19+ Cool IKEA Lack Shelves Ideas

ikea lack shelves ideas

These IKEA Lack shelves ideas deliver great results

If you have returned from a trip to IKEA with an of IKEA Lack shelf under your arm, you are absolutely going to love these IKEA Lack Shelves ideas. Taking a relatively low cost ticket item from IKEA and up-scaling it with an IKEA hack, it delivers so much added value to your home décor. It can represent a massive cost saving on an equivalent item…and unique too.

So, what can you use this wall mount Lack wall shelf for? The simple answer really is simple. You can pretty much hack these IKEA shelves for many purposes in your home.

The simplicity of attaching this IKEA floating shelf to a wall securely makes them ideal to use them for alternative ideas. Add in the fact that an IKEA product is well made, something which IKEA are famous for, it is an upgrade that most people can manage themselves. IKEA’s Lack shelves really are perfect for this task.

Most people will use this IKEA furniture as a variation of some kind of IKEA shelf. They may add brackets to them to suit their room, but essentially, they are adding value via their appearance.

There is also plenty of examples of using this simple IKEA lack shelf to provide wall storage and display space, especially in walk in wardrobes and a shelving unit. They are perfect for this task. As you will see, they are versatile too in terms of shape, allowing you to create a corner shelf.

If you have cameras to display, these Lack shelves can be perfect solutions to you camera shelf ideas.

For those that are looking to put together a floating shelf idea for a cool little home office , simply lining up a few shelves onto a wall, and supporting them with some form of breakfast bar leg to support them, they form a very attractive floating desk that can be as big or small as you would like. This is a great IKEA desk hack which delivers great results.

Perfect for a small living room, you can create a shelf unit that replicates other furniture such as the IKEA Billy bookcase. You can effectively create an IKEA bookcase using these wall mounted shelves…give it that built-in bookcase look by adding a trim around them. This hack is very cheap but very effective.

Alternatives to the IKEA Lack shelf is the IKEA Kallax shelf and the Billy shelf. Add an IKEA Lack table to finish the look.

So, lets get down to seeing what some IKEA hackers have done and see some IKEA Lack shelf ideas and hacks in action.

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ikea lack shelf hack
IKEA lack shelf hack

These IKEA Lack shelf hacks really work…

ikea lack shelf hack
IKEA lack shelf hack – Pinterest
ikea shelf ideas
IKEA shelf ideas – inherspace_
ikea office shelves
IKEA office shelves- PINTEREST
ikea floating bookshelves
IKEA floating bookshelves- PINTEREST
ikea corner wall shelf
IKEA corner wall shelf- PINTEREST
black floating shelves ikea
Black floating shelves IKEA- PINTEREST
ikea open kitchen shelving
IKEA open kitchen shelving- PINTEREST
floating kitchen shelves ikea
Floating kitchen shelves IKEA- PINTEREST

27+ Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas That Work

bar shelf ideas
Bar shelf ideas
lack shelves ideas
Lack shelves ideas – Ikeahackers
lack shelf ideas
Lack shelf ideas- PINTEREST
lack shelf hack
Lack shelf hack – thatscandinavianfeeling
ikea shelves kitchen
ikea shelves kitchen- PINTEREST
ikea wall shelves ideas
IKEA wall shelves ideas – kristy6oops7imean8cats
ikea wall shelf ideas
IKEA wall shelf ideas- PINTEREST
ikea shelving ideas
IKEA shelving ideas – czech_you_out
floating shelves for shoes
Floating shelves for shoes- PINTEREST
ikea shelf hack
IKEA shelf hack- PINTEREST

IKEA shelving ideas that deliver

There you have it…our IKEA Lack shelves ideas. I hope that you found some inspiration from them, at the very least, it represents that you can take a simple item and create something special from them. It also represents the fact that you really can find alternate uses for them from simple storage space to a bookcase.

IKEA lack shelf hack

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