to your designs. The owner of this floor has not held back!

slanted ceiling bathroom ideas

Small loft bathroom ideas can be spacious…

The reality is that most bathrooms are pretty small. Loft bathrooms may be a little more restricted, but they can still feel spacious.

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loft shower room

Dormer bathroom ideas that deliver total style…

This bathroom is luxurious by any standard. The dormer essentially introduces standing space where the eaves were once. It gives the space much more height.

loft shower room ideas

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Slanted ceiling bathroom ideas can still feel spacious…

Getting creative can lead to a better design. Take this space for example, it utilises the room shape into the final design.

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Urban apartment – white bathroom with modern bath
attic bathroom design

There we have it, our attic bathroom ideas. The images above should provide you with plenty of inspiration to help you start planning your project. Remember, there are plenty of things to consider, so create some kind of project plan to ensure you consider all the issues involved. If you like some of the ideas on this page, consider sharing them on your social media…see you soon!

attic bathroom design ideas 1
Attic bathroom design ideas

Since you are here…can I ask a favor?

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